Free Stuff Friday Winner!

Thanks to everyone for entering our Free Stuff Friday contest! We asked:

What sew-lebrity would you like to see on the next season of Sew it All?

We randomly selected one winner from the comments. Congratulations to Angela Cianfaglione, Marilyn Snow, Caroline & Nancy Eidsmoe! Please email with your mailing address.

Angela, Marilyn, Caroline and Nancy Eidsmoe won a Flower Frill Template set from Clover for their answer:

Angela-”I would like to see Tim Gunn, see if he can handle it. My guess it would be fun just watching him try.”

Marilyn-”Ty Pennington has designed some great fabric — maybe he could show how to use it.”

Caroline-”I would love to see Amy Butler.”

Nancy Eidsmoe-”I’d love to see Katrina Bohnet Walker. She has sooooo much to offer, and so many different skills. You could have her on a lot of times, and still she’d have more things to teach & show!”

Visit to view guests from the past two season and download their free projects!

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2 Responses to Free Stuff Friday Winner!

  1. angela cianfaglione says:

    Thank you, always fun watching!

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