Free Stuff Friday!

sewing image Free Stuff Friday!

Pictured is just one of the 4 books you recieve!

Here at Sew News, we are very happy that it is a sunny Friday here in Colorado! Oh and that we have free stuff to give away!

Today we’re giving away 2 sets of prizes to 2 lucky winners!

Each prize contains  a set of 4 Craft Workbooks from Fox Chapel Publishing. Each set contains a book on Sewing, Cross Stitch, Knitting & Crochet and Patchwork.  All 4 books contain basic information, projects and step by step illustrations!

To be 1 of the 2 people to win this fun prize, post your answer to the following question in the comments section below:

What patchwork projects have you made lately?

The winner will be announced on Monday! Good luck and have a wonderful weekend! icon smile Free Stuff Friday!

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83 Responses to Free Stuff Friday!

  1. Christy Dixon says:

    I’m working on a t-shirt patchwork quilt for my daughter.

  2. S Thompson says:

    I am working on a T-shirt quilt for my high school senior.

  3. Denise Howe says:

    My most recent project has been a rag quilt for my oldest son. I have also made a quilted wristlet bag. And am working on just a regular bag to use as a prize holder. I have a few other projects in my head that i hope to work on soon. :)

  4. I made a scrappy scottie dog with 2.5″ squares. Cute as can be and fun too!

    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  5. I just completed making my grandson a “busy book” that was pretty much all patchwork, applique and a great scrap buster project! He’s really enjoying all the buttoning and zipping and other little developmental toddler tasks!

  6. Marlene Walters says:

    I save all the small pieces of material I have left from projects and sewed them all together to make a wild mix of colors and then made a vest out of the pieced fabric that I come up with. Goes with many different things, and love to coments as to were did I find that fabric.

  7. Pat Hersl says:

    JuSt finished a small feathered star quilt.

  8. Linda Phillip says:

    I just finished a quilt for my grandson and am soon starting one for my grandaughter.

  9. Lisa Koyama says:

    I made a small patch work wallet with a zipper. I am not a quilter, but I do sew my own clothes, so the project was a little bit of a challenge for me.

  10. stacey says:

    i just finished a mug rug and a mug hug :)

    thanks for the opportunity – these would be so wonderful to have!

  11. Jennifer says:

    Fun contest for a Friday. I’ve made a patchwork pillow.

  12. Zaida Jackson says:

    The last thing I completed was a T-shirt quilt for my grandson’s graduation with many pictures from his childhood added.

  13. Nancy Ames says:

    I “made” an amazing patchwork handbag with fabrics from favorite clothes that no longer fit me with oodles of free-motion stitching and embellishments … well, actually, I only “made” it in my mind! Someday …

  14. Kimerie Turnipseed says:

    I love making stuff from old sweaters & wool coats. I saved all the small bits and am now turning them into a quilt that promises to be very warm & cozy & perfect for fall/winter camping trips.

  15. Brandi bradley says:

    I made a patchwork quilt from all the old jeans at m
    y house!

  16. ginny knapp says:

    I’m working on dog place mats :-)

  17. Ali says:

    Working on place mats for our dining table.

  18. Jodie Wilbanks says:

    I just finished a rag bag diaper bag for a friend. I love making the rag bags!! I’m getting ready to make several for a benefit for some friends that lost everything they had to a fire.

  19. charlene miller says:

    I’m making a patchwork tablecloth with spring colors….

  20. Anita Klatkiewicz says:

    Doll clothes for some vintage glamour dolls.

  21. Barb Bryson says:

    I’m working on a landscape quilt for our guild challenge

  22. Joan says:

    I am working on a quilt.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. I’m on a mission to sew through my stash by the end of the year, an objective I’m documenting on my blog — Through the Material Mine at This week, I’ve worked on a table runner, a child’s quilt and a geometric wallhanging.

  24. Sue Haver says:

    I’ve been working on a patchwork quilt top for my Mom a quilt. At her 70th birthday party, we had each of the guests sign a block using permanent markers in a coordinating color to the fabric (she doesn’t know about it). I will put them all together with coordinating strips in between.

  25. WyoDi says:

    I’m in the middle of a “merry-go-round” quilt! Oh, JOY!!

  26. Leena ibrahim says:

    I am making a patch quilt for my niece from her left over pajama pants material.

  27. Jennifer wright says:

    For Christmas, made a quilt out of my dad’s old Harley Davidson shirts. He loves it!

  28. Dorthe Blaabjerg says:

    I have just sown a quilt to my grandson Mikkel, and now I am sewing a quilt to my granddaughter Sofia and her brother Micky :-)

  29. Denise Moler says:

    I am making patchwork placemats for a wedding gift.

  30. Beverly Belaska says:

    A tote bag

  31. Cathy says:

    Just finished 2… 1) Wanted to do the binding on both about the same time that is… 1 33 years of my retired firefighter husband tee shirt… 2) My oldest grand daughter will graduate in May… She loves flip flops. A friend found a pattern in a magazine… I tried something new… fusing and applique… What fun I’ve had over the winter.

  32. Loretta T says:

    I am working on a quilt for my daughter, my 7 3/4 year old son is going to sew it together.

  33. I’m working on a patchwork ironing pad from my quilitng scraps.

  34. Debra Stumpff says:

    I am working on finishing last years block of the month quilt and a mystery quilt.

  35. Kathy Finkenbinder says:

    I am finishing a baby quilt at the moment. Then on to make a volunteer who sew for the nursing home a sewing machine pocket. This sits under the machine and has two pockets to hold items in.

  36. Maria Kievit says:

    I am currently working on finishing a Christmas table runner that I pieced by hand, and am now hand quilting it as well. Thanks for the giveaway.

  37. Glo says:

    I am working on a patchwork baby blanket for my grand-daughter that is due to be born in June!


  38. Gwen Churchwell says:

    I am currently making a pink rag quilt for my new granddaughter’s crib and loving every minute of it. She is the first girl in our family after seven boys!!

  39. Janice says:

    Working on a patchwork easter apron. (Jusr subscribe to the magazine can’t wait to get my first issue)

  40. Janice says:

    Working on a patchwork Easter Apron (just subscribe to the magazine can’t wait to receive my first issue)

  41. Kathy Read says:

    I made a colorful pink and yellow patchwork quilt for my little granddaughter.

  42. Brenda Presley says:

    I would like to learn how to do patchwork!

  43. Virginia Darwin says:

    I made a patchwork pin cushion!

  44. Jamie F says:

    I’m supposed to be working on a pillow for a friend but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet. :-0 Maybe this prize will be my inspiration!

  45. Melinda Thompson says:

    The seat of my jeans!!!

  46. Pam Rawlek says:

    I made a brilliant patch work queen size quilt out of left over material from projects this winter. Never throw that away, I even impressed myself with it.

  47. Kelli Marshall says:

    A Christmas wall hanging for my mom.

  48. Audrey says:

    I’m working on 4 scrappy quilts for my two sets of bunkbeds! They’ll be so cute!

  49. Tambra Vandal says:

    Busy as a bee, at sewing a new dress for myself for my sons up coming Beach wedding. Love free giveaways! Thank you! Sew News

  50. Tracy Enos says:

    My husband is a volunteer fireman. I’m about to start a quilt made from his old fire department t-shirts!

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