Free Stuff Friday

Happy Friday, readers!

This week’s giveaway is pretty special, because we’re giving away a grab bag stuffed with goodies to one very lucky winner! This grab bag includes (but is not limited to)…

Fun Fabulous Pillows to Sew Van Arsdale Shrader 9781579908027 282x300 Free Stuff FridayFun & Fabulous Pillows to Sew (Lark Books) by Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader.

A short introductory course provides all the basic skills: seaming, installing a zipper, stitching buttons and buttonholes, adding flanges–and then it’s time to sew. Start simple with a knife-edged square pillow, move on to a boxed cushion with piping, and create a bolster to showcase a fabulous fabric. Each project builds on the one before, so readers progressively develop a repertoire of skills.


PLUS: A Nancy Zieman brush-type removable fabric pen, a ruler, an Indygo Junction apron pattern and some little fun extras!

Win ALL these awesome prizes simply by answering the following question in the comments section below: What are your Independence Day plans?

Are you hosting a barbecue? Watching the parade and cuddling up for some fireworks with your sweetie? Maybe you’ll get to show off some of the red, white & blue decor you’ve stitched?? Tell us about it!

One winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday. Have a great weekend!

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126 Responses to Free Stuff Friday

  1. Lauren A says:

    we are spending time with friends! A very well needed break from work. We got an inflatable slide that empties out into a pool of water. I am so excited!!! Thanks for hosting another free stuff friday!! :)

  2. Terri says:

    I will be spending the day with my family. We will cook out and go watch fireworks!

  3. Cathi Graham says:

    I’m ready for some free stuff ; )!!

  4. Amy Feller says:

    We are going to take our foreign exchange student to the Colorado Rapids soccer game and stay for the fireworks show!

  5. Cathi Graham says:

    For the 4th we are watching the fireworks from our church lot with family.

  6. Sarah Bontjes says:

    My Independence Day plans are a trip to my local fabric stores, a cookout and carshow/fireworks at my local dragway.

  7. Hot dogs and marshmallows on the grill and some much needed fabric sorting.

  8. Amy Boughner says:

    Block party on my street!

  9. Louisa says:

    going to visit a girlfriend and sew all day long!!

  10. Karen Clement says:

    Running the Peachtree Road Race!

  11. Mary Simmons says:

    Looking forward to spending time with family and doing some crafting.

  12. Patricia Cockell says:

    Sewing is my passion! I learn something new every day, especially from Sew News! Thank-You for always putting out what we home sewers are always looking for!

  13. Noemy kreidl says:

    We are going to have a family BBQ and watch the fireworks !!!

  14. Melissa says:

    We’re having a backyard BBQ with the family.

  15. kathleen says:

    will be spending time with my wonderful family, poolside & grilling up some great food!

  16. Kim says:

    Family time :-) Maybe go to a small town parade.

  17. Charleen W says:

    If you make a pillow and give it away, that friend will aways have hugs from you.

  18. Zaida Jackson says:

    I hope to go fabric shopping, or at least notions shopping and then watch fireworks. I hope to get my sewing room in order this weekend so that I can really work on some projects.

  19. Stephanie says:

    We do this ever year!!! Go to my parents, watch the parade, BBQ, Play games, Watch fire works!! I love having the time to spend with all my love ones!!

  20. LisaVH says:

    Very low key event schedule here. BBQ with my hubby & kids, then maybe head to the fireworks display at the towncenter. I LOVE holidays were I don’t have to be in charge of festivities or be responsible for anything but relaxing and having a good time. :D

  21. Karen L. Howard says:

    Having a picnic with family and friends by the pool and watching fireworks.

  22. Eileen says:

    Parade in the morning, then cookout with friends in the afternon. Sewing in the attic for the evening, till the fireworks start.

  23. Amanda Cooke says:

    Having a cookout with the family and letting our daughter see the fireworks for the first time!!

  24. Michelle Shook says:

    We will be having our traditional 4th of July celebration…..getting together with family (and sometimes friends), swimming all day, BBQ’ing in the backyard and then watching the fireworks. Where we currently live, watching the fireworks means packing everyone up and heading down the hill to the highschool. We all curl up together on blankets laid out on the football field watching the fireworks show. (Of course, that comes after strolling through blankets & visiting friends from all over town & finding the closest ice cream vendor to cherish a sweet treat.) (Now, if I get up early enough I might even get some sewing in before everyone comes…..I DO really need some shorts.)

