Free Stuff Friday!

Happy Friday! We hope you’ve been having an excellent first week of October. For our Free Stuff giveaway today, we have a special selection of jewelry-making supplies from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, including beads, chain, jump rings, beading wire and more. All of these items would come in handy for making a cool fabric flower necklace like the ones we’ve been seeing lately, like this one from Mandipidy:

necklace 300x225 Free Stuff Friday!

Photo from

While sewing might be your main creative outlet, we know that many of you do other crafty activities like jewelery-making and scrapbooking. For a chance to win today’s prize, answer the question: What other crafts do you participate in besides sewing? Respond in the comments section and we’ll randomly draw a winner on Monday. Good luck!

 Free Stuff Friday!
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69 Responses to Free Stuff Friday!

  1. I love making jewelry I don’t sell it. I make jewelry for my grand daughter and me.

  2. Jackie says:

    I buy old funky table lamps at the thrift store and cover the shades with wild fabric and give them new life.

  3. Helen Carillo says:

    Besides sewing I love beadweaving and jewelry making, polymer clay, knitting, crochet, painting, colored pencils and machine embroidery,

  4. Ellen Fontaine says:

    I dabble in beads, scrapbooking, polymer clay, and various kid-oriented crafts with my grandkids. :-)

  5. Jennifer Wright says:

    I scrapbook and make jewelry. Most of my jewelry projects co-ordinate with a sewing project so that I have a complete look.

  6. Nancy says:

    Mostly knit and crochet… Though I’ll try almost anything! :)

  7. Nancy Kessler says:

    I sew clothes for my grandchildren; I quilt for myself and for charity; I knit, especially in the car while traveling; I do counted cross stitch; I crochet; and I have begun to work with beaded jewelry.

  8. Abbie samuels says:


  9. Linda T says:

    My time is limited but if I have the chance, I knit and bead or if I am really lucky, I try something new.

  10. I love to sew. Costumes, curtains home-deco and re-purposed items are a favorite. But I also really enjoy painting anything that doesn’t move, jewelry making, knitting , crocheting and cross-stitch and cooking and . . . ok sometimes I have to go to work so I guess need to limit some of my fun.

  11. Mama Lusco says:

    I like to garden, cook and crochet.

  12. Catherine says:

    I also like to sculpt clay, paint with watercolor, knit, and crochet

  13. Linda says:

    Besides sewing, I knit, crochet and jewelry making. Not enough hours in the day to do it all:-(. Thanks!

  14. jeanne provost says:

    Of course I enjoy sewing the most, but knit, flower arrangements, crafts with the grandkids, we try things they want to do, used to teach 4-H so have tried manh different crafts.

  15. Carol says:

    I make necklaces, pottery and paint vintage style hand lettered signs.

  16. Lynn says:

    Besides sewing garments and doll clothes, I make jewelry, knit and do machine embroidery.

  17. Betty Brees says:

    Jewelry making, knitting, crochet, needlework.

  18. Cynthia Kirk says:

    I love to sew and have started teaching my grandaughter. We have also started to make jewlery. I try anything. I homeschool my 2 grandaughters and another one is pre-k. So we like to do all kinds of crafts together for art class.

  19. Darlene Jacolik says:

    I do machine and hand embroidery, crazy quilting, paper crafting, floral arranging and have dabbled in most everything.

  20. Erika says:

    I am just starting to take time for me and sewing is my first “craft” i have ventured into. I am intrigued lately with felt. I would love to learn more about how to make my own one of a kind jewelry like pictured above though.

  21. Melinda Thompson says:

    I’m a painter!

  22. Sharon says:

    I’m a beginner of making jewelry, and sew,quilting, love doing hobbies 7

  23. Patricia Lenhart says:

    I knit, smock, do other needlework.

  24. stacey harris says:

    I love to recycle clothing to make new things… I like to use the GLUE gun… I like to make braclets and hair clips and then teach my 10 year old daughter how to do what I just did. Pick me! Pick me!

  25. Martha Barrell says:

    I like to sew, crochet, make jewelry, and paint.

  26. MelodyJ says:

    Knitting, crochet, jewelry making and craft painting.


  27. Cindy Ash says:

    I love scrapbooking, cardmaking, sewing and cross-stitching! All of these can even include different kinds of beads as accents, too! ;-)

  28. Yvonne Hamilton says:

    embrodiery, counted cross-stitch, needlepoint

  29. Joyce Person says:


  30. Debra Webb says:

    I enjoy collage, mixed media, jewelry, drawing , painting, quilting, embroidery and sewing!

  31. I love experimenting with my Fabric Remnants. I cover Canvas and old mirror and picture frames. It gives them a fresh new look.

  32. Barbara says:

    Besides the LOVE of my life–Sewing and Machine Embroidery…I have also taken numerous classes in beading and jewelry making…LOVE beautiful things!!

  33. Marilyn Snow says:

    paper crafts, cards, beading, but mostly things with fabric.

  34. Linda says:

    Anything that catches my eye. The only thing I have a problem doing is knitting.

  35. wendy D says:

    quilting, knitting, embroidery,i love hand work.

  36. Kathleen Read says:

    I think I have too many hobbies!! I love sewing, knitting, crossstitching, crocheting, card making, painting, and jewelry making. Besides that I love to garden and to read!

  37. Judith Smith says:

    I also knit, crochet, bead and I also do basketweaving…I love working with my hands and creating something useful out of whatever I have available. :)

  38. Dawn C says:

    Besides sewing I also crochet, decoupage, beading, paint, crewel and embroidery, woodwork, sculpture, photoshop, multimedia crafting, restore old dolls and toys, and repurposing/recycling/reusing items into new things (mostly into handbags)!

  39. Rebecca Knight says:

    I’m a potter but sewing was my first love. I also knit and crochet and occasionally make jewelry and try other crafts that intrigue me.

  40. Sharon Leach says:

    I sew, machine embroidery, quilt, knit, crochet, and do some jewelry making.

  41. Annmarie says:

    I also like to make jewelery, scrapbooking and various crafts with my girl scout troop.

  42. Patsy Gibbs says:

    Sewing , but lately crocheting, cross-stitch, and getting geared up for Christmas ornaments.

  43. Vicky Rhoton Kelley says:

    I like to do dry flower arrangements and some painting.

  44. Bonnijean M says:

    Besides sewing, I do some jewelry making, knitting, crocheting, and painting.

  45. Kathy Ward says:

    Quilting, beading and crochet. Depends on what I feel like doing when I get up in the morning. Rather than having one project going on at a time, I prefer to have many. I like to combine projects too. Like adding beads to quilts.

  46. Patsi Novia says:

    When not sewing for my dogs I make beaded items, not always jewelry for humans. I make bling bling for my dogs and to also raise money for X Racing Greyhounds find forever homes and to help the non profit rescue centers for the many Houndies they always have waiting to be adopted.

  47. Jeanne Redshaw says:

    I love doing machine embroidery with my Bernina. I have done a bit of jewelry making with glass beads when I had access to a friends supplies and tools. I hope to do more of this in the future!

  48. Carolyn says:

    besides sewing I just started doing some beading using seed beads. I also do a little bit of knitting. I also like to cook, ski, play tennis and read.

  49. ANDREA GASKELL says:

    felting, lacemaking, tatting, knitting, crochet, weaving, and more!

  50. wanda tucker says:

    besides sewing i do woodwork ,painting,mod pogde ,cross stitch , and make jewerly i try to keep busy ,,,,,,,thanks and keeping fingers crossed :)