Happy Halloween! Free Stuff Giveaway!

Happy Halloween and welcome to a special edition of Free Stuff Monday! To celebrate, we’re giving away the Pom-Pom Pals Book and Craft Kit.

pom 300x300 Happy Halloween! Free Stuff Giveaway!

The kit comes equipped with everything you need to create your own menagerie of cute and creepy creatures. For a chance to win, answer the question: What was your favorite handmade Halloween costume? Enter your answer in the comments section below, and we’ll announce a winner tomorrow afternoon. Good luck and happy haunting!

 Happy Halloween! Free Stuff Giveaway!
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57 Responses to Happy Halloween! Free Stuff Giveaway!

  1. Vicky Rhoton Kelley says:

    Favorite homemade costume was the hambugler of Ronald McDonald fame.

  2. Tsunami Sue in Seaside says:

    The Grey Dog with Floppy Ears was my favorite costume from 18 years ago, which I made for my older daughter when she was in Elementary School, and kept her warm and dry during a cold Halloween up in Spokane, Washingon. The top was patterned after her dad’s sweatshirt to be oversized, the pants were borrowed from spare school leggings, and the floppy-earred hood was from an alien-being pattern. White fleece “patches” were glued on for tummy and back spots. With one dog nose placed over a little face paint–and her blond hair tucked away under the hood–she was our Best Fiddo ever! –”Madre” made–

  3. pat carney says:

    In an ALF now,unable to continue,my books, I had 2002- 2010;
    I truely regret, having to part with them!
    Such a handy bunch,it was for me,time & time agin !
    But,heath has it s way,at times.TY,Pat

  4. Lydia V says:

    I am not into Halloween celebrations but I did make my children a mouse and cat costume one year…they were about 4 and 6 years of age and the tails had a clothes hanger in them to make them stiffer and stick up in the air…they were hilarious and we did have a lot of fun with those costumes…I also made a frog costume for my daughter when she was older…complete with tongue, feet, and bulging eyes…fun

  5. Sarah McKinney says:

    The year that i made dinosaur costumes for my youngest son and oldest granddaughter. They made quite a cute pair. He was about one and a half and soe was four months old. My youndest daughter was a cute black cat with a nice long tail that year.

  6. Wanda says:

    One year a made my son a dragon costume. It took awhile to make, but he looked great in it!

  7. Margaret says:

    My favorite Halloween costume was my telephone pole outfit. A friend and I fashioned a telephone pole from a cardboard refrigerator carton with holes for my arms, feet and face. We painted the carton, added aluminum foil insulators and even a bird sitting on one of the insulators. The outfit seemed a little restrictive at first, but I learned to take little steps since I was working that day. Fortunately my job was one that didn’t allow me to sit down! But, I did win the 2nd place prize. My friend who dressed as a telephone repairman won first place.

  8. Sara Garman says:

    I made a number of Halloween costumes for our children as they were growing up. One year, I made a Clifford, the Big Red Dog costume and still have it even though our youngest child is now 22 years old. However, we have a 4 month old grandson and I am looking forward to the year he can wear the costume.

  9. Barbara says:

    I was a giant present. My sister covered a big box with foil and put a ribbon around it. We cut out the bottom and gave me a hole for my head and arms…tights and turtleneck to match the ribbon and ta-da!!!!

  10. Heather says:

    I loved the year I made a blue-checked gingham dress for my youngest daughter and she dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! Her hair was so adorable in braids, and carrying a little basket with a toy dog as Toto. Adorable! My favorite from when I was a kid was when I found my Mom’s old poodle skirt in the cedar chest, and I put together a outfit from the 50s. So much fun!

  11. Sharon says:

    I was the HR person and had spent many days getting everyone into mood for Halloween. We had the preschool children coming for treets. So at the last hour the stores were open I had to get a costume. Finally got yellow sweats and a leftover stryo christmas wreath sprayed yellow. Guess yet? Cut the wreath in short pieces and pined them to the sweats, finally cut a label from a box of “Kraft Mac and Cheese” and Bam, I was every kids favorite food. Won $25.00 gift certif. Had a lot of fun too.

  12. Jeanne Golf says:

    My mother was a single parent raising 2 children with no financial support other than her minimum wage job as a switchboard operator.
    This meant holidays were often a struggle and in particular Halloween because money was never available for costumes let alone buying treats to hand out. Nor was my mother particularly inventive or creative. At the end of the day, she simply wanted to feed us, send us to bed and fall asleep herself.
    One year, though, she was given a hand made cat costume by one of her coworkers and it was the perfect size for my little brother.
    I suspect had we not discovered it in the trunk of the car buried under junk she would have ignored Halloween that year as well.
    However, the “cat was out of the bag” and something had to be done for me as well.
    I only hope I can describe the absolutely outrageous and incredibly funny hobo costume she came up with.
    She took a pair of my father’s old brown pants and a green corduroy coat and, using household glue, a stapler and a bread knife, proceeded to remake and reassemble the pants and coat. When she was done it had holes, rips, tears and patches made from other scraps.
    She scrubbed my face with dirt and teased my waist-length curly hair into a wild massive mass sticking out all over the place.
    She took an old torn scarf, stuffed it with crumpled newspaper and tied it to a branch she cut from our pathetic and spindly tree in the backyard.
    A torn scarf around my neck and a holely white shirt completed my makeover

