Free Stuff Friday

Happy Friday, readers!

This week’s giveaway is pretty special, because we’re giving away a grab bag stuffed with goodies to one very lucky winner! This grab bag includes (but is not limited to)…

Fun Fabulous Pillows to Sew Van Arsdale Shrader 9781579908027 282x300 Free Stuff FridayFun & Fabulous Pillows to Sew (Lark Books) by Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader.

A short introductory course provides all the basic skills: seaming, installing a zipper, stitching buttons and buttonholes, adding flanges–and then it’s time to sew. Start simple with a knife-edged square pillow, move on to a boxed cushion with piping, and create a bolster to showcase a fabulous fabric. Each project builds on the one before, so readers progressively develop a repertoire of skills.


PLUS: A Nancy Zieman brush-type removable fabric pen, a ruler, an Indygo Junction apron pattern and some little fun extras!

Win ALL these awesome prizes simply by answering the following question in the comments section below: What are your Independence Day plans?

Are you hosting a barbecue? Watching the parade and cuddling up for some fireworks with your sweetie? Maybe you’ll get to show off some of the red, white & blue decor you’ve stitched?? Tell us about it!

One winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday. Have a great weekend!

 Free Stuff Friday
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126 Responses to Free Stuff Friday

  1. Pat McCormick says:

    We’re gathering at noon for Pizza, then going to a friend’s house to play cards all afternoon. Then we will be looking forward to strawberry-rhubarb crisp with ice cream. We’re a group of friends who have Sunday lunch/brunch together each week and play cards on holidays (all of us sew except two husbands!).

  2. Maria Kievit says:

    We will probably celebrate Canada Day by going out for fireworks somewhere. Love to see the colours in the sky. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. JEAN says:

    At the moment I am planning to stay home and continue to recop from surger. Will be working on some UFO,s as I feel up to it. We will see if anything else developes as the day grows closer.

  4. Lor says:

    It’s my birthday! I will be partying with the grandchildren.

  5. Anna Hutchins says:

    Going to SD and be with my sister and family. Haven’t seen them in 8 years.

  6. Terri Jones says:

    First I will go cheer my 63 year old mother on while she runs the annual July 4th marathon. Then we will watch the parade, visit with everyone at the carnival and finally join the whole town to watch the fireworks from the softball field. It is a 3 day celebration so I will cram in as much as I can.

  7. Beulah says:

    Trying to stay COOL we are in the midst of a record breaking heat wave!
    We will be drinking lots of sweet tea, grilling shrimp and enjoying time with friends and family.

  8. Nancy says:

    Working! :\

  9. Judy says:

    I am going to organize my sewing room and my stash, because my local quilt store is having Christmas in July sale the whole month of July. Have to see what I need or want.

  10. Shirley says:

    Grandchildren are visiting from out of state and will be a first time to celebrate the 4th with us. So we will do the grilling at home, and go for the large fireworks after dark. And we will not forget the radio so we can hear the music to go with the display.

  11. We’re spending some time at a cabin with new friends :)


  12. LeAnne L says:

    BBQ time here.

  13. Linda Rock says:

    My husband is American and I am Canadian. We get to enjoy the 1st and 4th of July as a family! We live in Canada so we will celebrate at a huge pool party, dinner and fireworks display with friends and then participate in a huge company picnic for employees and their families. On the 4th this year my hubby has to travel for work but I usually do up a nice 4th dinner for him all decked out in red, white and blue and try to have friends over to celebrate. Alas, this year, it will all have to be tied into the one celebration!
    Happy 1st and 4th to all!!!!!

  14. Maggie Potter says:

    We will be spending july 4th with our daughters and their families. fun fun fun!!!!!!!
    love those grandkids

  15. Grace says:

    My Dad is coming to visit and we are going to watch the fireworks at the Kemah Boardwalk!!! Happy 4th ya’ll!! :)

  16. Margaret Jordan says:

    Very low key. Husband cooking. Fireworks on TV.

  17. Margaret Fohr says:

    It’s a family day with a parade, cookout and fireworks.

  18. Mary M says:

    We’ll be going to the local parade and the town get together afterwards. Then off to the beach to watch the fireworks at night. Happy 4th of July to everyone!!

  19. linda says:

    Kids and grandkids coming to our home for hamburgers and swimming. They will also pick up sewing I have done for each of them.

  20. Melissa Meserve says:

    Definitely BBQ some burgers & bake a cake decorated patriotically. Probably will also have the kiddos play in the kiddie pool too. :)

  21. Marilyn Snow says:

    We’ll put the flag out and then see what happens. Havn’t made any specific plans yet.

