Free Stuff Friday: Win DIY Couture

DIY Couture Free Stuff Friday: Win DIY Couture

For today’s Free Stuff Friday giveaway, we have the very cool book DIY Couture by designer Rosie Martin for Laurence King Publishing. The book includes step-by-step instructions for beginner or experienced sewists to create a custom wardrobe–no patterns needed! To enter to win this book, answer the following question: Where do you find garment-sewing inspiration? Post your answer in the “Comments” section below, and we’ll randomly select a winner on Monday. Good luck!

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88 Responses to Free Stuff Friday: Win DIY Couture

  1. Kelli says:

    My inspiration comes from looking in magazines, tv shows, and looking at what people are wearing when I am out.

  2. Susan Slovinsky says:

    Champagne taste on a beer budget inspires me to create what I otherwise can’t afford. It’s also nice when someone admires something I’m wearing that I’ve created.

  3. Ellabeth Green says:

    Looking through fabrics at fabric stores and through pattern books for clothes for my grandchildren.

  4. Joyce Person says:

    When I want a garment to fit.

  5. Cheryl says:

    I get inspiration from fashion magazines.

  6. S Thompson says:

    Sewing magazines,catalogs,recycling clothes magazines,pinterest,etc.

  7. Kelly Sas says:

    I get lots of inspiration from on the internet – see, here I am! I just love You Tube and other sites for hints and suggestions on how to repurpose and save money!

  8. Debby says:

    I get lots of inspiration from blogs, there is such a wealth of information to be found.

  9. Abbie Samuels says:

    I get my inspiration from the movies

  10. Tammy says:

    The ladies in my sewing group that I belong to are always making things that inspire me. Thanks for a chance at this great give away!

  11. lucy says:

    Hi SewNews: The inspiration to my everyday sewing is the eldest of my three grandchildren, a thirteen year old beautiful girl who rekindled my love for designing and creating outfits. Life as a teenager (from what I remember) wasn’t always easy, and when one adds weight to the equation, all the stores in the world seem to have everything that fits wrong or not at all for her age. I am able to cater to her shape while still keeping her fashionable and up to date. She motivates me to learn and create new styles and designs as well as practice some old techniques.

  12. Raquel tirado says:

    My inspiration come from Burda Moden, old movies and my imagination.

  13. Kim Dimond says:

    All the sewing blogs are pure inspiration to me..

  14. Roberta S. says:

    I get mine from magazines and the pattern books.

  15. grace says:

    my inspiration often comes from the internet or magazines

  16. sunny says:

    I browse a LOT of sewing blogs.

  17. Mary Mac says:

    I look thru magazines and books mostly, then the ever so many blogs.

  18. Bea says:

    I’ve just begun sewing and following fashion, just now! So everything gives me inspiration: web, shops and people when I go for a walk.

  19. Carol D. says:

    I get inspiration from window shopping.

  20. Michelle says:

    I get my inspiration from everything that I see around me… from the clothes that I see people wearing when I go shopping, from the shops, from the tv to the fabrics that I find in the shop… everything makes me want to create something new and exciting :)

  21. Penny says:

    Most of my inspiration is found on blogs and Pinterest.

  22. Bettie F says:

    I get inspiration from magazines, TV, movies and stores. I also do a lot of “people watching” for looks that get my attention.

  23. Donna Gentile says:

    I get my inspiration from 5 granddaughters and 3 grandsons age 1 – 11 years! I’m always dreaming up things that I think would look sweet on them or that they would like to sew with me!

  24. Mary M says:

    Everywhere! Movies, TV shows, shopping, online . . . I look at clothes I see and think – oh, I could make that.

  25. Diana says:

    Magazines like Vogue, sewing magazines, shopping and movies.

  26. Malika Walker says:

    I’m with Mary M… everywhere I really look for things that a comfortable and forgiving of my size…

  27. Beth says:

    I get inspiration from sewing blogs and looking through pattern books. The sewing blogs and pattern review site what they REALLY look like on a real person. I just finished making a sheath dress simply because “A Sewing Fanatic” makes them and they look glorious on her!

  28. kathleen says:

    I get inspiration from so many places. Sometimes TV, magazines, internet, fabric store ads or even from someone who is wearing something that catches my eye. I might like the fabric or style. Of course, my daughters and granddaughter are always finding something for me to make for them!

  29. Sherri S. says:

    Blogs, for sure…fashion mags, too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Nancy says:

    My sewing inspiration comes from sewing magazines, my sewing club and magazines. Seeing a beautiful garment anywhere gives me the inspiration to recreate it .

  31. Nancy says:

    My sewing inspiration comes from sewing magazines, my sewing club and magazines.

  32. Nancy says:

    My inspiration comes from magazines, my sewing club and clothing stores. I like to make one of a kind garments that I can alter to fit my shape.

  33. Evelyn says:

    My inspiration comes from many places, like magazines, internet, tv, store ads, but mainly from my own imagination.

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  35. brenda van says:

    from old patterns and new fabrics to give a mix of styles

  36. rina leduc says:

    i get alot of sewing inspiration from the time when my children were born, i made them clothes and now they are in their twenties

  37. jeanette says:

    J usually get my inspiration from other individuals and seeing what they have made

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