Free Stuff Friday!

Happy Friday! Enter to win a copy of Bari J. Ackerman’s book, Inspired to Sew from Stash Books.

inspiredtosew cover 236x300 Free Stuff Friday!

To enter, post your answer to this question: What inspires you to sew? One lucky winner will be announced on Monday. Good luck!

 Free Stuff Friday!
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120 Responses to Free Stuff Friday!

  1. Margie Northcutt says:

    I was 7 years old and joined 4-H and as a girl we were taught to sew. . First we darned a sock, then hand hemed a dish towel, them I made a dress, age 9. I have sewn ever since. I never wore it , but my oldesat daughter did about 15 years later.

  2. Eileen says:

    Sewing is my passion and my therapy! I love to browse through magazines and catalogs and get new ideas to create. Then I “hide away” in my sewing room to plan and dream and sew. I always feel better after I have been sewing – even if it’s just a half hour session.

  3. debbie taylor says:

    My fabric stash and ideas I see around me or dream inspire me to create and escape from depression. Looking at finished projects is the ultimate feel good and inspires me to do more x

  4. MARY STOTT says:

    Patterns and fabric inspire me the most.

  5. Patsi Novia says:

    All the patterns and great fabric I brought back from Italy.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    My travels inspire me to sew! Experiencing different cultures and colors always get the creative juices flowing!

  7. Gloria Hemmen says:

    Remembering my granddaughter’s face and w
    quiet “I love you Grandma,” is all the inspiration I need to start sewing nightgowns and doll clothes.

  8. Ali says:

    My children inspire me. And my love of all things handmade.

  9. Diane Illerbrun says:

    Good tools, notions, patterns, and magazines & books with well explained projects. Those things inspire me to give something new a try!

  10. jeanne provost says:

    fabric, inspires me, love to be creative and make things for others that they will enjoy

  11. Deb Nellist says:

    Walking around a craft or fabric store gives me butterflies and a rush of creativeness..I’m like a kid in a sweet shop and just want to buy everything. I could spend hours looking at sewing books, they give me so much inspiration.

  12. Debbie O in Idaho says:

    The WORLD! all around me there are colors patterns, people !

  13. Mary Flanigan says:

    I get inspired by ready-made things that I know I can make…..and make even better with an extra creative twist!

  14. Natalya Hoak says:

    Fabric and beautiful sewing pictures on the blogs I follow!

  15. looking at pictures of projects other women have created on flickr.

  16. NEL says:

    Sewing makes life bearable-nuf said.

  17. Alicia says:

    My kids! I’m a beginner, so when I get ambitious and try something new, I usually botch it. My 3 yr old daughter loves everything princess and thinks everything I make is “pretty” (bless her heart!), so I get to experiment and she’ll love whatever I make :) My 1 yr old son doesn’t know better so I can practice on things for him as well :p

  18. Lydia V says:

    The opportunity to be creative and a love of the art of sewing! On the flip side, I can save money and be unique!

  19. Linda Phillip says:

    I see possibilities all over my day from the the colors of the sunrise to the shape of a tree to the needs of a new mom. So I guess I am inspired by colors, shapes and need to sew. Ok, and sometimes I do it just to save some money on a project or because I can make it better than buying it.

  20. Liesa Logsdoon says:

    My Grandaughter, I love making clothes for her.

  21. Diana says:

    Imaging what I’m going to make with a specific piece of fabric followed by seeing it completed and worn.

  22. Pat Brown says:

    I love beautiful fabric and it inspires me to sew, be creative and give my creations as gifts to family and friends.

  23. Ellen says:

    The need for some sanity

  24. Chris says:

    I love working on a project and seeing my vision come to life

  25. Pamela Coughlin says:

    My Mom inspired me to sew. She taught me how to sew at the age of 4-5 years old. First that awful hand sewing, then on to the machine. Thank you Mom for the great gift!