  22. Joyce Hildreth says:

    spending the 4th of July with family..we will celebrate our freedoms and my son in law, yes, my son in law is gong to sew a cell phone case with me. He was given a gift of an old sewing machine, in good working order, and on the 4th….we SEW !!

  23. Rosemary Griffis says:

    Just hang around, maybe spend some time with my kids. It’s much too hot in this clime to do much of anything else — unless you enjoy the water.

  24. Marie Waterman says:

    Spending time with my husband and 3 kids at the city festival.

  25. Cathy Tolbert says:

    We would normally watch our small town fireworks from the back yard of a friend’s home, but this year the fireworks are cancelled, due to the severe drought we are having. Maybe we’ll still do the eating part?

  26. Clare says:

    Going to MN to our renovated barn home and enjoying family and the outdoors in northern MN.

  27. Susan Harris says:

    I will still be recuperating from 2 back-to-back surgeries so we’re planning a fabulous day of cooking out on the grill, knitting & crocheting under the shade tree, and spending the day together with loved ones! In the evening, we’ll be going into town to watch the firework show!

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest!

  28. Deb Davidson says:

    I just moved, so I will probably be unpacking and thinking of cool things to make for my new home… like pillows.

  29. Jamie F says:

    I live in Peachtree City Georgia voted one of the most patriotic cities! We will be having a huge parade and fireworks. Can’t wait!

  30. Amy Lacy says:

    Starting off with a trip to Ben Franklin crafts for the sale! Then back home to do some prep for the horse show the following weekend. Get ready for the family get-together, have fun eating and enjoying with said family, then drive down to see the community fireworks. Have fun! :D Wish for the freebie prize to be mine, I am currently redecorating my home and sewing pillows will be a HUGE part of it! :D Thanks for doing Freebie Friday!

  31. I will be on our tallest buildings rooftop watching fireworks all around Denver.

  32. Nancy says:

    I will be getting together for a poolside cookout at my sister’s home, along with the rest of my huge family! I am the oldest of nine, and we’ll all be there with our spouses/significant others, children, and grandchildren. We’ll enjoy food and drink as well as swimming in the pool and playing games. After dark, we’ll watch some fireworks. Happy Fourth of July!!!

  33. sheila harris says:

    quietly since it’s in the middle of the week. also enjoying my week off before i got back to the summer leadership camp teaching 5th through 8th graders basic sewing skills. has been a fun time so far!

  34. Pat Hisel says:

    Square Dance friends, my husband & I will be dancing in the street for our 4th of July city wide celebration. Currently I am making red, white, & blue square dance clothes to show our true colors.

  35. Roxanne says:

    We are grateful to be getting together for a dinner, no bbq, no fireworks. We have had enough fire in my area and fireworks are banned. We are greatful just that we were not close enough to the fire to lose our home.

  36. Karen Michels says:

    We will be spending it with family of ages from 7-93 with fried chicken, corn on the cob, homemade ice cream and of course chocolate cake!

  37. SONJA HANSEN says:

    I will spend a quiet 4th recooperating from some surgery.

  38. sunny says:

    We don’t have aby definite plans yet. I love just having a picnic. At night, we usually hang out at home because the poor dog is scared of the fireworks.

  39. Angie says:

    Spening the day with my 3 beautiful grandchildren. Swimming and a cookout – but only after a trip to the local fabric store.

  40. Wanda Waters says:

    Just another quiet Holiday. The cook out will be the following Saturday so more people can attend.

  41. Nita says:

    Hoping to just spend time with my family doing nothing special.

  42. tammy says:

    We are going to the beach with my brother and sisters families for a week. In my downtime I am going to try out my new yo-yo maker!!

  43. Mary Beck says:

    Traveling. Maybe we will see fireworks from the plane!

  44. Lorraine Augerbright says:

    We will watch the annual parade. In the evening we will watch the fireworks. Thanks for the chance to enter for free stuff!

  45. Janice Baldwin says:

    I will be grilling with family and watching fireworks on tv. My dogs are afraid of the noise so I stay with them.

  46. Rose Johnson says:

    I’m spending the day with family and planning on sitting under the trees knitting and hand sewing and amybe eat a little BBQ.

  47. Kim Miller says:

    Well be spending it with family at Dewey Beach Delare.

  48. Lynn H says:

    I’ll be working, working, working. Probably with some mandatory overtime thrown in. When you work for emergency services, there’s no such thing as a Holiday!
    I’m not complaining since I LOVE my job…but still feel a little jealous!

  49. Ester van Boesschoten says:

    Preparing for visiters from my homeland Holland. And maybe sewing a maternity skirt.

  50. Gail W says:

    We will be joining retired and current members of our city’s Fire Dept. for a July 4th get together that is held in conjunction with the city’s festivities. The day will end with a spectacular fireworks display.