Christmas Giveaway Day 11

Here we are, almost at the end of a fun 12 days! I hope you won something, and if you didn’t, Sew News hosts Free Stuff Friday every week, so check back for your chance to win!

Thanks to all for the great DIY kit ideas. Wouldn’t it be so nice to not have to run around for all the supplies to a project and just be able to buy one big bag with everything you need?

The winner of the BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook is Roberta B. for her answer, “I think a jacket kit would be great. A nice structured jacket to learn or re-learn techniques.”

Email with your mailing address to receive your prize!

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Our Day 11 prize is a package of Getta Grip sewing clips. Pin free, poke-hazard free and safe for all materials!

For your chance to win this prize, answer this question:

How many times have you wounded yourself with a pin?

This should be good…

Winner will be announced tomorrow along with our last prize!

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77 Responses to Christmas Giveaway Day 11

  1. Linda T says:

    How many times have I wounded myself with a pin? How many trees are in a forest? How many ants in a colony?

  2. Marilou P says:

    I have wounded myself with a pin too many times to count! Yesterday I wounded myself so bad with a pin to the thumb that I actually had to take a break and today it’s still a little sore!

  3. hahaha I would have to say at least 10x per project!!


  4. Jamie Fukofuka says:

    Too many to count!! To make it worse… My son loves to watch tv in my sewing room with me and yesterday we realized the bed (aerobed) was loosing air and when we were trying to find the hole we found a pin! So not only have I wounded myself, I have now killed the bed!

  5. Cynthia C says:

    Many times – fingers and toes!

  6. beth says:

    So many times! I hate that I have to stop what I am doing to control the blood so I don’t get blood on my project!

  7. Patsi NOvia says:

    I stopped counting many years ago. I keep band aides in my sewing area!!

  8. Lorrie says:

    Well I have stuck all parts of my body with pins – you forget they are on the chair, or you put them in your sweater and then forget them there…..but have you ever picked up a roatary cutter – that was open…..oh…that smarts 5 times as much as a pin…

  9. Ashley K. says:

    I once punctured my finger, the pin embedded itself completely in my nail bed as I wasn’t paying as much attention as I should have and it happened. I had to go to the doctor and wear a bandage for about 3-4 days as the bleeding wouldn’t stop. Clumsy people like me shouldn’t sew. Too bad I love it too much!

  10. Suzie says:

    I cannot remember the last project I did without being poked. I am very accident prone. I can remember a couple of times when I had to clean blood off my project. :(

  11. Suzanne Ripple says:

    Pin, sewing needle wounds are too many to count! How about almost going through your finger with the needle while on your sewing machine! Ouch!

  12. Susan says:

    Entirely TOO many times!!

  13. Sandra Morgan says:

    I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count that high on, lol ;)

  14. Cheryl says:

    Everytime I am doing a project I seem to stick myself!

  15. Darlene Jacolik says:

    More times then I can remember. Seems like a part of every project.

  16. About 25 times yesterday! Working on a quilt. Even drew blood! Comes with the territory.

  17. Linda Phillip says:

    Pins…the terrible hazard of sewing! I must have stabbed myself 100 x 1000.

  18. Calla Ferguson says:

    How many times have I wounded myself with a pin?
    Not very often! If you are extremely careful & keep your fingertips behind the point of the pin it rarely happends. I learned this is high school sewing class & it “stuck” with me. lol

    But I would still love to try the “Getta Grip Clips”…another one of those “Now why didn’t I think of that!”

  19. Lela says:

    I’ve been wounded more times than I can count… nearly every time I sit down to sew! I tend to forget to watch for them as I’m stitching long seams. The “under the nail” and “between the fingers” wounds are the worst! I could really use those ouchless fabric clips!!

  20. Renee Watts says:

    Way too many times to count..

  21. Richard Smith says:

    I can’t recall ever having an accident! I’m very OCD over matching so I take my time pinning :)

  22. Debbie Lauzon says:

    Too many times to even count. The bloodstain is a good point. I think I did that once!

  23. Irene says:

    I always think I am being careful, but those pins just poke out unexpectedly. How many times? It depends on how much of a rush I am in. The more rushed, the more pokes.

  24. Margaret Jordan says:

    That would be the question of the year???????????Still counting!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Kerri says:

    Um…today? One made it through the calluses…

  26. Wyndee says:

    Surprisingly, I have only poked myself a handful of times! I try to be super careful.

