Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 2

Thank you everyone for participating in our kickoff giveaway! To celebrate Season 4 of Sew it All TV airing on PBS September 1st, we’re giving away a prize a day for the next 12 days!

Every day you comment on the post and enter into that day’s giveaway, you’re also automatically entered to win the GRAND PRIZE, Season 3 on DVD!

Yesterday we asked, “What projects/techniques would you like to see onSew it All TV?” Thank you for all your great ideas! I think they’d all make great episodes and we’ll do our best to provide the content you’re looking for!

Our kickoff giveaway winners will receive a copy of Sewing in a Straight Line: quick & crafty projects you can make by simply sewing straight by Brett Bara! (In episode 301, A Shirr Thing, Brett showed us how to create a cute shirred maxi dress.)

Congratulations Paula H, Mary Stott, Brenda Melahn and Nancy! Please email with your mailing address to receive your prize!

Day 2′s Giveaway prize is….a copy of The Feisty Stitcher by Susan Wasinger. In season 1, Susan demonstrated how to create a lunch bag from recycled plastic bags in, “In the Bag.”

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In The Feisty Stitcher, find instructions for super fun projects, such as a coin purse, day planner, gift tags and other garment, home-dec and gift projects.

For another great around-the-house, back to school project, get free instructions to create a fun fabric sketchbook cover with tons of pockets to hold pens and notes from season 3 guest Josephine Kimberling‘s episode, “Material World.” In her episode, Josephine delves into the world of fabric design from an artist’s perspective, and then demonstrates how to construct the cute sketchbook cover.

To win The Feisty Stitcher, answer the following question in the comments section below, “Have you ever created your own fabric print?”

For a project in college, I created a repeating print in varying shades of grey and printed it on white fabric using the department’s gigantic fabric printer. But I’m always envious of the fabric painters, who can just whip out their paintbrushes and create a work of art on fabric (like season 4 guest, Dena Fishbein). How about you?

The winner will be announced tomorrow, along with the Day 3 prize! Good luck!

 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 2
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72 Responses to Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 2

  1. SewLindaAnn says:

    I’ve got this book too! Another fun one. I have purchased a bunch of inks, pens and stuff to try and create my own fabric. I read the blogs of so many wonderful artists where the designs just flow onto paper so easily. Maybe one day I’ll wake up with that talent, but for now it takes a lot of thinking.

  2. ellen says:

    Yes! In 8th grade, I did block printing on muslin. I made a pareo and wore it forever.

  3. LauraM says:

    Did spray tie-dye on a repurposed t-shirt once. Created some ornaments by running fabric through my inkjet printer.

  4. Phyllis McCord says:

    I did the tie-dye fabric in my youth and now I am experimenting with outlined graphics on white fabric and fabric paints to colour them in. That’s the limit of my artistic abilities and it feels good!

  5. Cheryl says:

    I have tried fabric painting with applique. It worked out ok but I would like to learn more.

  6. Susan V says:

    No but my husband has been thinking about it.

  7. Roberta Benson says:

    No, but there I times I needed to have a fabric that doesn’t exist.

  8. S Thompson says:

    No, but I have seen some beautiful ideas to try!

  9. Iona says:

    Something I’d like to try, Im always up for a new challange.

  10. Virginia Darwin says:

    No, I’ve never created my own fabric. I don’t have that talent!!

  11. kathleen says:

    I did some fabric designs in high school-Batik on silk fabric and Block printing in college art class.

  12. Paula H says:

    Most of my design fabric is for my hand work. I can’t always find the exact color or shading and will try some dyes to see it can get what I want. I would love to learn the correct process and then maybe my projects will then look better than good!

  13. Kathy says:

    I have painted on a couple of onsies and sweat shirts for the kids, but I haven’t actually created my own fabric. It does sound fun and I am always ready to try anything crafty.

  14. Cheryl says:

    Just last week I did some sun prints with ferns and such and my textile paints. Such fun!

  15. Pamela S Zeman says:

    I was just thinking the other day that I would like to make my own fabric with a drawing I have from one of my grandchildren. Unfortuneately I don’t know how. I am an avid seamstress and sewer. So would like to learn.

    Thank You

  16. Wanda White says:

    I created beautiful fabric from muslin by “pounding flowers” onto the fabric and then using fabric pens to enhance the designs. I use the “new created” fabric for skirts, purses, wall hangings, pillows.

  17. BJMarley says:

    No, not really. However, I did paint a design on a finished dress one time.

  18. Barb Jackson says:

    My daughter is an artist and has handpainted several designs on clothing. I wouldn’t have the first idea how to make your own fabric!

  19. Linda Jennings says:

    I did some tie dying when younger, and used fabric paint on T-shirts. Nothing more.

  20. sunny says:

    Yes, I’ve used a stencil and discharge paste, various tye-dye techniques, and piecing. I have also used cyanotype methods.

  21. Roberta Schultz says:

    I haven’t except for the potato and tempra paint on brown paper!

  22. valeriec says:

    No–but I thought it would be fun to try