Free Stuff Friday!

Happy Friday! Enter to win a copy of Bari J. Ackerman’s book, Inspired to Sew from Stash Books.

inspiredtosew cover 236x300 Free Stuff Friday!

To enter, post your answer to this question: What inspires you to sew? One lucky winner will be announced on Monday. Good luck!

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120 Responses to Free Stuff Friday!

  1. Patricia Lenhart says:

    Being in a fabric store just makes me want to get home and get started.

  2. Mama Lusco says:

    I get inspiration from sewing & fashion blogs :)

  3. Laura Haney says:

    Fabric, color, a doll, a friend, a trip to a museum– anything and everything inspires me to sew. Even when inspiration is totally dead, it can be revived by making multiple small items in a variety of fabrics. I sew, therefore I am.

  4. NEED, as in “Mom I need………..” or “Mom is it possible to make a…………..” or “Mom, the kids would love to have……….” I think you all get the idea.

  5. Fabric and the ability to make something unique. I like having things that are not like everyone. It is fun to take a pattern and make it mine.

  6. Kelly says:

    Wow, it’s hard to say what inspires me because there are so many things. I’m inspired by my friends, family, and cats. I’m inspired by magazines, books, images, art. I’m inspired by the multitude of fabrics out there. I’m inspired by toys. I’m inspired by costumes I see and shows I watch…

  7. Fabric… I love fabric and I want to make stuff with all the beautiful fabrics out there!! Plus I have always wanted to sew, just looking at cute clothes, quilts and household stuff makes me want to sew!

  8. lisa says:

    Inspiration to sew can come from anywhere…. a new sewing pattern, a great fabric, pinterest! Sewing is such a wonderful skill and art… find inspiration where ever you can! :)

  9. Crystal Carawan says:

    There are so many things that inspire me to sew and to create. Feeling a close connection with my departed grandmothers when I sew keeps me sewing.

  10. Melinda Thompson says:

    My height. I’m very tall, and nothing is ever long enough. Hence, I sew.

  11. Dell M says:

    All the cute and creative items I see in blogland. I wish I had time to make them all.

  12. My inspiration in sewing came as a child I began to like to sew clothing, especially for myself. To complete any project and be pleased with it is quite satisfying and most rewarding in inspiration.

  13. Denise Howe says:

    I get the desire to sew from all the fun and unique things i see that i can make. I like to make my own clothes because i think i have a unique style and when i create my own clothes i can create my own fashion. And i love it.

  14. RachaelHannah Tahir says:

    What inspires me to sew is getting to see how my newest design or other outfit will turn out.

  15. Jeanne Redshaw says:

    The end of a hectic day or week! Sewing rejuvenates me. It feels so good to create and also FINISH something. My work is often open-ended so I don’t always see a project completed because everything is always changing and hopefully moving forward in the world of the churches that I pastor.

  16. Debra Crisp says:

    My Momma and all of the beautiful clothes she has made including my beautiful wedding gown, the gorgeous wedding gown for my gorgeous daughter. She taught me not just to sew, but that there are wonderful memories in stitches. I can still remember the sound of her sewing machine late at night finishing a gift for Christmas morning!

  17. Dinah says:

    I love looking at ready to wear items and challenging myself to recreate them.

  18. Glenda Elam says:

    My precious grands have been my inspiration here lately. Love creating things for them to play with or to wear.

  19. Pat H. says:

    It’s something that my brain says is beautiful. Usually the fabric, but evry once in a while a pattern will strike me. Yet, always beautiful.

  20. Paula says:

    Its all of the colors that want to come together and a fantastic wearable/quilt that gets the creative sewing juices flowing.

  21. Robin Cole says:

    My family and friends inspire me to sew. I LOVE seeing the look on their faces when I give them something I made. I get such a warm fuzzy feeling inside when I know that they truly appreciate anything and everything I make them.

  22. Linda says:

    I take old used and. Abused denim. Tear em apart and make bags and stuff. When I sell them a portion of the proceeds go to help people in my community pay for their Ostomy products. Those people are my inspiration for sewing

  23. Debbie Lauzon says:

    Looking at pictures of what other people are making often inspires me to sew. I think Christmas inspires me the most though because I do alot of sewing during the holidays!

  24. Norine Reed says:

    Fall colors, the changing seasons, colorful fabrics, walking into the local fabric stores inspire me with new ideas of fun things to make. Sometimes just looking at patterns inspire me to “make my own designs”. Beads, yarns and threads inspire me too! I love coming home after a long day at work and creating something new for one of my 10 grandchildren! My grandchildren love it when I spend time to make something with them!

  25. Linda says:

    My grandchildren and the desire to give hand-made items from the heart.

