Cute & Cozy Football Baby Blanket to Sew!

Check out the adorable baby blanket Creative Machine Embroidery Associate Editor Colleen Exline made! Her sister has a baby on the way, so Colleen stitched up this super cozy and clever football blanket for her new nephew using this free pattern and tutorial from Happy Together. The upper layer is brown minky fabric, which is super soft and also mimics the texture of the ol’ pigskin. And since we’re in Broncos country, Coleen used Broncos print fleece for the blanket backing (of course!).

football12 261x300 Cute & Cozy Football Baby Blanket to Sew!


football21 256x300 Cute & Cozy Football Baby Blanket to Sew!


What are you sewing this weekend? Share in the comments section!

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4 Responses to Cute & Cozy Football Baby Blanket to Sew!

  1. ErikaB3 says:

    I am not sewing anything. My machines have been packed away for almost 2 months so my husband can use my work space for studing for his contracting license. :( I am shopping for sewing furniture now so that this never has to happen again. So sad.

  2. Sara Walden says:

    Cute and very different!

  3. kathleen says:

    Today I did some repairs for one of my daughters. I hope to get started on making 2 dresses for both of my daughters on Sat.

  4. linda says:

    Sigh I dont have room for a proper work surface have to make do with the top of a chest of draws but I manage wish I had more space will keep doing the lottery

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