  25. We are driving 4 hours to the beach for July 4th week. We’re hoping to catch some fireworks on the seawall. It will be a great week to relax with my family.

  26. Susan says:

    I will be joining my family at a cookout … Lots of discussion (show & tell) on our latest projects….we even get the men involved in discussions !!! (their take is from a marketing perspective)

  27. Jeanne says:

    I so wish I could be with family….but since they are a full day’s drive away I hope to spend time with another friend….my wonderful Bernina sewing up a new purse and also with human friends. Also hoping nad praying that on this holiday we will be able to celebrate the absence of more wildfires errupting here in Colorado!

  28. Steph R. says:

    3 mile run and cooking/preparing in the morning followed by a BBQ with a wonderful group of friends in the afternoon. What a great way to spend a day off work! :)

  29. Patty says:

    Sewing. It’s a heatwave outside. During the day when it is this hot, I love to sew and get all my creativity flowing. This year I need a new tablecloth and runner to brighten up my kitchen with some new window treatments to match.
    At night, I spend it out at the fire pit with my family(Smores all around) and then local fireworks to complete the day.
    Thank you to all our service men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy in our wonderful USA.

  30. Dorothy Baysore says:

    A quiet day. Just me and hubbie. Hope to get some sewing done.

  31. marie sierra says:

    we will be remembering our soldiers…as well as attending a friend’s BBQ!

  32. Patricia Lenhart says:

    Our family gets together for a picnic and swim at my daughter’s. Sure hope it is nice enough to swim.

  33. Nancy says:

    Our kids and grandkids will come over for a cook-out and swim party! 6 Grandkids makes it really fun! However, if that blows up I’ll be sewing on a quilt from Eleanor Burns’ book Quick Trip Quilts. It is a queen size for 14 yr. grandaughter’s bed. AND if I don’t do that, I’m enlisting my husband’s help in making a duck tape dress form.

  34. Jennifer H. says:

    Headed to the country for some fun in the sun fishing and relaxing with family, then back to town for evening fireworks show :)

  35. Sarah says:

    I plan on enjoying time with my family. :)

  36. Angela Cianfaglione says:

    My niece will be in town for the weekend and her birthday is on the 6th so I will have a great time celebrating with her.

  37. Amy says:

    Going to relax and have a bbq

  38. valeriec says:

    sewing and quilting

  39. Kelli says:

    My sister & niece are flying from Anchorage, AK and my mom is driving over from Central Oregon and we are going to hang out during the day, possibly bbq, and then go watch the fireworks at Fort Vancouver. Going to be a great day!!!!

  40. Debbie says:

    We will be watching fireworks

  41. Kayla Ott says:

    We will be cooking out, swimming, watching fireworks, and celebrating my birthday!!

  42. Pati says:

    I will be celebrating my birthday and remembering all of the wonderful birthday parties my grandparents gave me growing up at Buckeye Lake… boat parade, picnic, cake & ice cream, presents and fireworks (including waving sparkler sticks). I was totally dismayed when I got into elementary school and found out all of that wasn’t just for me.

  43. Marilyn Moss says:

    We’re going to a potluck bbq at my son’s in-laws.

  44. Zsuzsanna Klush says:

    Just my hubbie and I, hopefully we will sew, ride the bike, jump in the pool to cool off.

  45. Anna deVera says:

    I will be spending the day quilting, quilting, quilting.

  46. nicole says:

    i’m doing a charity run in the morning, then our boys will probably be playing in the sprinklers throughout the day… in the evening we’ll go see some fireworks! :) I’m pretty excited b/c child #2 actually gets to see the fireworks this time!

  47. Amy B says:

    Having several extended family members to our lake house for a picnic. Someone on the lake always has fireworks and it is really fun to go out on the boat to watch them. Just hope it doesn’t rain!!!

  48. Savannagal says:

    I wish I had some fun and exciting things to tell you, but nope. My hubby and I will be hanging out in our backyard listening to fireworks from afar, with water hose in hand in case our nutty neighbors shoot any bottle rockets onto our roof again. I guess that could be exciting! Thanks much. Happy Independence Day to all.

  49. Linda T says:

    I am an American living in Canada so there will be fireworks on July 1st, Canada Day. Hubby and I both work in retail so we are both working the holiday. On the 4th, I hope to be sewing in my Studio! the perfect way to spend the 4th.

  50. Mary Ann says:

    We will be having a swim party and BBQ with out children and grandchildren. Then we will go to the local high school to watch fireworks. Nothing like family, food, fun for an all American holiday.

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