Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 5!

Good morning/afternoon/evening, readers! Thank you for sharing your patchwork projects with us! I loved reading about the fun things you’ve all done with patchwork, including quilts, scarves, purses, etc. As some of you mentioned, the possibilities are endless!

And thank you for helping us celebrate season 4 of Sew it All TV airing on PBS (beginning September 1) by participating in our giveaways. If your local PBS station doesn’t carry Sew it All, or is only replaying old seasons, give them a call or send a letter! They want to carry the shows their viewers are demanding!

Congratulations to our Day 4 winners, Audrey and Becky Donaldson, who won a copy of Stripped Down Patchwork by Erin Gilday!

Stripped Down Patchwork by Erin Gilday01 229x300 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 5!

You may remember Erin from episode 304, Patchwork Primer, when she created a warm and cozy winter scarf with tips and tricks for perfect patchwork.

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For Day 5, we’re giving away a pair of hoop scissors, perfect for trimming fabric in the hoop and a package of binding and hem clips to hold binding and hems firmly in place while stitching. And if that’s not enough, we’ll throw in a copy of the latest Creative Machine Embroidery, to give you a peek into the machine embroidery world. The magazine features tons of great projects-if you don’t have an embroidery machine, skip those steps or use decorative sewing machine stitches, and you can still create the projects!

Use this great prize package to create Rebecca Kemp Brent‘s adorable baby blanket from episode 305, “Machine Mania.”

All you have to do to enter is answer the following question in the comments section below, “Do you crossover between sewing, machine embroidery and/or quilting?”

Do you have an embroidery machine? Are you a multi-crafter? Tell us about your creative ventures!

One winner will be announced tomorrow, along with the Day 6 prize! We’re nearly halfway through already! Remember–when you enter each day, you’re also entered to win the GRAND PRIZE, a Sew it All TV season 3 DVD!!

Good luck! icon smile Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 5!

 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 5!
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100 Responses to Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 5!

  1. Debbie says:

    I use my embroidery machine and sewing and I love projects that crossover between the two. It is wonderful to be able to combine the skills that you love to do!

  2. Carol says:

    I recently purchased the Quattro 2 which makes it very easy to crossover. I bought these crazy multi colored shoes with circles and flowers. could not find a matching purse nor matching fabric. I embroidered fabric to match my shoes, quilted it and then used it to sew a cute purse. I also could not find a window curtain to match my shower curtain. I purchased a solid piece of fabric, embroidered it with the same designs as my shower curtain and made a window curtain.

  3. Denise Garceau says:

    Yes, I crossover! I have four machines and play with all sorts of creative ideas; quilting, doll clothing, children’s clothing, embroidery, card making, etc. etc. The machines that help me achieve creativity — Serger, embroidery/sewing machine, and two other sewing machines. (One of the sewing machines is small for easy travel.) I am able to machine embroider while sewing or serging – so when I am in an overachiever mood I can accomplish quite a bit in one day. Makes me happy. :-)

  4. cindy cockburn says:

    I do mostly machine embroidery but I have started making a few rag quilts. They seem to be pretty forgiving and lots of fun.

  5. Linda Poulin says:

    I recently learned a new technique called “Stupendous Stitching” by Carol Ann Waugh. It is a combination of couching, machine decorative stitching and hand embroidery. I’ve created several decorative wall art with this technique. I’ve made a “Stitch Bible” which I use as a reference. I carry a Janome “Horizon” which has over 250 stitches, a 1932 Singer , a serger Bernette Fun Lock 0070 DeLuxe , a Brother sewing machine and a White Embroidery Machine 4400. So “crossover” I do. I love to make costumes, vintage dresses, quilts, cushions, pencil cases, and lots of other crafty items. One of my most fullfilling moments was when a young girl with a mental disability won one of my quilts.

  6. Cynthia Prewitt says:

    I have two machines so that I can sew while my embroidery machine is also doing its thing.

  7. Ginger says:

    I do crossover. I started as a garment sewer, moved on to quilting and then embroidery. My EM is basic and my skills are minimal, I need to learn more.

  8. ALSAN Ferderber says:

    Yes, I do cross over. Sometimes incorporating all three types of sewing in one project!

  9. No, I don’t :( As soon as I move back home, my mom’s best friend is going to teach me to quilt!

  10. Kelly Preciado says:

    I cross over between sewing and machine embroidery all the time. I love making gifts for family and friends that are personalized with the embroidery work.