  13. Eileen says:

    My favorite Halloween costume is one I made for our daughter when she was in kindergarten. It was the cutest mouse you have even seen! Next year her daughter will be in kindergarten, and I’m hoping she will be wearing the costume again.

  14. Cheryl says:

    The Great Pumpkin.

  15. Laura P says:

    My favorite was the Palmetto monster….I pruned the palmettos in the yard and stapled them to a sheet.

  16. Marcia Herath says:

    Many, many years ago I made a clown costume out of blue fabric with multcolored dots. My three kids wore it and it was passed on to my niece and nephew even though the zipper was in backwards!

  17. Karen T. says:

    I was dressed as a groom with a huge mustache, which actually made me look like Groucho Marx! My “bride” was a young man with a beard, and he sported a huge pillow under his wedding gown, completing the look with work boots. We (and everyone else) had a lot of laughs over our costumes, and we won first place as well!!

  18. Angela Cianfaglione says:

    I made a black and white panda suit a while back in the 80′s. Back then they didn’t have faux fur like now so it was a challenge and had to be hand sewn from head to toe, but totally worth it. I had a big Halloween party that year that was a lot of fun.
    Now I passed that Halloween outfit onto my niece which has been used as cat in the cat minus the hood with ears. I’m sure it will be used many times more by other family members.

  19. Jean Lowenberger says:

    Living in Canada and at this time of year, most of our costumes needed to be able to include very warm winter clothing. So if you were making a costume for the Hallowe’en season it had to be extra large for coats to fit underneath, or if it was an indoor costume it was usually hidden by the outdoor wear over top.

  20. sharon b says:

    my favorite homemade costume was a bed side night table I made for my brother out of a card board box with a lampshade hat. His costume, One Night Stand, won first place. It was fun to think of items to glue on the night stand.

  21. zapper45701 says:

    I couldn’t get my costume on over my snow suit. Too freaking cold!

  22. Patsi says:

    I have two favorites, the first was Mrs Beasley (the doll from a TV show) for my oldest daughter and the second was Raggedy Ann for my younger daughter….many many years ago!!

  23. I made my grandson “Woody” from the Toy Story movie. I bought gold ctton fabric to make his shirt and drew a one inch grid over the entire piece with a red permanent marker before I cut the shirt out. Then I made Woody’s vest and put a small grommet in the back and attached a string with a plastic ring on the end of it. So cute!!!

  24. Tina Fisher says:

    My favorite costume was made for me by my Grandma Bell, she sewed barbie dolls clothes for me (or I would have had nekkid dolls), my costumes and my clothes (back in the early 60′s). I was about 8, she had used red gingham for the dress, bright red for the little top skirt that poofed way out (I was delighted with this). She made a hat to go with it, I would love to have that pattern again. Imagine my sadness when I went looking for that costume when i was in my teens, just because I wanted to keep it forever, and my mom had given it away….it was the most dear thing my grandma ever made me, gingham, trims and all.

  25. Patricia Lenhart says:

    My favorite was the Cinderella Costume I made for my granddaughter. Hard work but oh so pretty. She wore it for dress up afterwards.

  26. Heather G. says:

    Among my favorites were costumes I made for my son when he was little– dalmation, Po (Teletubbies), and Harry Potter. I’m currently working on a Renaissance costume for his high school musical Christmas feast!

  27. Maryanne fox says:

    Let me win because now I have a grandson who needs costumes.

  28. Maryanne fox says:

    I made a snoopy costume for my oldest when he was 2. Then when little brother came along I made Woodstock. Those costumes went on to be used by the nieces infinitum. Had I known Snoopy was going to be worn so many times I would have sewn it better.

  29. Sandy Marshall says:

    My favorite costume that I made was of vintage strawberry shortcake for my Granddaughter. My daughter ended up selling it on ebay for a $100.

  30. Susan P says:

    My favorite Halloween costume was a piece of pizza that I made out of a large cardboard box and a lot of felt pieces. But you couldn’t sit down it it so not very practical.

  31. Patty Chambers says:

    My first grandaughter was born Oct. 13, 2010. She was way to small to fit into any of the costumes at the store and her brother was going as buzz lightyear. I took a pattern for a newborn sleeper and sewed fabric onto the front of it so she could be Jessie from Toy Story to match her brother. I also made a felt cowgirl hat with red yarn braids. She was soooo cute.

