Free Stuff Friday!

Tomorrow is the first day of October and already the leaves are changing and the weather is cooling down. This time of year makes me want to cuddle up in a comfy pair of pajamas and watch a movie. What could be better? How about making your own pjs out of a cute flannel print?

Learn how to make a variety of pajama types and styles (including those for your hubby) with the book, The Perfect Pajama by Kristina Nilsson and Jennifer Pirtle from Cico Books. The book also includes 21 full-size patterns and templates! pj 300x300 Free Stuff Friday!For your chance to win your own copy of The Perfect Pajama, answer this question in the comments section:

Have you ever stitched your own pjs?

Post your answer by 9 AM ET on Monday, when we’ll announce the winner. Good luck!

 Free Stuff Friday!
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199 Responses to Free Stuff Friday!

  1. Dell M says:

    Only made pj’s for my daughter. Now that I am sewing more, I think I deserve some new pj’s also.

  2. Barbara Parmer says:

    I made pj’s one christmas for all the men in my family from the same fabric. They were a hit, especially since they are all Alabama fans and the fabric was Alabama logo.

  3. Kim says:

    I have never sewn pjs, or much of anything. But, I think that my soon to be sewing class includes a pair of pj/lounge pants. So, maybe soon?!

  4. Carmi says:

    No, I have made PJs for my granddaughters.

  5. Michelle says:

    I make them for my kids, all kinds! Now it’s my turn! Love to sleep in fun, perfectly fit jammies!

  6. Dana says:

    I’ve only made pajama pants for my boys, getting ready to make flannel ones for the girls next!

  7. Karen.L T says:

    yes for myself and my children

  8. Lydia V says:

    When I was in Jr. High I began sewing some type of PJ’s for my mom for Christmas every year. Sometimes gowns, sometimes pants and tops…I also made her a lined robe one year. Now she is 90 so I am altering patterns to make them easier to get on and off.

    I also made PJ’s for my kids when they were little…they like the sleepers with the feet to stay warm. Now I make them for my grandkids!

  9. Madelyn says:

    I made some many years ago but none in the last 20-30 years. I would like to make some for my granddaughter as I could personalize them :)

  10. Sheri Hawn says:

    Yes, and I love it. There are so many fun fabrics out there and pjs are the perfect way to use them! I make most of my daughters jammies and some of my own just for fun!

  11. Carolyn says:

    I could use some softness and cuteness this winter…

  12. Susan says:

    I’ve made them for my girls, but I’ve been longing for the perfect pair of pajamas for me and haven’t quite found them…would love to make them.

  13. Regina says:

    Yes I have made my own pajamas and I love it!! They always fit nice and stay that way despite washing and drying them. I make pajamas and robes as gifts for Christmas and people look forward to having something that’s personalized for them; just the right print, style and size. You can’t buy that!!

  14. Robyn says:

    I made some as a teenager and I’ve made some for my children. I think I am well overdue for a new pair now.

  15. Judie Stevens says:

    I haven’t made pajamas for myself, but I did make a long bathrobe once. I made a hospital gown for my mother-in-la
    w, and have made several pair of pajama pants for my teenage daughters.

  16. Jamie Fukofuka says:

    Yes, in 7th grade home ec class. I loved them and they were the second project I made and started my love of sewing

  17. Linda says:

    I was actually thinking about this about a month ago as I was walking through the fabric store. With my time being spent on my son’s costume, I have not had the time to revisit. It can’t be that difficult to make pj’s. Plus, my pj’s have their own section in my closet. My son has a whole drawer. Love pj’s!

  18. Rita says:

    No, but would love to make pj’s for all my family for Christmas gifts. I’m on disability and always looking for ways to do thoughtful and useful, but really goods gifts for my family on my budget. Pj’s are something we all LOVE for sleeping, lounging and just cuddling on cold winter days and nights. Then you can always do lightweight summer ones that are cool and comfy for hot summer nights. Seems like the perfect gifts. All three of my granddaughters’ birthdays and my daughter’s are in December and January too and what could be a better gift than a cozy pair of pj’s for their birthday in their favorite character or color.

  19. Victoria Butler says:

    Yes! I love lightweight fleece pj’s and they are so easy!

  20. Sharon says:

    I have made some for the grandkids, but not for myself. Everyone else just comes before I do…..

  21. Wanda says:

    No. I never have.

  22. Ewise says:

    Yes. Boxers a LONG time ago. I’m tired of wearing sports tops/shorts to bed. I need to make me some cute new pjs!

  23. Angie Zimmerer says:

    Not yet, but I would like to stitch up some comfy lounge pants!

