Free Stuff Friday: DIY Couture Winner

DIY Couture1 Free Stuff Friday: DIY Couture Winner

Happy Monday and thanks for entering our Free Stuff Friday contest! We asked where you find garment sewing inspiration, and you had great answers! It turns out a lot of you find inspiration on Pinterest, which is a great resource. Be sure to follow Sew News on Pinterest if you aren’t already!

We randomly drew from among the commenters, and the lucky winner is Betty W., who said: “I love following fashion shows online and seeing trends pop up on style blogs, but I love knowing that anything I sew for myself will be completely unique and made for me.” Congrats, Betty! We hope you find lots of inspiration in DIY Couture.

Stay tuned for this week’s Free Stuff Friday giveaway!

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2 Responses to Free Stuff Friday: DIY Couture Winner

  1. Deborah Ervin says:

    CONGRATTS Betty!!!

  2. Selenia Nouger says:

    I get inspired by everything around me, It could be nature, colors, people.

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