Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways – Day 11

Welcome to Day 11 of the Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways to celebrate Season 3 airing on PBS!

Thank you all for participating in yesterday’s giveaway! We asked “What kind of sewing/embroidery machine do you have/use?” Maybe the question should have been How many do you have? Many of you keep your old machines when you upgrade, for backups. That’s a great idea, as long as you have a place to store them!

Three lucky winners were chosen to win either a package of Sulky Tear-Easy, Soft ‘n Sheer Extra or Ultra Solvy stabilizer.

751 01 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways   Day 11

Congratulations to Savannagal, LeAnne and Kelly Sas! Email with your mailing address to receive your prize!

(Use your stabilizer and check out Eric Drexler’s episode, “Retro Needlework” to get the look of hand needlework in half the time.)

window Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways   Day 11

Today we’re giving away a copy of Sew it All Volume 2 to TWO lucky winners! Learn basic skills and techniques (including zipper application tips) and get instructions for 50 easy projects for all seasons.

(Get more zipper tips from Colbey Decker in her episode “Zip to it.”)

To enter to win this awesome prize and to be entered to win the GRAND PRIZE (Season 2 on DVD) simply answer this question in the comments section below:

“Where do you get your Sew News, CME and Sew it All magazines?”

The winners will be announced tomorrow along with the Day 12 prize! Good luck!

 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways   Day 11
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97 Responses to Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways – Day 11

  1. Martha W. says:

    I subscribe to SewNews

  2. Lynne Hagen says:

    I subscribe to Sew News, i renew it at the sewing expo in Puyallup ev.ery other year

  3. Alexandra says:

    I subscribe to Sew News!

  4. ALSAN Ferderber says:

    I also get mine at JoAnn’s. I told my husband to scatter my ashes there – that way I will see my friends more often.

  5. Jenny F says:

    I subscribe to Sew News

  6. Diana G says:

    I’m a I get them in the mail delivered right to my home.

  7. Kim West says:

    at the grocery store and I check every week, since I found you that first time, hoping for another edition.

  8. Kathy DeBord says:

    I started borrowing SEW NEWS from a friend in my quilting group. Now I am getting them @ JoAnns.

  9. Elaine Jacobs says:

    I get Sew News through a subscription, the best way to ensure I do not miss any editions! Others I pick up at my local sewing store.

  10. Shanna Higgins says:

    I get mine from JoAnn or Barnes & Noble. I also trade off with a couple of my sewing friends!

  11. Jerry Beavers says:

    Barns & Noble

  12. LaDonna says:

    I get them at JoAnn’s.

  13. Anna Conley says:

    Currently I pick up a copy at Joann’s. For years (including when Sew News was on newsprint and looked like a paper) I was a subscriber.

  14. Janice B says:

    I have a mail subscription for Sew News

  15. Patty Taul says:

    I pick one up when I think about it, wherever I see it. Probably Jo Ann’s mostly.

  16. Margo says:

    I got the latest issue of Sew It All at my local fabric store! I would love to win this earlier issue as I don’t have it yet!

  17. LYNN ALBRIGHT says:

    at joann fabrics love the free patterns

  18. Tracy Enos says:

    I don’t have a subscription:( I guess I will head to JoAnns!

  19. Rosemary says:

    Joann’s or Barnes and Noble

  20. Carolann Broussard says:

    I used to get Sew News and CME at Joann’s but now through yearly subscription. I would love to get Sew It All the same way.’

  21. Kate says:


  22. Rosemary Griffis says:

    I get them by mail, except for CME, which I get digitally.

  23. Jean Lowenberger says:

    I have had yearly subscriptions to Sew News ever since you could buy a subscription!! Sew It All I buy at Chapters, one of the few stores I can find it at!!

  24. Rosemary Griffis says:

    I get them in the mail except for CME, which I get digitally.

  25. Melissa Bobbitt says:

    At Joann’s

  26. Rosemary Griffis says:

    I get them in the mail, and CME comes digitally.

  27. Cynthia T. says:


  28. Jennifer says:

    I currently don’t receive any and have just started sewing; but I would love to win this prize. And I want to subscribe to all kinds of crafting magazines for ideas and techniques.

  29. Carol Gartrell says:

    In the mail! Easy and such a nice surprise in the mailbox each time!

  30. Stephanie Moore says:

    One by subscription and the rest at JoAnn! Love, love, love my sewing magazines. And… I keep them all.

  31. Jean B. says:

    I have a subscription for Sew News, but I always look for ones I don’t have at JoAnn’s, or whatever craft store I’m in. It’s exciting to find one I don’t already have!

  32. Wendy Ruby says:


  33. Suzanne Ripple says:

    Sew News I get by subscription, any others I pick up at Joann Fabrics.

  34. zapper45701 says:

    I am a mail subscriber.

  35. Ellen says:

    I consider magazines an extra for my budget and can’t afford them right now, so I look at them in the library, and make notes or copies from the projects that really interest me.

  36. Phyllis F says:

    I used to subscribe, but now I get mine at a Bookstore, or at JoAnns.

  37. Liz King-Jones says:

    My Magazines come to me through the mail. Currently I receive Sew News and enjoy every page.

  38. Maria says:

    I LOVE my subscription to Sew News!!! The others I buy at JoAnn’s.

  39. Frances Phillips says:

    I subscribe to Sew News the others I pick up at JoAnn’s

  40. Sheila Harris says:

    Usually at Hancock Fabrics or JoAnn’s now that the new store has opened where I live!

  41. Elaine says:

    I get mine in the mail.

  42. Wanda White says:

    I get all the magazines in the Mail…love them. I also scan my favorite pages to my computer for easier access.

  43. Sue Haver says:

    Joann’s. Sometimes at Barnes & Noble or Books a Million.

  44. Linda Phillip says:

    some by subscription, others at a book store or at JoAnns.

  45. Elizabeth Owens says:

    I subscribe to Sew News!

  46. Susan WEber says:

    I get my magazines in the mail so I don’t have to go looking for them and I can sit right down and read them without waiting until I got home with them.

  47. bernice claerbout says: