Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways-Day8!

Thanks to everyone for participating in Day 7 of Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways to celebrate the 3rd season of Sew it All airing on PBS!

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Yesterday we asked, “Do you do hand embroidery?”

Many of you learned hand embroidery when you were young from your mothers or grandmothers for something to do. It’s a great tradition to pass down generations and a wonderful skill for making heartfelt, unique gifts. I made my brother a hand-embroidered wall hanging for Christmas. It was my first attempt and I didn’t use a pattern, I just traced and stitched over it, so it ended up looking a little….strange. Sure wish I’d had this book then!

Congratulations to our winner, Amanda Mclay, who said, “I try to do hand embroidery but lets say I need a little help to make the results look like the picture in my mind…” Me too, Amanda. Me too. Hope this book helps!

Please email with your mailing address to receive your copy of Sublime Stitching Embroidered Effects: Projects and Patterns to Inspire Your Stitching by Jenny Hart!!

Don’t forget to check out Jenny’s episode, “Splendid Stitchery.”

The Colette Sewing Handbook Sarai Mitnick 9781440215452 240x300 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day8!

Today we’re giving away two copies of The Colette Sewing Handbook: Inspired styles and classic techniques for the new seamstress by Sarai Mitnick (Krause Publications, 2011). This handy handbook will show you how to start sewing the wardrobe of your dreams. It includes 5 gorgeous free Colette patterns to help you get started!

Get extra pattern tips from Sarai in her episode, “Pattern Play.”

To enter to win this awesome prize and to be entered to win the GRAND PRIZE (Season 2 on DVD) simply answer this question in the comments section below:

“Do you use commercial patterns, draft your own or a combination of both?”

TWO winners will be announced on Monday along with our Day 9 prize. Whew! Thatsalotta giveaways!!

Oh, btw, Happy FRIDAY!! Have a great weekend and happy sewing! icon smile Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day8!

 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day8!
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109 Responses to Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways-Day8!

  1. Jennifer Higbee says:

    I am a beginner sewer, so I mostly follow easy patterns right now. But….I do alter thrift store finds thanks to an article I read about making great pillows out of old sweaters. This week I am trying to alter a pair of leggings into sleeves for a shirt. Wish me luck!

  2. MarciaW says:

    Commercial patterns

  3. I use purchased patterns, but have just started learning some drafting ideas lately, I am so new to this. But, very excited to learn

  4. Leyna says:

    I’m very new to sewing. I’ve used patterns a couple of times, and am still learning how to use them most effectively. I have also made things completely of my own design, however, due to my lack of skills & experience, it’s very much a trial & error based process. I have found that there are tons of tutorials & classes available online – which are helping me improve drastically! Oh, how I love the internet :)

  5. njeri says:

    I am still in the beginner stage so I am mostly using commercial patterns.

  6. Evelyn says:

    I usually start with a commercial pattern and make changes from there. If I like a pattern a lot, I’ll make it several times and it’ll always look different because of the fabric, the color, and the tweaks to sleeves and necklines. I always add pockets to skirts and dresses, usually in the side seams so they aren’t obvious.

  7. Jill Mandy says:

    I’m still very new to sewing….although I have been doing it off and on for years. I only use commercial patterns but eventually I will design my own…:)

  8. Nicholson Massie says:

    I use commercial patterns but I may make alterations to the design.

  9. Rosemary Griffis says:

    I always buy commercial, but I seldom make any of the pictured “views.” I’ll change the sleeve or the neckline, or something. Then sometimes I’ll construct it differently than the instructions, e.g., making a full lining instead of a facing. Of, course, I always have to shorten.