Free Stuff Friday

Enter to win The Handmade Marketplace: How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally, and Online by Kari Chapin from Storey Publishing. Learn all about how to make money doing something you love! handmade 260x300 Free Stuff Friday

For your chance to win your own copy of The Handmade Marketplace answer this question in the comments section:

Do you sell any of your sewing or crafts? If so, do you sell your items to make a living for some extra income, and do you sell online or at local craft fairs?

Post your answer by 9 AM ET on Monday, when we’ll announce the winner. Good luck!

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98 Responses to Free Stuff Friday

  1. Colleen LaMarre-Treagan says:

    I would love to sell my crafts to supplement our income. In the past two years, everyone’s income has dropped including our as I am no longer working. It would serve the purpose of being able to do what I enjoy and have a way to pay for it and extra for the bills.

    Good Luck to us all on our pursuits!

  2. Gwen Schryver says:

    I give most of my things away as gifts but try to sell some to support my habit of sewing!

  3. Regina says:

    Oh, I wish I could sell my sewing and crafts! It is my big-hardly-possible-dream to be able to live from sewing and crafting. If I could leave the world of finding jobs, do tedious tasks, keeping the boss happy, and turn to my bog love of needlework, knitting, crocheting and other crafting, I would devote myself to it immediately! In the meantime I just make everything as gifts, trying to give the people around me a big gorgeous smile on their faces. In the end, that’s worth more than money of course. But still: One may dream, don’t you think?

  4. Diane Mathers says:

    I have sold a couple of items that someone has seen and wanted to purchse but, my problem is I never know how to price the item. I have a couple of totes that are full of things I have made and would love to sell. I do have a place near me that does like a flea market thing but, the prices to set up a both are out of control.

  5. Penny says:

    I have sold many items. Probably not as many as I’ve given away. I want badly to do a craft show, and advertise my wares, but can seem to keep enough on hand to do so. I guess I have to stop giving thins away. But I love it!

  6. jeanne provost says:

    mostly give away,

  7. gina sandoval says:

    Love to give as gifts, but I am also starting to sell at crafts fairs too for extra income and something fun to do!

  8. Ronda says:

    I sell a few of my items locally thru gift shops. Just do it for “crafting”money but would love to do it full time Need the courage to sell online.

  9. Patricia Douglas says:

    I give away a lot of items I make, but also sell them at craft shows and farmers markets.

  10. Mary Marsh says:

    I have another full time job so my sewing/crafting time is limited. I do a variety of sewing for others including my husband’s employer (a school district) and occasional craft shows and make extras for sale of gifts I make for grandkids and others.

  11. Melinda Thompson says:

    I’m actually working on building my inventory. When I retire from my job, I would like to have a decent inventory of clothing accessories already created for sales. I’m hoping to get the ball really rolling during the next year. This book would be great for me.

  12. Debbie Plevo says:

    depending on what it is that I am making I will give it as a gift or I make several items to help supplement my fun money or Christmas funds.

  13. Heather Seaman says:

    I sell my items at craft shows to add a little extra income to our budget. I would love to expand and hope to do so soon! =)

  14. darlene says:

    I sell some of my items to a local children’s shop, and some to friends and family. I do it for enjoyment and to make a little extra money. I wish I could embroider and sew full time, be self employed, but I need my other job for the health insurance benefits.

  15. darlene says:

    I do embroidery for a local children’s store, and for friends and family. I would love to sew and do embroidery work full time, but I rely on my other job for health insurance benefits.

  16. Jerri Middlebrook-Vogel MA, CD says:

    I have made things for sale a few times. I haven’t been able to make a living off selling handcrafted things because I simply do not know how to. Maybe this book could help give me some direction?

  17. Linda says:

    Would love to own this book as I would like to be able to sell my crafts and sewing projects! Would like to supplement our income with things I love to do!

  18. Amy Yelsma says:

    I haven’t sold my crafts to anyone but I would love to start. I make stuff and usually give it away as presents. I would also like to start making hats, blankets, etc to give away to charities like Project Linus.

  19. Paula says:

    At the present time I am giving away all of the items that I make. I dream of having a web site/store to sell things from. I believe that this book would answer most of my questions.

  20. Nancy Shelton says:

    I have sold several purses to friends and have a request to make some for Christmas. Would like to try doing online sales!

  21. Linda T says:

    I don’t sell online but I want to start. I will be selling items at a local Holiday show, this year. This book would be very useful to me.

  22. Annette says:

    I sell a little for extra money. I have an Etsy shop and I am doing my first craft fair next week-end. I actually give a lot away as gifts.

  23. Sandy Suarez says:

    I give my crafts as presents but I have been toying with the idea about selling online.

