Free Stuff Friday Returns!

It’s Friday which means that you could be a winner!

Enter to win these fun Amy Bradley Designs Quilt Squad greeting cards. 8 cards and 8 envelopes with 5 unique designs and blank insides for any occasion!

deal5 300x232 Free Stuff Friday Returns!

Answer the following questions in the comments section to be entered to win:

Who would you send these cards to?

Winner will be announced on Monday!

Happy New Year!

 Free Stuff Friday Returns!
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46 Responses to Free Stuff Friday Returns!

  1. Cindy says:


  2. Jean McCabe says:

    I would love to send these to my on line quilting friends.
    We like to share photos of our projects.

  3. Lynette McGinnis says:

    I would send these cards to all my friends, because they love whimsical cards, and most of them are sewers, but some are not but admire those who can.

  4. Carol Hetzel says:

    I’d send these cards to my mom, she loves quilting and sewing.

  5. Karen says:

    I would send these cards to my quilting freinds from various sewing and quilting groups that I belong to! I know they would appreciate the pictures and such!

  6. Chuck says:

    Thank you notes sound good to me.

  7. Evelyn says:

    I would use these cards for sending thank you notes to quilting friends.

  8. Linda Smith says:

    I would send them to my sister’s at church.

  9. Marcia Neeley says:

    Makes me smile! I would share these with my sister who after a lifetime of sewing got me hooked on quilting. Now we can’t get enough!

  10. Joy says:

    Oh goodness I would send them to all my quilty friends.

  11. Melanie McK says:

    They are “sew” appropriate for my “sew” special mates at the local craft club where we quilt, appliqué, embroider and even make Teddy bears!

  12. Beth B says:

    Quilty friends, especially those who could use a laugh!

  13. I would send one to my sister who has me do the piecing for her hand embroderied. blocks. Into king size Quilts. Love the cards.

  14. MindyW says:

    I would send these to my creative friends, quilters and others. Because we can all create in different venues and still appreciate the humor in the note cards.

  15. Patti says:

    I would send these zany cards to my coworkers who are coming together to create a quilt for another coworker/friend who has breast cancer. We have already created the blocks, but now we need to assemble the top, sandwich and quilt it. This particular crew has not done this together before, so I would send out these fun cards to assemble the troops!

  16. Joy Duke says:

    I would award these to my quilting friends who have similar quilting styles to those of the ladies shown. After all, we all know which of these ladies we most identify with!

  17. Kay Conger says:

    Love the cards. Would send them to members of our quilt retreat group.

  18. Lisa L says:

    I love Amy Bradley’s style & would use these cards with my daughters and mom – they know I’m a quilter and would enjoy receiving the cards as much as I would enjoy sending them!!

  19. Phyllis Brown says:

    They are really cute and funny and sooooo true. I would send to my quilting buddy(daughter in law) and to friends who quilt and appreciate quilty humor.

  20. Shirley Osborn says:

    I’d share the whole pack with all my fantastic quilting friends, one for each of them. They would all enjoy the humor.

  21. Pat Hersl says:

    I’d send them to everyone! Who doesn’t need a cheering up every now and then?

  22. Rebecca Mary says:

    I am really into craft swaps now and would use these to send along with my packages to my swap buddies. I always like to send a little card to express how bless I was to have had the chance to create something special just for them!

  23. Diana says:

    I would send them to friends and family as thank you cards. Everyone knows how much I love sewing so the cards would always serve as a reminder that I sent them.

  24. Cathy Tolbert says:

    I would send one to a friend who likes to quilt, one to a friend who is just fun, and one to my daughter who would laugh!

  25. I think I would frame a couple for my sewing area and definitely send some to my fellow fabriholics!!!

  26. Tina says:

    I’m the second youngest person in a “quilting bee” that consists of women 50+ (I’m 32… my sister, the youngest member, is 30). We get together whenever we can to knit or sew. I’d definitely use these cards to send little notes to my quilting buddies!

  27. cathie cole says:

    I have some “friends” that these cards are “sew” appropriate for, they are adorable:)

  28. Ellen says:

    To my quilt buddies–Ellen, Joan, Linda, Marianne–and the 1 left over for me!

  29. ann says:

    i’d send these to fellow quilt class fabriholics!

  30. Marilyn Snow says:

    What cute cards!! I would send them to my friends who quilt and sew!

  31. Linda T says:

    Aren’t these fabulous! I would use these as birthday cards for my quilting friends.

  32. Joan says:

    I would send one to my aunt and one to my niece.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Debbie O in Idaho says:

    I absolutely ADORE Amy Bradley and I would send these cards to all of my fabulous , creative, friends and I might jut have to keep the one with the sewing battle gear for myself. My girls know I am going in when I put on my sewing apron and a bandana in my hair that I am in it for the long run ( and to keep the coffee coming ) !

  34. Linda says:

    I would send the first one to a dear friend who lives in Australia and has taken up the American quilting technique. I would send the rest to local friends and family who love quilting.

  35. Sue Woods says:

    I would send these cards to as many of my sewing buddies as I have cards to send. They are adorable. I love Amy Bradley’s style.

  36. Linda Gillespie says:

    I would send to my sister and close friends. I love these cards.

  37. sheila harris says:

    would share the cards with my good friend who does a lot of quilting – she has tried her hardest to get me involved with only a small amount of luck. would send others to close friends and my dear mother in law.

  38. betty greaves says:

    i would send one to my mom who is 94 and got me into sewing when i was in jr high schoolaround 1965…

  39. Sue Haver says:

    I would send these to my sewing/crafting buddies so they could pick out which “lady” they are in the picture!.

  40. Debbie Lauzon says:

    I would send them to a very good friend who got me involved in a quilting group at church and the rest of the ladies I quilt with. We donate the quilts to charities such as the Red Cross.

  41. Lise Rodrigue says:

    I would send these cards to my lost found friends that I have found on facebook.
    The cards are great and it would make them laugh indeed.

  42. Sandra Heath says:

    I would send one to my sister in law, we are quilting buddies. Also to a lady I met on a cruise who also quilts, she said quilters always find each other!

  43. M.A.Emmelman says:

    I would love to send them to my Quilt Bee group, and the Star quilter of our family, my sister-in-law, Diane.

  44. Carol Gartrell says:

    I’d send them to my quirky, oops, I mean quilty friends!

  45. I would sent cards to my family, friends, and clients!

  46. Carmi says:

    I would send these cards to my quilty friends and those that I know would appreciate my quilting endeavors. These are great!