  27. Donna S says:

    I have not only stuck my fingers, I have vacuumed them and gotten them stuck in the rollers. I have stuck them in my foot because they have fallen in the carpet. I have sewn them and hit them with the sewing machine needle and had the needle break. Lol Now that I’m older and on blood thinners when I stick myself it is more noticeable than when I was younger. This is my first time to hear of clips instead of pins, sounds great and I know whom ever gets them will be very grateful!

  28. Often enough to be really paranoid anytime I sew white. Worst was a machine needle through the finger when I was leearning to use a treadle machine, Manyyyyyyyyy years ago.

  29. Regina says:

    OMG!! This is a good one…let’s see I’ve been sewing since I was 10 years old and I turned 50 this year and I’m in my sewing room every day…so, maybe I’ve poked myself a few zillion times…lol!!

  30. Joyce Evans says:

    I thought I was the only clutz until I read most of the responses. I remember one time I managed to run the sewing machine needle through my finger and had to have the neighbors get it out. I fainted. Almost everytime I sew I manage to poke myself, now that I have artheritis I seem to poke myself more often mainly because I can’t hang onto any needles or pins, I manage to work with a needle nose pliers. Fun Huh?

  31. Lois says:

    too many to count, and more often when working with heavy fabrics than anything else. Ouch !

  32. Teresia McArthur says:

    I’ve been stuck WAY to many times to count! And it’s pretty bad when I’m working on a project and find myself saying several times, “Dang it, I knew that pin was there.” lol

    Getta Grip Sewing Clips should have been invented looong ago…. wish I had thought of that. :-)

  33. Terry Schultz says:

    I don’t think I could count that high.

  34. Terry Myra says:

    I’ve wounded myself with a pin for as many times as there are pine needles on the trees in our yard!

  35. I stopped counting a long time ago. I just don’t like it when I get blood on a project. The worst project that had pins involved was replacing a zipper in my son’s favorite backpack. It was sort of like sewing with a barbed wire fence in the project.

  36. Marilyn Snow says:

    Way too many times to count! I’ve been sewing for over 30 years and there is no way would want to count or try to keep track over the years. I’ve had lots of fen despite all the pins that have made their way into my skin!!

  37. Dennetta Groomes says:

    I stopped counting. I wonder how many times I’ve poked others with a pins,

  38. Kim says:

    Too many to count! Every time I remember the last time and think “How did I do this again?” I guess I’ll never learn…

  39. Catherine Wiggins says:

    Only every time I sit down to sew.

  40. Melinda Thompson says:

    How many stars are in the sky? Double that, and you’ll be close.

  41. Melinda Thompson says:

    Better answer: Never. Signed, World’s Biggest Liar. hahahahaha

  42. Carla says:

    I have stuck myself too many times to count. I think these grippers would be great for sewing for my daughter. I have stuck her a few times, not good.

  43. Nancy says:

    I’ve stuck myself loads, but the worse was when I stepped on a needle a couple of years ago. While I pulled it out, I didn’t realize it has broken off until three days later when I still couldn’t walk on the toe and it was getting bright red and swollen. I ended up having emergency surgery…It was a good brand needle (John James Embroidery size 9!) and it was completely corroded… a couple of weeks of antibiotics later it was all better. You would think I would learn, but I still don’t wear shoes in the sewing room…

  44. kelli says:

    Too many times to count have I poked myself in my fingers or thumb – just hate it when I bleed and have to stop sewing to get a bandaid. Once in the 8th grade I stepped on a pin and it broke off and had to go to the doctor, about 2 hours later and multiple shots in the foot, I came home without the pin in my foot. Worst pain ever!!!!!

  45. Eileen says:

    Count the number of times? Impossible! If sewing is your passion, getting injured by pins, needles, scissors, etc., is just part of the process. Hasn’t made me quit – never will. Just keep a package of bandages on hand!

  46. Collette Suarez says:

    I would have to say an infinite amount of times. I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have injured myself and turned my project a nice tinge or red. The worst injury is when you drop one on the floor and do not realize it, thus ramming it into your foot. Yeowsie!!!! (that is not the exact word is said) :)

  47. Patricia Lenhart says:

    I guess just about every time I sew. I just wish it wouldn’t take so long for the finger to feel better.

  48. Heidi says:

    Pin pricks… many many times !!

  49. cindy says:

    I once poked myself with a pin so deep, it must have been stuck in the bone. Had to have someone else pull it out!

  50. Elizabeth says:

    Oh goodness, i lost count but I would have to say more then 1,000 times :(

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