Free Stuff Friday! Win 2 Simplicity Sewing Patterns!

Happy Friday–we hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Fourth of July! Today we have two fun and simple Learn to Sew patterns from Simplicity to give away to a lucky winner. Both patterns are ideal for beginners, and would also be just right for kids looking to take up a new hobby over the summer. Simplicity 1946 includes both a child- and adult-size robe as well as a comfy pet bed.

1946 202x300 Free Stuff Friday! Win 2 Simplicity Sewing Patterns!

Simplicity 2173 includes two child-size aprons and a matching pot holder.

2173 212x300 Free Stuff Friday! Win 2 Simplicity Sewing Patterns!

What fun! To enter to win the patterns, answer the following question in the comments section below: Tell us about the very first sewing pattern you ever used.

The first pattern I ever used was for a simple tunic-style top. The top turned out great, but I forgot to pre-wash the fabric so it turned out too small after one load of laundry! Share your first pattern experience in the comments section, and we’ll randomly select a winner on Monday. Good luck!

 Free Stuff Friday! Win 2 Simplicity Sewing Patterns!
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80 Responses to Free Stuff Friday! Win 2 Simplicity Sewing Patterns!

  1. Lynn says:

    My first patter to use in sewing was to make a dog pillow. I made so many pillows out of animals that year. I used my grandmother’s sewing machine, which could sew through leather. It is very heavy. I loved making the pillows and giving them away.

  2. Cheryl says:

    the very first pattern was for a circular skirt…….I hated it, was so hard to hem……Wish I knew then what I know now. I am teaching my grand niece how to sew and will give her the hints it took so long for me to learn.

  3. Cindy Ash says:

    My friend and I made matching tops with a Simplicity pattern! I loved that top, but didn’t get to wear it very long since I was 13 and hit a “growing spurt!” We had a great time, though.

  4. Serina Dalton says:

    My first pattern was an apron in school. I was very happy it turned out well, gave it to my mother for a gift.

  5. Jan says:

    My first pattern was an empire waist top in a beautiful shade of orange. I was so proud…until my 2 year old daughter (who was supposed to be taking a nap) cut the ties into very neat pieces!

  6. Glenda D says:

    The first pattern I ever used was for short and a top. I was about 9. Then I had a pattern for my Barbie. I kept sewing from there and have never stopped. This summer I am fulfilling my long awaited dream which is to make my daughters wedding dress. Hmmm now if I can just figure out how to adjust the sleeves so she can move here arms. She seems to think that is important.

  7. Roberta S says:

    I honestly don’t remember what pattern I used first. Do know that I’ve used Simplicity for years and most of my patterns are from them.

  8. nicole w says:

    my very first pattern was a pair of boxer shorts. it was a required pattern to sew in my first ever sewing class at school!

  9. My first pattern was when I was almost 10 years old when I started taking sewing classes. It was an A-line dress. I had so much fun sewing it. Simplicity pattern said easy but when you are learning nothing comes easy but after a couple of lessons it did come much easier and I finished it in no time. Have been sewing for over 52 years and enjoying it.

  10. Mary M says:

    My first project with a pattern was a pair of shorts. I was 8 years old (I think – that was a long time ago). It was really hot out and I was whining that I didn’t have any shorts. My sister said “let’s make some”. She taught me how to sew that day. It was great fun!

  11. Shannon says:

    8th grade Home Ed class. We made a duffel bag and I became obsessed with sewing!

  12. Barbara Matthews says:

    I started sewing by hand at age 8. Could not afford to buy Barbie clothes so made form fitting dresses out of socks. At age 12 my Grandmother (my mom cannot sew a straight line) talked me through a pattern for an A-line sleeveless dress made from an old sheet. No pins, we used canned food to hold the pattern down. She never fussed or made me feel nervous. She would just say, “Let’s think about this for a minute cause ya know there’s more than one way to do things.” The dress turned out fine. Grandma taught me to love sewing and I’ve been sewing ever since.

  13. Pat Hersl says:

    Home Economics-8th grade. We had a Simplicity pattern for a shift dress. It had a scoop neckline, sleeveless, with a self drawstring at the waist. My fabric was a white, maybe linen blend with little nubs. Got high praise from my favorite teacher.

  14. Virginia Darwin says:

    I remember as a teen in the 70′s making my first pair of bell bottom pants from a pattern. Probably Simplicity since it has been around so long!!

