Free Sewing for Kids eBook!

sewing Devon Kelly 150x150 Free Sewing for Kids eBook!

Photo from The Washington Post

Yesterday, The Washington Post featured this great article: “Sewing is Back,” calling attention to the growing trend of children and pre-teens learning to sew. The article states that “Camps and community centers are offering more sewing classes for kids, as are fabric stores, individual crafters and some schools.” My favorite part is a quote from 10-year-old Eva Sophia, who says “I think it makes me happy because I’m using my hands. I’m not just saying, ‘I want this and will you make it for me or buy it for me.’ ”

Is there a kid in your life who wants to learn to sew? We love the idea of sharing sewing with the next generation, so we’re offering this great free e-Book, Sewing for Kids, that features three kid-friendly projects, as well as a helpful Q&A article about helping a child learn to safely use a sewing machine. Download your free copy today, and be sure to share with us about any projects your young students have made!

 Free Sewing for Kids eBook!
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7 Responses to Free Sewing for Kids eBook!

  1. Beth says:

    Thank you, Laura M for your comments. I also teach 4-H sewing and am always thinking and looking for ideas for my group. I’ve saved your suggestions for next year. Thank you Sew News for promoting kids sewing!

  2. Jane says:

    This is a great book for moms and grandmother’s who may have forgotten all the things involved in teaching a child to sew. My granddaughters; ages 4-5-6 love to play with fabric and see what they can make for their dolls. Even the two year old tries to make something. This book will help give us some new ideas of things to sew and create.

    Thank you, jane

  3. Betty says:

    What great projects! I will be spending more time with my grandchildren on these projects. Pillowcases were completed earlier in the summer. These new projects will be fun to tackle! Thank you! Thank you!

  4. Gayleen says:

    Laura M I love your comments on this. I am starting a small learn to sew business. I teach sewing to 3 students right now. I also include how to follow and understand a pattern. I am going to try your idea for a the pillow because I think they would love to use all the stitches on the machine. I agree I don’t like the kiddie machines and would personally never buy one. I did buy a kenmore mini but it’s not really that much smaller then my other Kenmore.
    Sewing is a great skill!
    Thanks for the free book!

  5. I’ve been teaching sewing for over 3 years, many of them are children ages 8 and up. I started making and selling patterns that are easy to read and follow. They’re on my web site and on
    I also teach my grand daugthers. The two year old likes to use the sewing machine. I started the “almost6 ” year old when she was two. They both like running the sewing machine and making things.

  6. LauraM says:

    I teach kids 4-H sewing. Our youngest members are usually 8 yrs old. Unfortunately, they would not be interested in these projects, as they seemed to be tailored for the 5-6 year olds. I also don’t recommend “child” sewing machines. The few we have encountered in our club have been quite frustrating. Our 8 yr olds can handle a regular sewing machine just fine with guidance. We’ve put 10yr olds on a serger with guidance. Some of our beginners (and older kids) favorite easy projects include the “burrito method” pillowcase, the 4-H popover skirt, and totebags/purses. The favorite project is a decorative pillow using all the stitches on their machines. We take a 12″ sq of white cotton and fuse pellon fleece to the back. We draw lines either on grain or on diagonal using the blue water-soluble pen. The kids then sew all the decorative stitches on their machine along these lines using varrigated thread. We trim the square to 11″. They border it with a cotton print. Using the same cotton print for the back, they create a 2-piece back and insert a lap zipper. Then, they sew the front and back together, keeping the zipper open. Insert 14″ pillowform through zipper. Kids from 8-18 love this. They have total creativity. And, we get to use up the boxes of varrigated thread that was donated to us. Never underestimate what kids can sew. I’ve had kids 11-12 year olds make jeans and jean jackets with all the double topstitching. The tiered gathered skirts have been a favorite this year with the girls. Boys like to make fleece jackets/vests, the pillowcases, shorts/jammy pants. Just saying, don’t dumb down sewing for kids.

  7. pattie gibson says:

    great book!