FREE Sewing Machine 911 Class from Craftsy!

Do you often find yourself suffering from the Sewing Machine Blues? Is your machine giving you a tension headache? Nothing’s more frustrating than wanting to start an exciting new project only to encounter mysterious machine malfunctions. But fear not! Craftsy comes to the rescue today by offering their Sewing Machine 911 class for FREE! Get to know the basic parts of your machine, learn to troubleshoot common sewing machine problems, and find out how to maintain your machine to keep it in great running order. The best part? Once you sign up for the free Sewing Machine 911 class, you can watch it whenever you want, as often as you want! Happy sewing!

 FREE Sewing Machine 911 Class from Craftsy!
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2 Responses to FREE Sewing Machine 911 Class from Craftsy!

  1. I would like to start using my seeing machine again after a long illness but I just look at it afraid I will make mistakes with the tensions and threading the machine right.

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