Free Stuff Friday Winner! Is it You?

Thanks to everyone who entered our Free Stuff Friday giveaway for The Fashion Designer’s Handbook & Kit!

designer1 Free Stuff Friday Winner! Is it You?

We asked you to share your best sewing advice for a beginner, and we got so many great responses! If you’re new to sewing, or are teaching someone to sew, it’s definitely worth reading through the comments for the encouraging tips and ideas!

We randomly drew from among all the commenters, and the winner is Diana, who said: “Try to make things that are simple at first and slowly increase the difficulty. Nothing kills the urge to sew faster than getting frustrated by a project that is beyond your skill level. But, if you take it one step at a time, you can do it and make really nice things. And try to work on a non-frustrating machine.” Excellent advice and congrats to you, Diana!

Stay tuned for another chance to win a great sewing prize this Friday!

 Free Stuff Friday Winner! Is it You?
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2 Responses to Free Stuff Friday Winner! Is it You?

  1. Sherry Haning says:

    I would love to be the winner.

  2. Nancy Kwisnek says:

    Buy all you need to complete your project at the once, always frustrating to match zippers,buttons and other notions later.