  15. Susan says:

    My first pattern was a dirndl skirt when I was 9. The teacher told my mother that I would never be a sewer. Fifty years later I am still teaching HS Clothing & Textiles. hmmm…

  16. Tambra Vandal says:

    It was my first sewing project ever in 8th grade home Ec class, a very long time ago… in 1974. We were to make a tie for our fathers & I can remember how ugly the tie I made for my dad was, & I was way to imbarrassed to give it to him, but my mom made me give it to him anyways. It turned out that he loved that ugly tie, because I made it, & even wore it when the occasion required for him to wear a tie….:) after that I learned to love to sew, thanks to my mother & all her teaching skills!

  17. Sunny says:

    When I was 10 my mother enrolled me in a sewing class. The pattern was a sundress with spaghetti straps, a circular skirt and a jacket. Pink linen and white picot for the jacket were chosen. The entire experience was a disaster!

  18. Gayla Sturm says:

    My first pattern was in a high school future homemakers class. We did basic embroidery on a pocket and then assembled a tote bag to learn how to cut patterns and basic sewing machine skills. It served me well!

  19. Kristin says:

    I used a simplicity pattern to make a-line dresses for my girls. They love them and call them “princess dresses”.

  20. Linda says:

    The first pattern I used was a Simplicity back in 1958 – my 10th birthday. My aunt sent me a pattern for a skirt and blouse and the material to make it. I did and wore the outfit for a couple of years (because I was a slow grower). I even learned how to insert zippers with that pattern.

  21. mima says:

    My first pattern was of a cute short sleeve blouse. I wish I still had it!

  22. Maria Kievit says:

    One of the very first patterns I used was for a nightgown. I had to trace the whole pattern first, as it was in Holland out of one of their magazines. They provided patterns for all the items in their magazines on only a couple of sheets. The nightgown actually turned out quite well, and I wore it for years.

  23. twila kennedy says:

    I was in the 8th grade home Ec wheen I sewed my first simplicity pattern of a sun dress I was so excited that I could figure it out without the help of the teacher. I have purchased many simplicity patterns since then and sew for my children and grandchildren.

  24. Carol K E says:

    I made a pink and white 1 inch gingham sleeveless dress with enough fabric in the skirt that I could use it for a fitting muslin today. The home ec teacher gave me an A for the project. Most recently, I have been sewing with 6 and 7 year old grand daughters who are so very proud of their accomplishments.

  25. Amy says:

    The first pattern I used was for a simple shift – AFTER I learned to sew on the sewing machines at school in the 8th grade. It turned out pretty good. I wore it to school, so it must not have been too embarrassing. Up until that time my mom made almost all of my clothes, then I took over.

  26. Kimberly says:

    I just turned 55, started sewing about a year ago. My first pattern was for a light weight summer robe. It turned out quite well. Since then I have made some pj bottoms, a cute jacket and a top. I am still learning, but am having a great time. Never too late to learn something new.

  27. Loretta T says:

    My first pattern was a sundress with ties on the back.

  28. Lorna Calaway says:

    I learned to sew when I was 10 years old, more than 50 years ago. My mom taught me to sew using a McCalls pattern to make a pair of shorts. I was so proud and wore those shorts nearly every day that summer. Life was so good. I have been sewing ever since.

  29. Marie Waterman says:

    Mine was for pajama pants about 10 years ago. The legs ended up crooked. I’m much better now. So glad I didn’t give up on sewing.

  30. Rose Johnson says:

    I used someof my babysitting money to buy a pattern for clothes for the “Wishniks” at the general store in Kelliher, MN while visiting my Grandmother.

  31. Dell M says:

    I started sewing when I was around 12. I made multiple mini skirts with one back seam and an elastic waist.

  32. lara says:

    My very first piece that would been my jeans.I remmber cutting them into shorts and learn to put patchs on them.I wore those jeans out.

  33. Jeanne says:

    Must have been in 8th grade home economics class when I made a straight shift dress with a REMOVABLE collar and necktie…and I even matched plaids on the collar and necktie. I have pictures of me wearing the dress and holding my cousin’s new baby!

  34. Eileen says:

    The first pattern I remember using, was for a shirtwaist dress. I was taking summer sewing classes at the Singer Store. This is where I learned the art of sewing – using and following a pattern, choosing appropriate fabric and necessary notions, proper sewing and finishing techniques. At the end of the class, we modeled our project. I won 1st place for my age group – 13. Oh…..that was a lot of years ago, and I am still passionate about sewing.

  35. Jean Gordon says:

    The first item of clothing that I made was a sleeveless blouse as part of my 4-H project. I made it out of a lightweight white cotton material and with my expert sewer mother guiding me all the way, it turned out quite well. It had a small collar and the armholes were finished with a cut out facing. I got a lot of wear out of it. That was 60+ years ago and I have made many, many garments for myself and my four sons when they were little boys. Since I have only two granddaughters and the other eight are grandsons, I don’t do much sewing of children’s clothing. But I do know that sewing is an excellent skill to cultivate!!

