Christmas Giveaway Day 5 Prize

Our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway prize for Day 5 is…

imgres1 Christmas Giveaway Day 5 Prize

Bag-E-Bottoms from Lazy Girl Designs! We’re giving away 3 different sizes of acrylic bases for making your own bags or giving structure to your favorite shopping bag that always sags in the middle and makes it impossible to find anything.

I tried making my own bag once and it was a disaster. I wanted a million pockets, zippers and buttons. I admit the design was flawed to begin with, and I was winging it without the aid of any tutorials or books or gadgets. These BagEBottoms would probably have helped.

To win this prize, post your answer to the following question in the comments section below:

Do you make your own handbags and/or totes? (got any tips for me?)

The Day 5 winner will be announced tomorrow along with the Day 6 prize!

 Christmas Giveaway Day 5 Prize
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12 Responses to Christmas Giveaway Day 5 Prize

  1. Karen says:

    i love making purses and totes. i haven’t tried these purse bottoms and would love to win them!

  2. Lydia V says:

    I love making bags and totes of any type. I can be creative and make it mine.

  3. Blossom says:

    I’ve sewn a few simple tote bags, but haven’t attempted any handbags yet. These look very useful!

  4. I am making a tote out of an old apron right now. I wish I could say I had some help for you, but I am also winging it!


  5. Carmi says:

    I have made some of my handbags.

  6. Ivy says:

    I enjoy making my own handbags. One of my favourite bags is from Studio Kat Designs called the Harmony Handbag. My best tip would be to always read the entire instructions before cutting out pattern pieces and sewing together. This gives you an idea of how the handbag will be completed. Also, assemble all the material and notions before proceding. the Harmony Handbag has a spot inside for a water bottle which I don’t leave home without.

  7. Annette says:

    I’m new to sewing and have never made a bag but I really want to.

  8. Jamie Fukofuka says:

    Yes I do make handbags. This would be a great thing to win!! The tips I use are online tutorials and YouTube videos!

  9. Rebecca W says:

    I have the materials to start making my own, and am a little scared to start! But this would be awesome to help me get the courage to start!

  10. Natalya Hoak says:

    Not yet, but that is on my to do list after the holidays. There are some great tutorials online!

  11. Linda T says:

    I made several tote bags from charm packs, this fall. I don’t use a pattern so I keep mine simple. For a stiff bottom on a bag I use a old piece of coroplast cut to size. I put it in a fabric cover so it looks good but is removable for washing. I have heard of these bag bottoms but haven’t tried them yet.

  12. SewLindaAnn says:

    Yes, I do make my own handbags and totes. I get a lot of patterns from Keyka Lou (blog/website/Etsy) and some misc. other designers like Sweet Pea Totes, Noodlehead, Amy(DuringQuietTime) lots of great pouches. I probably have cornered the market on patterns! I’ve never used these bottoms. If needed, I’ve covered hard plastic, cardboard or other things with fusible fleece or batting and then fabric. I’m curious about them now. Have a great week and thanks for the chance to try these.