  32. Monica Chatmon says:

    My favorite costume was for my 2 sons who were 12 and 6 at the time. They were dressed up as Big Wanda and Little Wanda from the show In Living Color – they were HILARIOUS!! They are now 25 and 31 and they still laugh about the costume.

  33. Gramajojo says:

    My favorite was the hobo costume because I go to rub dirt all over my face and hands and clothes. Mind you, I was probably 7 or 8 at the time, but it was fun.

  34. Mary Beth says:

    My favorite costume that I ever made was a godzilla costume for my toddler daughter. She used to walk all over her sister’s Little People and Polly Pocket set ups. So I dressed her up as Godzilla! It was before there was a dinosaur pattern commerically available and I cut out lots of triangle spikes for her costume!

  35. mima says:

    I made a dinosaur for my son when he was 3 or 4. It was the cutest thing ever.

  36. Maria Kievit says:

    Since I don’t care to have witches and ghost costumes hanging around, I sewed my kids animal costumes. A bunny, cat, white striped tiger (Couldn’t find any other material that year) are among the treasured ones.

  37. Lisa Young says:

    My favorite homemade costume is the one I just made for my son. I crocheted him an elephant hat and he wore a grey sweat suit! Perfect costume to keep warm here in cold MN.

  38. Sue Brennan says:

    My favorite costume was one I made for my youngest daughter. It was a Ladybug. I made her a red romper, the ‘wings’ red with big black dots and a headpiece with antenna. She wore it for Preschool and even in 3rd grade with red pants and shirt instead of the romper. Later when she was raising goats for 4-H, her favorite goat wore the costume each year at the Fair for the costume class. We had to put a hole in the romper for the goat’s tail!. I still have the wings and headpiece ready for grandkids, or more goats!

  39. Theresa H. says:

    When I was a girl, I was obsessed with Little House on the Prairie. My mom made me a prairie dress with a bonnet and apron for Halloween when I was 7. I still have the bonnet in my keepsake chest. That was my favorite costume!

  40. Linda T says:

    My kids were pretty inventive about Halloween. They would grab old sheets out of the linen closet and they would cut and I would sew where needed and they would have a very individual costume that came from their imaginations.

  41. Joyce Person says:

    Favorites made for my sons–Care bear, Ninja Turtle and Willie Wonka

  42. Linda Phillip says:

    A loooong time ago when I was a little girl, my mom made gypsy costumes for my sister and myself. It was the first time we were to go trick or treating by ourselves. Our costumes had fancy tulle skirting with alot of bling. We had coins sewn onto our kercheifs and around our tops. We felt so grown up. While out trick or treating we got very afraid of a car that was following behind us. It wasn’t til we returned home that we learned it was our dad following to make sure we were safe.

  43. missy meserve says:

    princess :)

  44. Yvonne Hamilton says:

    My favorite costumes were ones I made for my children back in the 1980′s. Jim wanted to be Captain America (before he was popular in a movie!), Liz was a spotted elephant….and a few years later, their little brother Jeff, was a dinosaur! All had to be tweaked and adapted from regular patterns. PHEW!

  45. Bonnie Mack says:

    I had the coolest costume when I was 5. My grannies, both accomplished seamstress, made me a witch costume with ruffled skirt and cone witch hat. Back then, we didn’t waste fabric but used crepe paper. It was the most amazing costume ever. Far better than any “store bought” costume. I use the photo of me in this costume as my avatar on my facebook every year.

  46. Suzanne Ripple says:

    My favorite handmade costume were M&M costumes for my daughter and myself. She was a red M&M and I was a blue M&M. Made two big round circles of each for front and back and them stuffed them. Then made straps to hang over our shoulders and put the M&M logo on the front one. Then when haloween was over I cut off the shoulder straps and had big pillows we could lay on the floor with!

  47. Kim N says:

    When I was very little, my mom made me a Rainbow Brite costume. My dad had been in a serious car accident but my mom took the pieces with her to the hospital every day and stuffed them and sewed them up just so I could have a normal Halloween with a hand made costume that year. Now that I’m sewing costumes for my child, I enjoy thinking about all the love that went into that Rainbow Brite costume.

  48. Dawna says:

    How fun. I would love to make some and put them on winter hats for the grandkids so that hats look like Fraggle Rock pigtails. How fun!!

  49. Debra G says:

    I was dressed like a Navajo Indian woman.kept me very warm!

  50. Linda V says:

    My favorite Halloween costume wasn’t for me. I made my grandson a skunk fleece costume for his first real trick or treating. Unfornately he was living in Georgia and the poor thing got to hot. Then I made him a tiger fleece costume (they moved to the midwest) and we have finally had to retire it. Grandma took the elastic out but both grandkids have now out grown it. They wore that costume in the summer, to the store everywhere.