Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways-Day8!

Thanks to everyone for participating in Day 7 of Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways to celebrate the 3rd season of Sew it All airing on PBS!

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Yesterday we asked, “Do you do hand embroidery?”

Many of you learned hand embroidery when you were young from your mothers or grandmothers for something to do. It’s a great tradition to pass down generations and a wonderful skill for making heartfelt, unique gifts. I made my brother a hand-embroidered wall hanging for Christmas. It was my first attempt and I didn’t use a pattern, I just traced and stitched over it, so it ended up looking a little….strange. Sure wish I’d had this book then!

Congratulations to our winner, Amanda Mclay, who said, “I try to do hand embroidery but lets say I need a little help to make the results look like the picture in my mind…” Me too, Amanda. Me too. Hope this book helps!

Please email with your mailing address to receive your copy of Sublime Stitching Embroidered Effects: Projects and Patterns to Inspire Your Stitching by Jenny Hart!!

Don’t forget to check out Jenny’s episode, “Splendid Stitchery.”

The Colette Sewing Handbook Sarai Mitnick 9781440215452 240x300 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day8!

Today we’re giving away two copies of The Colette Sewing Handbook: Inspired styles and classic techniques for the new seamstress by Sarai Mitnick (Krause Publications, 2011). This handy handbook will show you how to start sewing the wardrobe of your dreams. It includes 5 gorgeous free Colette patterns to help you get started!

Get extra pattern tips from Sarai in her episode, “Pattern Play.”

To enter to win this awesome prize and to be entered to win the GRAND PRIZE (Season 2 on DVD) simply answer this question in the comments section below:

“Do you use commercial patterns, draft your own or a combination of both?”

TWO winners will be announced on Monday along with our Day 9 prize. Whew! Thatsalotta giveaways!!

Oh, btw, Happy FRIDAY!! Have a great weekend and happy sewing! icon smile Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day8!

 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day8!
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109 Responses to Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways-Day8!

  1. Roxy says:

    I buy my patterns but most always change things to make them look like what I have in mind. I like having the basics done for me so I can spend my time making them special.

  2. zizi says:

    When I want to learn a new technique I get a pattern to try it out first, then I go off on my own to create what I need.

  3. Debra Lee says:

    I usually just wing it!

  4. Chris says:

    I always look through my stash of patterns rather than buying new ones. I’m a fan of the basic designs that I can change to met my needs and the style of the season.

  5. Erika says:

    I have not drafted my own clothing pattern before but I have for home dec projects. i’d like to try though

  6. Kimberly Todd says:

    I have drafted my own, but I also use commercial patterns. I am a beginner seamstress, and I love to sew. I even dream about it sometimes when I am excited about a project. I like to sew clothes, accessories such as wallets, purses, computer totes, and quilts. I also embroider. I watch any kind of sewing show or online tutorial I can find to learn more. Project Runway is one of my favorite shows. I dream of being a professional seamstress. Sew, sew, and more fun sewing!!!!

  7. MelodyJ says:

    I buy commercial patterns . I would love to do both though.


  8. Debra S. says:

    I use a a commercial pattern with alterations–sometimes it seems it would be simpler to draft my own!

  9. I usually wing it !

  10. Sonya Shaw says:

    I make artist mohair teddy bears that I always design my own patterns for. For clothing, I generally start with a commercial pattern, but the end result is a combination of my own touches.

  11. Tewauna says:

    I do a combination of both. But lately I’ve been mostly drafting my own.

  12. I use purchased patterns. Many times I combine 2 different patterns or adjust the pattern to my taste.

  13. Chuck says:

    I have used commercial patterns

  14. Maria Kievit says:

    Often start with a pattern, but will change things once it’s on a person. I also learned pattern drafting too, but am not as good with that as I’d like to be. Apparently I have some miscalculations sometimes, and then the pattern doesn’t work out…..

  15. Joyce Zoulek says:

    I have been in the sewing business for 52 years. Over all these years, I have amassed a chestful of patterns to draw from. When working with brides-to-be I would have them describe neckline, sleeves, fabric etc. as I sketched their wedding gown. After recording their measurements, I would use different parts of several patterns to construct their dream dress. I also make patterns from ready-to-wear garments that fit right.

  16. Jamie F says:

    I do both but I’m beginning to think I should stick with only using the commercial ones.

  17. Linda says:

    I use both commercial patterns and make my own, and sometime combine the two. I have been known to use 3 or more patterns when creating wedding dresses……

  18. Kelli Marshall says:

    I use commercial & my own which I usually get ideas from quilts or purses I have seen.

  19. Angie says:

    I received a sewing machine for Christmas, so I just started sewing. I’m a fast learner, and so far I’ve made dresses from commercial patterns. I’m buying some fabric this weekend to embark on variations of these patterns. So after this weekend, I’ll be a combo of both :)

  20. I usually end up taking several commercial patterns and mish-mash them together to make my own design.

  21. Melissa Harrison says:

    I usually buy patterns. This book would be great because my 17 year old daughter
    is learning how to sew. She wants to become a fasion designer. I am not that good of a sewer so any help I can get teaching her would be great.