  26. Jaye says:

    The world around me, the creativity of others, books, magazines, a bad day. I love to sew bits of fabric together and make something wonderful.

  27. Victoria Butler says:

    Browsing expensive catalogs…I see stuff I can make much cheaper…so I do!

  28. rene scoville says:

    books and magazines help so much. even when i’m looking threw them i’m thinking outside the box to make things my way. they give me the push i need to be creative.

  29. The joy of seeing someone appreciation something I have made for them!!!!

  30. Kris says:

    Beautiful fabric, wonderful pattern designs, the idea of making others happy and the constant desire to create things that no one else has put together in the exact same way.

  31. Janice B says:

    The thrill of creating something unique

  32. Mary Lou says:

    I get inspired by seeing patterns and fabrics that I think my family would love to have.

  33. mushima says:

    My Son. I really like to make clothes for him. And the moment when he say “Whoaaa, you are great, mom!!” really make my heart full of joy. Even if I just make him some simple pants.

  34. Kelly G says:

    The fabric- the colors and textures bring out ideas. Having other people want to actually pay me money for the things I’ve made is an amazing feeling! It’s always a surprise (and a relief to be honest!! lol)… but makes me want to get home and back to the tables for more!

  35. Cheryl says:

    I very rarely needs inspiration as it is a need within me. If I go a day without sewing, I get the heebiejeebies!

  36. LauraM says:

    Sewing is my passion. Almost anything can inspire me to sew. I cannot imagine my life (and sanity) without a sewing/needlework/craft project in the works :-)

  37. Sarah Bontjes says:

    I love the fabrics and creativity of making an item.

  38. Krystal Bennett says:

    I’m inspired by things I see, but can’t afford, lol. Trips to the thrift store often garner lovely fabrics that can be re-purposed into something I want :)

  39. samm seals says:

    what a great book to win!!
    fabric all by itself inspires me, excites me and motivates me to so something with it!

  40. Heidi says:

    Inspired by fabrics, kids, fun projects, making gifts for others that will make them smile. :)

  41. daniela says:

    To tell you the truth…My grandma inspires me. When she was young, her husband died and she was left with 4 kids, si se had to sew blouses for kids in school, like crazy, she barely sleep, and yet my mom got to go to University, so I really admire her fot that and so many things. She did SO many things and with me minimun, and I think that’s so adorable, it makes me feel almost silly to say “I can’t do that project,’cause I don’t have that machine” ‘Cause she did it all, and in the most beautiful way and by hand! And that makes me think that I have everything in my life and even more, so there’s no space for the “dont’s”, I can do anything, and I feel she’s with me at all times, but specially in those moments where I’m sewing and creating :)

  42. Carol Gullette says:

    I have always loved sewing. As a child I watched my mother sew and she was a genius. She made everything for us (3 girls), dresses, skirts, blouses, suits, coats, etc. Mom made our wedding dresses, bridesmaids, etc. The first store-bought thing I had was a raincoat when I was a freshman in High School.

  43. Tammy says:

    I’m inspired by pretty fabrics and a desire to create something unique. Thanks for a chance at this giveaway :)

  44. Linda says:

    It is a gift. Sewing is one of my very favorite things to do. Love ALL kinds of fabrics. Teaching my grandchildren to sew and appreciate fabric. They think that is the best part of sewing, picking out the fabric!

  45. Linda T says:

    Oh gosh, it doesn’t take much to inspire me. An outfit I see in a magazine, a quilt I see at Guild meeting, a cute pattern or a great fabric, a snowy day, a hot day, just about anything.

  46. Stella says:

    When I have lost controll of my life and things around me I can take a flat pecies of fabric and creat something and finish it all by myself,and get controll again, And my mother who started teach me to sew at the age of Five. She would say if you can’t learn to rip you wan’t ever learn to sew.

  47. Judy Grinde says:

    I am inspired to sew becuase of my granddaughters and daughter in laws. They get so excited when they receive a call to say that there is a parcel at the bus depot. They all know that there is a new outfit or costume for each of them and that it will be something that no one else has.

  48. Regina says:

    I go to bed with ideas and wake up with them. I keep a sketch pad and colored pencils on my nightstand so I’m ready when I feel inspired! I’ve been this way since I was a little girl and it hasn’t slowed down over the years. To have a creative spirit is a blessing!!

  49. Silvia says:

    Sometimes a trip, sometimes a newspaper article or picture, sometimes just a conversation, other times a piece of fabric. I never know when it hits me. I know that most of the things I make are unique and one of a kind. A lot of times I start with something small and when I am finished it became a full-blown project.

  50. Marie says:

    Trying new things, I am learning to quilt and really enjoying being able to sit at my machine with something other than mending. :)

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