Special Free Stuff Friday!

We are happy to announce a special Free Stuff Friday giveaway today! We are hosting a stop on the blog tour for the new Sewing A to Z book by Nancy Zieman from Krause Publications. Y0005 NZ SewingAtoZ 242x300 Special Free Stuff Friday!

Nancy Zieman’s new book is a great resource for beginner and advanced sewists. It’s perfect to keep by your machine for quick and easy reference for a variety of techniques, such as piping, serging, interfacing and binding.

For your chance to win a copy of Sewing A to Z by Nancy Zieman, answer this question in the comments section:

What sewing techniques do you usually need to reference during a project?

Post your answer by 9 AM ET on Tuesday, when we’ll announce the winner.

In addition to our giveaway, Nancy Zieman put together a grand prize package filled with books, templates, pin cushions and piping (worth $450) to give to one lucky reader.

For a chance to win the grand prize package, leave a comment on the first blog tour post at Nancy Zieman’s blog here. A winner will be chosen at the end of the blog tour.

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 Special Free Stuff Friday!
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228 Responses to Special Free Stuff Friday!

  1. Pat H. says:

    Spare me the buttonholes. I also run for the books when I happen on anything in a pattern that is different from what I was taught.

  2. Sherry Mitchell says:

    Bound buttonholes or an invisible zipper.

  3. Alexa Hall says:

    I still have to check on proper Needle and thread size and types for different projects

  4. barbara blair says:

    Always zippers! I think I have a mental block against them!

  5. Linda L. Davis says:

    I usually have to look up instructions for zippers no matter how many times I’ve put one in.

  6. Melinda Thompson says:

    Zippers! I always need to read the directions, word for word, to get them right.

  7. Jessie says:

    Definitely all types of plackets. They never seem to go together like I expect them to! I think no matter how long you have been sewing, there are always going to be techniques that you have to look up. At least, I hope it’s that way for everybody else, too!

  8. Chris W says:

    I mostly quilt so when I am sewing something I need help especially zippers and buttonholes

  9. Melinda Thompson says:

    Zippers. I always need to read the directions, word for word, to get it right.

  10. Debra Guarriello says:

    I always refer to the machine user manual to make sure I have selected the right buttonhole for the project.

  11. Vicki says:

    Definitely zippers, and button holes if they are bound.

  12. Kuby says:

    I use it to check elastic applications, seam finishes and hand stitching techniques.

  13. Laney says:

    Tailored pockets

  14. KT says:

    Oh buttonholes…without a doubt! I don’t make them very often, but I end up getting mad at myself for not remembering how to make them when the time comes! :(

  15. Ana Smith says:

    Collars – I want them to look great and I always have to look something up about them – I avoid buttonholes and zippers because I can’t get my machine adjusted so they look great.

  16. Zippers and buttonholes are my biggest challenges.

  17. Candy says:

    I am still looking up anything but the most basic sewing.

  18. Patrice Strader says:

    I need a reference when making piping, bias strips and zippers.

  19. Allie says:

    It seems silly… but I almost always have to make sure I’m inserting a zipper in correctly! :P Zippers always get me. Thank you for the chance at this giveaway!

  20. Shanda S. says:

    I used to sew quite a bit, but life has gotten busy and my memory has gotten worse. I have to look up a lot — buttonholes, zippers, pleats … you name it.

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  21. Teresa Reid says:

    Buttonholes and blind hems, makes me feel better about my brain that other ones have to go back and look!

  22. Janet Carpenter says:

    I’ll repeat what others have said: buttonholes and zippers. I rarely do buttonholes and don’t do zippers often enough.

  23. Shirley says:

    I always need to reference machine settings for a project and binding instructions for quilts–seems my brain scrambles this info rather than stores it!! Let’s hear it for references!!

  24. Kathy bruce says:

    Alway have to look up how to on apperal dont do much thank goodnet for help books

  25. Wanda Madry says:

    Piping, serging, interfacing and binding

  26. Mom C says:

    I always check my sewing machine manual about buttonholes and my serger manual about tension.

  27. Shirley Raprich says:

    Usually something that I don’t do often, such as buttonholes.

  28. Anita Roy says:

    Collars, collars, collars! (piping, lace trimmed, or plain)

  29. Mary Adcock says:

    Some days, need to review everything. Especially those zippers, somedays, I’ m thankful for velcro.

  30. Dell M says:

    Serger settings.

  31. Dianne Davidson says:

    For me it has to be buttonholes….However, on my ten needle embroidery machine it is loading bobbin case. I don’t know what it is about this bobbin loading, but I have to look it up almost every time, but I sure love my machine…………..

  32. Janet says:

    I always need help with zippers and never have done a proper buttonhole!

  33. Sherry Chaar says:

    I like to double check if I have the right type of interfacing, or machine needles, or stabilizer, for a project. Nancy’s references help so much!

  34. Kari Kechter says:

    I usually need to get a refresher on creating continuous bias-binding. Also bound-buttonholes.

  35. Mona L says:

    Zippers! I don’t know why they scare me, but they do!

  36. Linda S says:

    putting in pleats…I don’t do it often enough to have memorize the technique; always have to look it up.

  37. shaparrish says:

    Those pesky invisable zippers. I don’t do enough of those to remember the technique. It’s pretty confusing to me.

  38. Kay Shelnutt says:

    I usually have to research finishing techniques to avoid that “homemade” look.

  39. Marilyn Rose says:

    As the older age set in it seems to be any thing that I haven’t done for a while.

  40. Beth B says:

    Special seams like french and flat fell. Thanks for the chance to win.

  41. DEBRA CRISP says:

    Serging, definitely not as easy as it appears!

  42. Sherry Green says:

    Anything to do with bias binding, from folding the fabric to cut on the bias, to turning corners, to matching up the ends for the Grand Finale.

  43. Theresa H. says:

    Almost everything! Even though I have sewed (sporadically) for years, I am still so unsure of most techniques that my machines instruction manual and several sewing reference books are never far away!!

  44. kae hulbert says:

    Usually something I haven’t done before.

  45. Connie O'Hara says:

    Definitely getting and altering patterns that fit! Also, Nancy’s guide to different sewing feet. How to put a facing on little girl’s dresses. So many things, and many Nancy’s Notions products that make my sewing so much easier. I love the 5-in-one tool!!!

  46. Gayla says:

    Definitely buttonholes!

  47. Teresa says:

    Zippers and facings

  48. Sharon says:

    Facings….always a problem for me….wouldn’t know what to do without Nancy

  49. Julie Larrabee says:

    I usually have to reference any kind of techniques for garment sewing. Since a professional look is desired, I like to make sure I don’t skip a step or just “make do”.