  22. I always buy my patterns. Not only because I have no idea how to draft my own, but I do have problems even with the commercial patterns. Sometimes I think I’m missing a few brain cells when I’m sewing. :)

  23. Marie P says:

    I find a pattern close to what I want…kind of the ‘bones’ of the project, then I tweak it to make it exact. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. I have use basic commercial patterns as a starting point and design my own garments. I have never liked making the pattern as shown. I always want to modify it and make it mine.

  25. Eileen says:

    I use commercial patterns, but never leave them alone. Make few to many changes, depending upon the project. I’m a very “old school” seamstress. This updated book sounds wonderful, and free patterns. Nice!

  26. tammy says:

    I just began sewing so I use store bought patterns. I keep watching sewing shows on PBS to watch tips and tricks and hope to get my confidence built up enough to try making my own.

  27. Kate says:

    Sometimes I use commercial patterns. I also like to draft my own.

  28. Carol Gerlach says:

    I start with a commercial pattern and , if it’s a pants pattern, always winding up altering the pattern. I want to learn how to make my own patterns – for everything! I’ve almost worked up the nerve . . . maybe with a little nudge, who knows?

  29. Amber Abram says:

    I stick to the pattern and then usually make it my own because I have to creatively “fix” or “embellish” something that didn’t quite line up. :)

  30. Mary Angerer says:

    I use commercial patterns, some from magazines like Ottobre or from books, but I have to do alterations to make them fit.

  31. karen iozzia says:

    Commercial. Have not made many garments for myself but have for my son when he was young. Have a fear it wont fit. I definitely need help in this department.

  32. I’m too chicken to draft my own, even though I’ve been garment sewing for over 35 years! I have made some really poor attempts at it, and the last 18 or so years I’ve been obsessed with quilting, so garment sewing wasn’t high on the list. But I’ve been wanting to get back into it again now that I have nine little grandkids!

  33. Patricia Lenhart says:

    I use commercial patterns. I wish I could even do the alterations correctly on the commercial patterns. Or be a perfect pattern fit.

  34. Angie Wolf says:

    I usually use commercial patterns, but have altered some to my taste and fit. I have made a few of my own but nothing I would share with anyone else!

  35. Liz Kuennen says:

    I use commercial patterns but change the fit and other things when needed. I also do a lot of quilting so sometimes I use some quilting in designs. To be honest, I do a lot less clothing because I am so busy with my quilting but I look forward to doing some more when friends will be staying with us for a time. I hope to teach their two girls how to sew and I will be using more patterns when I teach them.

  36. Pat Hersl says:

    Commercial only. And I better have good instructions too. My imagination is really lacking, but I can use a pattern and I’m very thankful for wonderful designers.

  37. Christine Morris says:

    I’ve been using commercial patterns for years always adding that little ‘tweak’ here and there for a custom fit. I love to get inspirations from magazines and then incorporating them into a commercial pattern to make it my own. I am not the best at drafting my own but can recreate a new look with the tons of commercial patterns available. Thank you pattern companies for keeping me sewing.

  38. Gwen says:

    I use commercial patterns but always have to adjust pants to fit.

  39. Mary M says:

    I mostly use commercial patterns and often alter them. I’m attempting a pattern of mine own currently . . . well, I started it and it sits waiting for me to figure it out.

  40. Christine Cockerham says:

    I mostly use commercial patterns..I have made a few, but mostly like to combine pattern pieces to come up with a really cute original…

  41. Sophia Egler says:

    I use a combination of both. it’s always fun to alter a pattern to make it your own :)

  42. Jane says:

    I mostly use commercial patterns but I usually add my own variations. Some work, some don’t

  43. patty says:

    My mom was able to make clothing items without a pattern, so does my daughter. That ablitity seem ed to have skippped a generation (that would be me)I would love to learn some techiques.

  44. Kelly Eckler says:

    I generally use commercial patterns. Although I’ve tried creating my own and using a combination of commercial patterns and my own ideas. My creations and combos don’t always come out like I imagine. I have not given up on trying though. I still try to this day to make something really “my own”.

  45. Vanetta Banning says:

    I do both. I use commercial patterns for fit and some of the design. I always add to or take away from the finished look on the pattern envelope. Do my own thing on a lot of garments and home decor. Sewing is an adventure and stress reliever.

  46. I use commercial patterns. I’m working up to drafting. No classes exist where i live, but I’m thinking of buying a textbook or using some tutorials on the internet and learning on my own. Just haven’t made the time for it yet.

  47. Yasmeen says:

    I mostly use commercial patterns, but I’m working toward drafting a set of my own one day. Even with commercial patterns, I love adding small flourishes, like darts and changed-up seam lines, to make a garment truly my own!

  48. Kim Cady says:

    I am very much a beginner, and I have mostly used commercial patterns. Lately I have been “pinning” draftable patterns. I’m just trying to get the courage to try them!

  49. Allie says:

    I use commercial patterns, but usually have to alter them because I’m so short! I would love to learn how to design my own one day. Thank you for the chance at this giveaway!

  50. Ann says:

    I buy my patterns then make changes to make it ‘mine’.