  11. Angie Larsen says:

    Definitely a multi-tasker…er, multi-crafter?

  12. Lori says:

    I started with a cricut and paper crafting, and crochet. I then got a Brother combo machine and fell in love with machine embroidery. I am recently going back to sewing and I hope to soon start quilting. I love ALL crafting. My mother and sister were both very good artists and I thought I had missed out on the creative gene. Boy, was I wrong. I am happy to have these tools to express my inner crafter!

  13. Nina Cason says:

    I love all crafts …Love my embroidery machine and serger…

  14. Kellieann says:

    I machine embroider and quilt. i do not sew clothes but wish i had when I was younger. so much to do, so little time!!!!

  15. Judi Durling says:

    I LOVE to sew!!! I just entered in the world of embroidery about 2 years ago when I bought a used machine that had an embroidery unit. I was hooked and now own a Pfaff Creative Sensation that is constantly humming on a projects for my family. I just finished embroidering 12 canvas bags with our family crest for my cousins as gifts at a family reunion. They loved them. I also have a regular sewing machine and a serger and often am working on two machines. I don’t do large quilts but often do banners and table runner size items.

  16. Lynda Griffin says:

    I am a definite crossover. Started sewing as a child, along with quilting, knitting and crocheting. In the early ’90s I started with a Pfaff 1475 and gradually lost interest in other crafts. I now own a Duetta 4500D, PR600, Enterprise and an Evolve. This is a very addictive hobby!

  17. Pat Hersl says:

    Didn’t realize I was crossing over. Guess I do. I quilt for me and the world but have gotten back into garments for the little granddaughter. No fitting issues so I’m taking the easy way.

  18. Tonya R. says:

    I do crossover from sewing/embroidery and quilting. I love incorporating embroidery into my quilts especially when I want a more personal touch. It definitely gives me added design ideas. I own several sewing machines, an embroidery machine with another on the way Sept.1 and I also have “Millicent” my longarm. What a wonderful prize package. Those binder clips would certainly come in handy for me for I am always stabbing myself with the pins and that really hurts! I definitely could use those little scissors too especially for the embroidery.

  19. Jeanne says:

    I sometimes have a sewing project going with my trusty mechanical Bernina 830 while embroidering with my 200e Bernina. Projects are sometimes quilting and sometimes clothing and yes, I have a Bernina serger that is used when needed for clothing projects! My machines sit in an island arrangement in the middle of my studio so that I can move from one to another as needed.

  20. Angela Cianfaglione says:

    I don’t have a machine that does embroidery. I do crossover between my sewing machine and my serger.

  21. Kristi says:

    Id like one!!!

  22. Virginia Darwin says:

    I do not have the capability to embroidery, but I did just purchase a used serger and I am so excited about that.

  23. Tina S says:

    I do a little of everything. Sewing, embroidering and just starting to quilt. I will do a little of each of these at a time and then start over again. Those binding clips look like they would make sewing and stitching binding so much easier. If i don’t win them i will be trying to locate some. Thanks for the ideas and all of the great projects.

  24. Janet L. says:

    oh my yes! Recently I have begun using the quilt in the hoop method to make quilts. Never quilted before but the embroidery designs and method used have won me over.

  25. Peggy G. D'Agostino says:

    Wow – I hvae only had my embroidery machine 3 years and I cannot sew without it. Having spent years (25+) doing French Handsewing now I am using a machine and embroidery machine. They have really has amped up the fun. Can’t wait to get up and get to the machine everyday now. I have a goal of finding a project that uses ALL the neat widgets/feet and embrodery techniq

  26. Jane Braverman says:

    I am multi-craftual, I sew, I machine and hand embroider, I also knit and crochet and I needlepoint.

  27. Ali M says:

    My machine doesn’t embroider, and I doubt I will ever get one that does, though I do a lot of hand embroidery. I sew and quilt, and embroider quilts and purses and crafts though!

  28. Maria Kievit says:

    Yes, I do all three. However I do have to admit that quilting is definitely last in the line up at this time, as I am trying to make money with my sewing and embroidery taking priority on that! Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. I purchased a sewing/embroidery machine a few months ago and am rebuilding sewing skills I used decades ago. My inspiration comes from five grandchildren and one more on the way. Monograms are very popular and I am doing a lot of that.

  30. Carol says:

    “Do you crossover between sewing, machine embroidery and/or quilting?” My answer is a definite YES!!! My lifetime passion has always been sewing, but a long time after I started sewing I also earned machine embroidery which I thoroughly love and in the last 10 years, quilting has become another passion…so much to do and so little time to do it all!!!!

