County Fair Fun (and some friendly competition!)

Fair 231x300 County Fair Fun (and some friendly competition!)

The 2nd Annual Denver County Fair is happening this weekend, and I can’t wait to participate! The fair features 14 themed pavilions, including traditional themes, such as a 4-H Pavilion and Animal Pavilion, along with a few unconventional themes, such as the Geek Pavilion and Green Pavilion. I, of course, can’t wait to check out the Craft and Fashion Pavilions, especially because I’ve entered some of my own sewing handiwork in the competitions! Even if I don’t manage to snag one of the coveted blue ribbons, I still love checking out what other Denver sewists and crafters are going to put on display. I’m also volunteering on Saturday at the fair and will be sharing pictures with you on Facebook and Twitter.

Does your county have a fair? Have you ever entered one of your sewing masterpieces or quilts? Tell us about it!

 County Fair Fun (and some friendly competition!)
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2 Responses to County Fair Fun (and some friendly competition!)

  1. Beth says:

    Oh yes, we love county fair. My daughter entered her 4-H projects, a dress and a quilt and won best overall for both. And now they will be entered into the state fair in a few weeks. I once entered some homemade bread and won a best overall and best division. I’m thinking about entering some clothing for state fair, but not sure if I will. Many sewers will credit their start because of 4-H. Just passing it on to another generation (my hope, anyway).

  2. Savannagal says:

    Our county fair is this weekend too. McHenry County Fair. Lots of fun. I’ve never entered any contests. I’m just an observer.