  26. Pamela Tobler says:

    I have a granddaughter now , and she is sooo fun to sew for, and we have even made a quilt together. I let her do some of the sewing, too, never know maybe she will grow up to be a sewer too.

  27. So many things inspire me to sew. When I was young, it was my Grandmother & Aunt that first taught me how on an old treadle machine. At that time I loved to be able to complete what they showed me with their approval. I love to get inspiration now from Sew News and Creative Threads magazines, they always give me great ideas. I also just love to walk through a boutique and think “I can make that better.” My favorite thing is to walk through fabric stores and find luscious fabrics. At the time I may not know what I am going shopping for, but the beautiful fabric dictates what I do with it.

  28. Julie M says:

    I’m inspired by perusing catalogs and craft fairs. I always have something rolling around in the back of my head :-)

  29. debbi krisher says:

    I like to turn a piece of fabric into something to use, it is almost magical. It makes me happy to share the things I make.

  30. Katia Tsvetkova says:

    Beautiful fabric and 50s movies make me want to have classy and glamorous clothing.

  31. Joyce in NC says:

    My fabric stash and other’s sewing blogs.

  32. Sebrina Higdon says:

    My daughter is 12, and now at an age where garments she might see on television or in a magazine appeal to her more. She is always amazed that we are able to put together something on our own to mimic the looks she likes most!

  33. CHERYL says:

    A lot of different things- a need for something or a vision of something that I want in a room or clothing – seeing fabrics and envisioning what they would look good in/on.

  34. velva says:

    I love fabric and creating beautiful things. I sewing for my granddaughter and my friends.

  35. Sharon says:

    Things in nature like the leaves in fall colors inspire me to mix colors I ordinarily wouldn’t put together in a quilt. Something I see in a store makes me think ” I can make that” but in my colors!

  36. karen says:

    Fabric I see. Magazines I look through. Change of seasons. So many things.

  37. Elena says:

    Creating something unique that reflects my joy, my passion, and the anticipation that comes with the process.

  38. Tara Rose says:

    Seeing my daughters eyes light up when I have put her name on anything!!

  39. Kimerie Turnipseed says:

    I sew for stress relief. When I am feeling overwhelmed/overworked I escape into my sewing room and sew until I am at peace then I just keep going till life calls me back. The fabric I have on hand usually dictates what I sew.

  40. I am motivated by my grandchildren’s delight at what I make for them. They have no fear of asking for something and have the stalwart belief that Oma can make anything, ANYTHING they ask to be made. I am also motivated by remembering playing underneath my Gramma Rambow’s treadle sewing machine. Her inspiration and talent at sewing, tatting, crocheting, embroidering inspired me. Again, it is the belief that a Grandmother can make anything their grandchildren request.

  41. Kim N says:

    Beautiful fabric and seeing items in the store and online and thinking, “I can make that!”

  42. The joy of giving is what inspires me. Seeing people love and appreciate my work is so rewarding.

  43. Christy Link says:

    My reason is mostly out of need. I love to make things for people for gifts. Christmas is the best time of the year to do this.

  44. Angela Cianfaglione says:

    My mom always had influence on me with her many talents, one is sewing. She always sewed our Halloween outfits, made many school clothes and even my first holy communion dress that I still have. I love showing her my new projects and sometimes we create together, what fun!

  45. Gerri says:

    Nothing like a good trip to the fabric store – whether it’s just to browse or to get something on my list! I could spend days a fabric store!

  46. Sue Robinson says:

    Looking at the quality and selection of store bought items. With all the beautiful fabrics available, the sky is the limit!

  47. sheri c says:

    colors in the fabrics

  48. Richard Smith says:

    The everyday vizualizations, colors, thoughts of a new skin being morphed into clothing, and life in general. Sewing is my passion.

  49. Debby Cushenan says:

    Beautiful fabric and the ability to create.

  50. Definitely fabric… and shopping for clothes.