Free Stuff Friday! Double Prizes!

oneyard 300x284 Free Stuff Friday! Double Prizes!

Today we have double prizes for Free Stuff Friday! We’re giving away two copies of the book Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Projects Using Cottons, Knits, Voiles, Corduroy, Fleece, Flannel, Home Dec, Oilcloth, Wool and Beyond. The book also includes full-size patterns and lots of tips for creating cute projects that only require one yard of fabric. Sounds like fun, right? All you need to do to enter is answer this question: What is your favorite project to make from one yard (or less) of fabric? Add your answer to the comments section below and we’ll randomly draw two lucky winners next week. Happy Friday!

 Free Stuff Friday! Double Prizes!
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247 Responses to Free Stuff Friday! Double Prizes!

  1. Louise says:

    Purses, baby blankets and pillowcases

  2. Elizabeth Hanson says:

    I love making bags, totes, purses, headbands.

  3. Deb Marshall says:

    Tuckable totes! A 20″ bag folds back into the pocket!

  4. Jenn says:

    I like to make sleeping masks. They are fun and easy to make, plus they make great “just because” gifts!

  5. SuZann says:

    I make fabric flowers, wallets, and recover old shoes!

  6. Carolyn H says:

    I like to make small bags in multiples as gifts, like cosmetic bags.

  7. Liane McDowell says:

    It’s simple to make a pillow that can be embellished in many different ways to completely change the looks of a room.

  8. Elisa Owens says:

    Book bags, dog collar scrunchies and pin cushions

  9. Linda says:

    baby blankets

  10. Rhonda says:

    I’d like to seriously deplete my scrap stash!

  11. Jennifer Scott says:

    From 1 yard of fabric I like to make skirts for my girls and matching skirts for their dolls. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Melissa Randall says:

    Pillowcase Dress!!!

  13. Deena says:

    Baby blankets, bunting, twirlly skirts.

  14. Robyn says:

    Totes, purses, toys and baby/toddler clothes.

  15. My favorite thing to make from my one yard pieces is cloth dolls. The book looks great.

  16. Lisa L says:


  17. Janice says:

    I love making little girls skirts, dresses, pants, appliques, bags, snappy bag sets for gifts, coiled baskets, pillows, burp cloths, and scrap blankets. I have more ideas than time. Didn’t have time to sew for years, now I can’t get enough of it.

  18. Marilyn Snow says:

    I like to make purses, totebags, or binder covers. Thanks!!

  19. Janet Carpenter says:

    I am a purse/totebag addict. I also LOVE and am addicted to remnants, so that is my favorite thing to make with 1 yard or less of fabric. This book looks like a dream book to me. :)

  20. Bea Williams says:

    I love to make anything at all that I can get out of a yard of fabric. From wallets to pillows to receiving blankets for babies. Give me a yard of fabric and I will give you a gift!

  21. Eileen says:

    Aprons!! My current passion is making vintage look (40′s, 50′s….) aprons. Everyone seems to love them. This book could lend new inspiration. Sounds wonderful.

  22. Penny says:

    I don’t have a real favorite, I just Love to sew, and sew, and sew.!
    I love finding new projects, and making as many different things as I can.

  23. Cheryl says:

    I like to make all kinds of bags, bags, bags!!!!

  24. Danni Armstrong says:

    A little girls dress.

  25. Rebecca S. says:

    Yoga bag! I just made one from the first One Yard Wonders book.

  26. Jan Sheets says:

    I love to make small personal zippered pouches/bags. Everyone needs one or more and they make great gifts!

  27. Linda T says:

    How exciting! I have the other book and love it. I made the lunch bag, last week, from the the other book. Love these easy, fun projects.

  28. kelli says:

    I think my new favorite will be making ponchos from a yard of fleece!! Before it was a purse or tote.

  29. Abby says:

    Pillows, aprons and bags!

  30. Susan Novak says:


  31. Lydia V says:

    doll clothes, doll blankets, pillows, tote bags and sometimes I piece together various fabrics for novelty curtains!

  32. Alice tahir says:


  33. Lynn McKnight says:

    Three Drawstring Back Packs

  34. Melissa Landreth says:

    Pillowcases for KonkerCancer. One yard is the perfect amount to make a cheery pillowcase for a child’s hospital stay. And you get to play with so much beautiful fabric!

  35. Jan Bryant says:

    I like sewing all types of things. I would love to have the book!

  36. Holly Kerksiek says:

    I love to make things for my little girl. Skirts, doll diapers, and baby quilts.

  37. MIRIAM RAMOS says:

    I love making sundresses for my grandaughters!!! A yard is just perfect. I add a ruffle of a matching color, or lace, or whatever I find, and for shoulder straps I use ribbon, bias tape, or…… Also like sewing for my twin grandsons, they are tiny and a yard of material goes a long way!!!

  38. Gayle says:

    I’m stuck on purses/bags, coins purses, etc. I’d love some new ideas! Would love to win!

  39. Dell M says:

    Skirts for my daughter.

  40. Sherry Mitchell says:

    purses, aprons, anything crafty…would love new ideas !!!!

  41. Didi says:

    Skirts for my little girl, pillows, and tote bags!

  42. Anna in ABQ says:

    Napkins are always good, if it’s cotton fabric. Travel clutches are handy — small bags to keep small stuff organized! Shoe bags also very handly — works better with the slinkier fabrics — shoes slide in and out better.

  43. Terry Schultz says:

    Tote bags, scarves, pillows, dog jackets!

  44. Tambra Vandal says:

    I have so many favorites, so it’s really hard for me to pick which project using just one yard of fabric, so I’ll just have to list them all…..Baby Quillows, cloths for my grand daughter & her dolls, dish towel toppers, (one yard will make several) handbags, diaper bags, pillows, place mats, & stuff toys. I love to sew & I’m always looking for quick projects that require 1 yard of fabric or less, to make manley for my gift giving. So For that reason alone, I would love to be a winner of one the one yard wonders book.

  45. Now I can do things with all the extra yards of fabric in my stash!!!!!

  46. Babs Jenkins says:

    One yard (or less) of fabric? Back in the 60′s, this made a cool mini skirt (often one a week). Just a front and a back, and two seams, a facing and a hem, and I would WIGGGGGLLLLLEEE into it. Ah!!! Happy days.

  47. CHERYL says:

    Tote bags, pillows, small kids clothes, lamp shades….the possibilities are endless!

  48. Jodie says:

    Project bags, zippered pouches and coin purses…a girl can never have too many!

  49. B. Parmer says:

    I love making baby blankets and burp pads.

  50. Tammy L. says:

    There are so many things to make with one yard! In my shop, I’ve made diaper covers, totes, zippered pouches, pillow cases, aprons, check book covers, doggie coat, ipod & cell phone cases… to name a few!