Free Stuff Friday! Win a set of Stitcher’s Revolution Iron-On Transfers!

SR1 envelope 224x300 Free Stuff Friday! Win a set of Stitchers Revolution Iron On Transfers!Happy Friday! We hope you had a wonderful week and have an even more wonderful weekend!

This week we are giving away a set of 3 Stitcher’s Revolution Iron-On Transfers!  With these iron-on transfers from Colonial Patterns, Inc. you can add cute designs to your favorite pot holders, bags, towels, clothes and much more! This amazing set includes SR3 Stitcher’s Revolution Asian Inspirations, SR5 Stitcher’s Revolution 80′s Vibes, and SR1 Stitcher’s Revolution Robots Invade! (as pictured on the right!).  These fun and funky designs are perfect for a adding flair to a project!

To enter to win the set, answer the following question in the comments section: What are your favorite things to embroider?

Don’t forget to check out Creative Machine Embroidery magazine to learn about all things embroidery!

We’ll randomly choose a winner on Monday. Good luck!

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74 Responses to Free Stuff Friday! Win a set of Stitcher’s Revolution Iron-On Transfers!

  1. Susan Egan says:

    My favorites are towels, sweatshirts and quilt blocks

  2. Kathy Bruce says:


  3. Kathy Bruce says:


  4. Sue Haver says:

    Pillowcases and dresser scarves. I also still have plenty of vintage ones. I love them, they’re treasures just knowing how much time someone has spent doing this beautiful embroidery.

  5. Birth pillows for parents of new babies for family and friends.

  6. angie clos says:

    Baby bibs, handbags
    Kids clothing

  7. Heidi says:

    Anything that can be given as a gift !

  8. SewQuiltEmbroider says:

    I love to embroider dish towels to give as gifts and also quilt blocks. Usually floral designs or something humorous for the designs!

  9. Jeanne says:

    Children’s clothing!

  10. Wendy Graves says:

    I embroider any article of clothing that seems to be asking for it, and was just thinking about embellishing some of my pillowcases (fond memories of mom)!

  11. MelodyJ says:

    I haven’t embroidered yet. These designs make me want to.


  12. Sherry Mitchell says:

    Made a purse and embroidered on it …loved it….need to try other items

  13. Linda T says:

    I don’t know that I have a favorite thing to embroider. I did some embroidery with my embroidery machine on a quilt this past winter.

  14. Linda says:

    they are cute, would love them

  15. Ellen says:

    I love my embroidery lighthouses on my pillowcases.

  16. Rebecca Wood says:

    I embroideried on a baby quilt (nursey rhymes) and it came out really cute! The parents used it to teach their child nursery rhymes.

  17. Jamie King says:

    Definitely baby items, little dresses, booties, blankets, the possibilities are endless and adorable!

  18. Donna Harper says:

    I would love to embroder blouses and clothes for little girls. although i havent had the opportunity to start yet. Im still learning my machine and cant wait.

  19. Donna Harper says:

    I would love to embroider blouses and clothes for little girls. although i havent had the opportunity to start yet. Im still learning my machine and cant wait.

  20. christine mcleod says:

    I love to do kids clothes

  21. Kathryn Patch says:

    I love to make kitchen towels perkier with an embroidery design. I also make diapers for gifts and a little design on the touchie is always cute. But be it a simpe t-shirt, sweatshirt, or a little fanicier design for a bowling league or the corner DQ everything looks better with a little ‘pizazz’ on it.

  22. Michelle Shamp says:

    My favorite thing to embroider is baby items! I have 3 grandkids so I am very busy making things for them!

  23. Petra Harpak says:

    I would love to use iron on transfers on skirts and dresses, I would cut out a small piece of heart and then sew it on, but these iron on transfers would be nice, quick, & fun to add on to the skirts and dresses that I make!

  24. Andrea Huff says:

    Anything fabric that I can pretty much get my hands on and in my machine.

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