Quilt for a good cause- Downy Touch of Comfort

Downy Touch of Comfort Quilt for a good cause  Downy Touch of Comfort

March 17th is almost always associated with St. Patrick’s Day, but this year it has a special significance for the crafting community.  Quilters all over the country will be celebrating National Quilting Day, an annual holiday which celebrates fabulous quilts and the special talent of those who make them.

This year, Downy fabric softener is encouraging quilters to celebrate the holiday by putting their impressive skills to good use and getting involved in the Downy Touch of Comfort program, which provides hand-made quilts to hospitalized children all over the country to help bring them the comforts of home.

Each year in the United States, children account for more than six million hospital stays and must confront the challenges of overcoming illness while staying in unfamiliar hospital environments.  In 2009, Downy launched the Touch of Comfort program by partnering with Quilts for Kids Inc. to put a smile on the face of these children during their stays and treatments.

To date, the program has successfully delivered over 20,000 quilts thanks to the generous contributions of all the quilters who sent in their stunning creations.  However, the program is always looking for more help.

Quilters can get involved by making as many quilts as they want and sending them to Quilts for Kids.  Visit the Downy website to learn more about the specifications and to receive a special, signature Downy Touch of Comfort pattern. National Quilting Day would be a great time for any quilter to make their first quilt for the program.

 Quilt for a good cause  Downy Touch of Comfort
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2 Responses to Quilt for a good cause- Downy Touch of Comfort

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  2. Derenda says:

    This is a wonderful program. My grandaughter had a very serious hip surgery at the Shriner’s Hospital in Greenville, S.C. a couple of years ago. She treasures the quilt that she got to pick out and bring home with her.