Sew a Bunting for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!

2012 marks the Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee Year, the 60th anniversary of her reign over the United Kingdom. Elizabeth II took the throne on Feb. 6, 1952, and was crowned on June 2, 1952.  The central weekend of Diamond Jubilee festivities is coming up June 2-5, so England is all abuzz preparing for the exciting events. One of the fun trends has been creating homemade decorations, such as  buntings, to adorn shops, homes and businesses. Buntings are quick and easy to sew and customize for any occasion, whether you want to join in celebrating the Queen or just need a cute decoration for a birthday party or baby shower.

bunting Sew a Bunting for the Queens Diamond Jubilee!

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Here’s a quick tutorial for sewing a Jubilee bunting from UK department store John Lewis‘ bunting-making workshop, and here are step-by-step project instructions for making a name bunting like the one I made for my little sister’s birthday:

Wendy Sew a Bunting for the Queens Diamond Jubilee!

Have you sewn a bunting? What occasion did you make it for?

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