  31. valeriec says:

    I sew, & quilt and just got an embroidery machine so I am starting to do that too

  32. Brigitte Cowan says:

    I always cross over between Machine Embroidery and Sewing Machine. I keep my embroidery machine running while I’m quilting on my sewing machine. I love making quilts that incorporate machine embroidered patterns. I also quilt with my embroidery machine. Lots of fun.

  33. zapper45701 says:

    Of course I cross over, and sometimes not intentionally!!!

  34. Shirley Christensen says:

    Since getting my Viking D1 I have gotten much more creative. Now my sewing projects usually involve embroidery. I will find a neat embroidery design and then design something to sew it on. My design collection is fast so I’m always looking for ways to use it (made each grandchild an embroidered gym bag with school logo for school this year. They all looked forward to school starting lol.)

  35. Paula says:

    I like to work on the machine for sewing and embroidery. My first love actually is to do hand work. For special projects I will do by hand but otherwise it is on the machine. My first quilt was hand embroidered and then machine pieced and quilted. I was about 12 years old with that adventure. I do like adding embellishments to quilts as well as clothing.

  36. Dell M says:

    I have a machine embroidery machine and switch back and forth between sewing and machine embroidering.

  37. Carolyn Avery says:

    I do the following: Embroidery hand and my husband gave me a Embroidery/Sewing Machine for Christmas. I am learning to use the machine and enjoying it very much. I also crochet, quilt, paint. I love looking at new ideas for crafts, in magazines and craft shows or flea markets.

  38. Susan Novak says:

    Love Sew News and CME.

  39. Dianne Laurie says:

    Yes I have an embroidery machine and I do crossover alot. Right now I am making ereader covers. It started with one for my nook, that was hand quilted, which I posted a picture on my facebook page and eveyone saw it so now I am making more. I made one for my dad and embroidered a deer on it with my machine. It was camoflage. Now he wants another one with a fox embroidered on it. My dad is 81 and the ereader was the best gift that I bought him. I guess i’ll be busy for awhile. I also quilt, crochet, cross stitch, knit and do plastic canvas (mostly coaster plastic canvas cause my yellow lab keeps chewing them up)

  40. Peggy Quesenberry says:

    I love to hand embroider. My mom taught me how to sew by hand, on a machine, and with a needle and embroidery thread. It helps keep my fingers moving well too. Now if I can just make time to put together all of the embroidered pieces I have… tractors, green tractors, blue tractors, manikins with dresses from different time periods, various animals ranging from zoo to the farm! I do not really do much machine embroidery because I do enjoy the spontaneity of working and changing things by hand. So much fun and so little time. Love this page and the magazine!

  41. Kathy Newman says:

    Yes I do crossover, love everything about sewing!!!! I consider myself a multicrafter:)

  42. Celia Kirkland says:

    I love to sew and use my embroidery machine.

  43. Debra Lee says:

    I’m a sewer and a quilter but I do crochet also!

  44. Susan says:

    Just started embroidery and love it!

  45. ellen kudron says:

    i do not have an emboidery machine, but would love one!

  46. Sharon Palm says:

    I cross over garment/home dec/accessory sewing all of the time with my embroidery! Embroidered kids clothes, embroidered skirts, embroidered pillows, embroidered purses…….and the list goes on!

  47. Diane Jettinghoff says:

    I do it all. Sewing of clothes and interior decorations, embroider with machine and by hand, and quilting. I do what I call “fabric landscapes” using every type of sewing & quilting possible to make different landscapes and people. I’m also a photographer and love taking photos of sewing items.

  48. Laura D Field says:

    I mostly sew, but I also enjoy working with my embroidery machine. And currently I am spending time creating a few quilts, one for our bedroom and one for a family member.

    I have A Janome Sewing machine, coverstitch as well as an embroidery machine

  49. Barbara Lyons says:

    Yes, I embroider and sew. Just the other day I made in-the-hoop bag tags for my daughter’s dance team. While I’m waiting for a design to stitch out, I often move over to my sewing machine, and pick up work on a quilt or something. I also just bought a serger, am spending time trying to figure *that* out. thanks for your great magazine!

  50. Beulah says:

    Sadly I do not have a machine that has the ability to embroidery.
    I do cross over….I love to add bits of embroidery to my quilts or to embellish clothing. And yes I am a multicrafter….comes with the territory of living in a house with 4 artists! :D