  36. Angela Cianfaglione says:

    I started sewing when I was a teen and I can remember making my sweet sixteen dress from a pattern. I was a little lost when it can time for the zipper so some help from my mom and I finished it in time for my birthday.

  37. Cheryl says:

    My first pattern was a blouse and a vest (lined). I was under the close guidance of my mom who took me step by step throughout the process. I remember having to correct my mistakes by taking apart the blouse and sewing it again until it was perfect to the eyes of my mom. I thought that it was a waste of time but I learned that it was so necessary. I am grateful for that learning experience…Moms do know best :)

  38. Joan Maddox says:

    I love to see — started by making clothes with my mom — we had the closet full — one partern in particular was a favourite for us both — you could wear it as a jumper, dress under a jacket — then I moved on to stretch & sew and sewing for my children — once made a canopy bed cover including the canopy with no pattern, just a neighbours daughter’s bed as a sample — now I quilt and embroider (now retired) and my husband can’t get me away from the machine!

  39. Rhonda Jones says:

    My first sewing project was from simplicity pattern 35 years ago. I was only 7. My grandma told me if I could sew 10 consecutive straight lines, I could really make something. My first project was a pair of pajamas made from some stretchy ribbed fabric. When it was finally finished, the sleeves and lags were too short, so I added some 4 inch lace at the end of the sleeves and legs. It was the ugliest outcome of any sewing project I have yet seen but u was so proud that I had made it by myself that I even wore it to school. It didn’t even bother me that all if the kids laughed at me be “I made this”. It may have been ugly and awkwardly proportioned but I loved it!!

  40. Teresea says:

    First pattern I used was a lined skirt and vest combo for my daughter. Thankfully with my mother’s help and a little tucking and creative detailing it all worked out. Before them I would just use something I had to make a pattern.

  41. Wanda White says:

    My first ever pattern I made was the summer before seventh grade. My mom let me make one of my dresses, it was a simplicity a line with a yoke and short sleeves. The fabric was a satiny soft fabric. I know it was a simplicity because that is all my mom ever bought.

  42. Kayla Ott says:

    My first pattern was a pair of pj pants for my son. Don’t remember who the pattern was by, but they turned out well! Been sewing ever since!

  43. LisaVH says:

    The first pattern I ever used was for 8th grade graduation. My mother and I worked together to make my outfit. Most likely, it was probably a Simplicity because that’s almost all she ever used. We made a palazzo pant jump suit thing (dating myself a little here) in soft brown. I was sooo proud to wear something I helped make. We had to use the floor to lay out the pattern because we didn’t have a table big enough. The most memorable part….how much my cat (loved that cat!) enjoyed laying on the onion skin paper and how funny it was trying to keep him off of it so we could cut/pin. I am getting a little misty thinking about it.

  44. Lynne Vann says:

    That was almost 50 years ago by the way!!!

  45. Lynne Vann says:

    My first pattern was an a-line dress pattern by Simplicity. I was 13 yrs old, it was a tourquise plaid! I knew nothing of matching plaids so it was no where near matched!!! But that was the beginning of my live for sewing!! A friend just facebooked a cartoon to me of a woman with a patch on her arm. A man asked what the patch was for. Her response was “I’m trying to quit sewing!”. I would have to loose both hands and quit breathing to stop sewing!!!!!

  46. Cathy McFarland says:

    I made a wrap around skirt for my 2nd year 4H project. The judges said it was too complicated for me to have made. My mom stood up for me and assured them I had made it all by myself!

  47. Mary White says:

    My first experience with a pattern was 30 years ago, in 8th grade Home Ec class. I made a lined gray vest with a 3 tiered long skirt. It actually turned out quite well and I wore that outfit often.
    I dont know why I am so intimidated to try a pattern again. All those years ago, I had the teacher to turn to with question….today, I have the internet. I need a simple pattern to start with and just jump right in….maybe I’ll add that to my “weekend all alone cuz the guys are all going fishing” list!

  48. Nikco says:

    My first pattern I used was a summer top. I cut the pattern to small and used the wrong fabric. I squeezed into it but had a hard time getting out of it and had to use my seam ripper to get out of it.

  49. the very first project I ever worked on was a loose dress to wear while pregnant. I had never used a sewing machine before, or seen a pattern! I just thought, “If other girls can do it, then so can I!” And I did!

  50. Kat Safris says:

    I took a Stretch and Sew class many years ago and made a knit top. It turned out well and I have sewed ever since. My mom (who is an excellent seamstress) was very happy with me!