  24. Deena says:

    Have been toying with the idea but just don’t know how to go about it. Most of what I make is given away as gifts or made for family. Would love to set up at fairs and such but have no idea how to go about pricing. Would love to have this book.

  25. Susan Brokop says:

    No, I don’t sell any of my items. I sew and craft for myself, family and friends.

  26. Vicky Smith says:

    I would love to start selling my crafts but not sure where to start. I mostly give them away as gifts or charities.

  27. Nicole Ford says:

    I sell some, keep some, give some as gifts. So far I have only sold my stuff online. I would like to sell at a craft show but feel overwhelmed with what I need to have ready to do so.

  28. Annette says:

    No but I think about it all the time.

  29. I make items to give as gifts but I also sell items on Etsy and at local craft show for some extra income.

  30. Sherry Murray says:

    No, I did for years, then discovered that I had either sold or given away a great part of my life. now I make specifically with me in mind, and for my very best friends only.

  31. Janet says:

    Not yet. I will retire in a few years and would like to try to sell my crafts at that time.

  32. Lydia V says:

    Currently I am giving my items as gifts. I am researching how to sell my crafts effectively on-line and at craft fairs without losing money to the entry fees. In my area ‘table’ fees are as high as $50 and up, depending on the type of event.

    What happens if I only sell enough to cover the entry fee? I cannot afford that gamble at this time…so helpful information would be ‘helpful’ in my endeavor!!!!

  33. Ingrid M. says:

    I donate items that I sew & embroider to a local animal rescue group. They use some items & sell some at adoption events. I would love to find a way to make a living selling crafts.

  34. Judi W says:

    I sell from my blog and my Etsy shop. Craft fairs don’t do well for me as the folks here don’t ‘get’ my art/craft. The sales keep me in supplies :)

  35. Grace says:

    I mostly give what I make away, although I sell occasionally by word of mouth.

  36. Brynn Beebe says:

    I’ve been selling items off and on for about 10 years, mostly the auction sites, and I’ve gotten a following. The economy has taken a downturn so my things do not sell as well as they used to. I’m not quite www. savy to start a website or how to promote it. Have not sold at craft fairs only because I don’t have a large inventory and, let’s face it, I’m the first to admit I’m not exactly the best when it comes to marketing. I would love to have my very small business turn into a larger, more secure business but for now, it does pay the bills (barely)

  37. Jean Heiden says:

    I love to craft but the neighbors usually buy what I am working on before it is finished.

  38. carla says:

    I give most of my craft items as gifts, but it would be so nice to be able to make money to support my gift giving!

  39. carla says:

    I give most of my craft items as gifts, but it would be oh so nice to make money to support my gift giving!

  40. Amy Pinkelman says:

    Don’t sell anything… yet. Have been thinking about it for a while now. Still stuck on what to do.

  41. Deborah H says:

    So far, I’ve only made items for myself and as gifts for family and friends — but I’d like to investigate the possibilities of crafting as a sideline business.

  42. Regina says:

    every year I tell myself I’ll do the craft fairs in my area, but when it comes time I’m never ready…this year I’m ready and hoping to make some extra cash for Christmas!!

  43. Jayne Berghorn says:

    I want to start selling my sewing and crafts, but need some guidance. Local crafts fairs seem to bring out only bargain hunters who want something for nothing. Websites seem like a good idea, but I don’t want to start off with added expenses if very little sells!

  44. Blossom says:

    I’ve sewn a few hand crocheted items on Etsy, but didn’t have much luck with it as a whole. It can be hard to build up a customer base, and hard to price items high enough to recoup the costs of materials and labor, but not higher than people are willing to pay. I think the people who do the best financially on websites like Etsy are probably those who sell crafting supplies, rather than handmade items.

  45. Barbara Medeiros says:

    I have only sold my items at my church bazaar, but am thinking of selling them for profit for myself.

  46. Eunice says:

    I am on disability and I am unable to work outside my home. Our family income is very tight and have been for years. I spend my days in my quilting room creating beautiful things and I have often thought of selling my crafted goods online but I really don’t have a clue where to start. Handmade Market Place would be a great resource on how to start selling. Being able to help out my family has been a dream of mine since becoming disabled.

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  48. Catherine Clements says:

    Recently bought a regular bike and gave my old mountain bike to an 18 year old neighbor. She is trying to get in shape to enter the Airforce. She was so happy to have a bike with a gel seat until someone rode it and cause a split on the top of the seat. I quickly measured it and sewed a cute cover made of a light blue child print material with air planes all over it. We ran a shoe string through its edges and pulled it tightly over her seat. She is smiling and riding again.

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