  24. Donna Russ says:

    No I have never attempted to make pj’s, when I was little I stayed with my cousin and her mom always made her the cutest pj ever, I always wanted some , so now that I sew I will have to try some I love fleese pjs; thanks

  25. Erika says:

    I have never made my own jammies but would love too. I had a friend that would make what she calls “Crammies” or Christmas Jammies every year for her kids and family members and they were always so cute on Christmas morning.

  26. Beth says:

    I have never made pjs for myself. I have made them for my daughter and have helped countless children make them for a 1st year 4-H project. PJs are a great project for any beginner and fun to make as gifts.

  27. Tammie M says:

    Lots of times. I love to just wear a long t-shirt.

  28. Sylvia says:

    no, but I just recently made jammie bottoms for both my daughters…

  29. Pauline Gudas says:

    I have never sewn my own pjs, Would love to win this pattern so that I could try. Might even make some as Christmas gifts

  30. Adaire says:

    No, I have made several bathrobes but would like to try. They are so expensive to buy.

  31. nancy chandler-smith says:

    I am new to sewing and am enjoying it. I would love to learnings how to make p.j.’s.

  32. Debbie Lauzon says:

    Yes! I made pj pants out of a silk material and a very comfy nightie! Oh yeah i made a set out of jersey fabric that would look decent running back and forth to the bathrooms when camping.

  33. Joanne McArthur says:

    Yes I’ve made pj’s for myself many times, looking for new ideas! I also make them for my 4 boys (16 – 24) and would love ideas for them! Thank you

  34. Samantha Meadows says:

    I have never made a pair of PJ’s.

  35. Judy Lunsford says:

    Of course! made them for me , son, daughter and even granddaughter. One of the first things I ever made was a pair of babydoll style shorty PJs out of blue and white plisse in 8th grade. They were displayed in our local JC Penny’s store window.
    One of the favorites of my son was a pair of bottoms where I made each leg out of totally different print flannel.

  36. Sonia says:

    I began sewing for the 1st time ever November of 2010. I stitched a set of PJ’s for my son, and it was the 1st time I realized that patterns are not “1 size fits all”. The neckline was HUGE and the pants were high-waters. Needless to say, I picked up a few books on fitting, and also learned to use a muslin.

  37. Dolores says:

    Yes….and I would like to use this book teach young girls to make there own….or for others as a Christmas gift!! ;)

  38. Kim Sitmer says:

    Yes I have , Also have made them for my husband

  39. Melinda Testerman says:

    I have a couple of patterns but I haven’t made any pj’s yet

  40. Patricia B says:

    I’ve made nightgowns and PJs for myself and lots of PJs for my husband. He likes to pick out the fabrics. His favorites were a pair with lots of smiley faces. He even found smiley face buttons for them. They finally wore out and were replaced with Sponge Bob. Sewing may be my hobby, but hubby definitely likes being the beneficiary!

  41. Laura Abbott says:

    For all of the years that I’ve sewn— No, I’ve never made pjs. And now, with being on disability and limited income, it is something I should do.

  42. Carol says:

    No. :(
    I’ve made pjs for my kids, for dolls and even a cat but never for myself.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Rosemary says:

    No, but I would like to if I win this book.

  44. Susan Lagerquist says:

    No I haven’t bout would love to make pjs for my family for Christmas.

  45. Mama Lusco says:

    Yes! I’ve made a cami and mini-bloomer set for myself and oodles of PJ pants & gowns for the kids.

  46. Pam V. says:

    I love making nightgowns, not very into pajamas. I recently picked up a man’s 4XL tank top, took in the armholes, tapered down to the hem and embellished it. It made a cute summer gown. Also made a flannel nightgown, because the ones in the stores have scratchy lace edges. Next up, I bought a battenburg lace trimmed curtain panel that I intend to make into a summer gown.

  47. Yasmeen says:

    I sure have – they are one of my favorite projects to work on between more intense ones, being super practical, straightforward, and satisfying to sew. You can never have too many Jammie options in your pattern box!

  48. Susan Dalton says:

    Have never made any pj’s but would like to.

  49. hencat says:

    Yes I have made myself flannel granny gowns, teens pj pants, toddler nightgowns and pjs out of adorable markdown flannel I have stashed from clearance sales from last year.
    I could use some fresh ideas for pajamas!

  50. Janeen says:

    No, never took the time, but need to. My honey, recovering from serious illness, lost 150 lbs. and desperately needs new jamas. Amazing how illness and weight loss can mess up our internal temp and ability to warm up. Great idea for Christmas … or earlier. :)