Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 5!

Good morning/afternoon/evening, readers! Thank you for sharing your patchwork projects with us! I loved reading about the fun things you’ve all done with patchwork, including quilts, scarves, purses, etc. As some of you mentioned, the possibilities are endless!

And thank you for helping us celebrate season 4 of Sew it All TV airing on PBS (beginning September 1) by participating in our giveaways. If your local PBS station doesn’t carry Sew it All, or is only replaying old seasons, give them a call or send a letter! They want to carry the shows their viewers are demanding!

Congratulations to our Day 4 winners, Audrey and Becky Donaldson, who won a copy of Stripped Down Patchwork by Erin Gilday!

Stripped Down Patchwork by Erin Gilday01 229x300 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 5!

You may remember Erin from episode 304, Patchwork Primer, when she created a warm and cozy winter scarf with tips and tricks for perfect patchwork.

 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 5!DSC03419  98683 zoom 225x300 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 5!







For Day 5, we’re giving away a pair of hoop scissors, perfect for trimming fabric in the hoop and a package of binding and hem clips to hold binding and hems firmly in place while stitching. And if that’s not enough, we’ll throw in a copy of the latest Creative Machine Embroidery, to give you a peek into the machine embroidery world. The magazine features tons of great projects-if you don’t have an embroidery machine, skip those steps or use decorative sewing machine stitches, and you can still create the projects!

Use this great prize package to create Rebecca Kemp Brent‘s adorable baby blanket from episode 305, “Machine Mania.”

All you have to do to enter is answer the following question in the comments section below, “Do you crossover between sewing, machine embroidery and/or quilting?”

Do you have an embroidery machine? Are you a multi-crafter? Tell us about your creative ventures!

One winner will be announced tomorrow, along with the Day 6 prize! We’re nearly halfway through already! Remember–when you enter each day, you’re also entered to win the GRAND PRIZE, a Sew it All TV season 3 DVD!!

Good luck! icon smile Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 5!

 Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 5!
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100 Responses to Sew it All TV 13 Days of Giveaways Day 5!

  1. Joyce Jensen says:

    Hello! I do machine embroidery and quilting with my Bernina, but sometimes I do hand embroidery, hand quilting, crocheting and some beading. I love the primitive look too! I love it all!

  2. DKohl says:

    I do all sewing embroidery, and quilting! I have lots of great ideas but don’t get them all done timely. Right now working on a disney princess outfit for my grandaughter for Halloween. Last year she was little BoPeep. I’ve done many small embroidery jobs…my next plan is to do a quilt with embroidery designs in it!

  3. BJMarley says:

    I combine sewing and machine embroidery, but haven’t added quilting . . . yet.

  4. Anne V says:

    Yes, I often do all three on a project! The latest was a purse-I quilted the fabric, used machine embroidery to embellish the front and back, and then used sewing to construct the purse itself. I am not sure I am capable of doing a project using only one technique-LOL!

  5. Samantha Meadows says:

    I love all three. With the first grandbaby on the way I love it MORE!

  6. Yes, I do! I love them all, but right now I find myself doing more sewing/machine embroidery for my grands. Hoping to start on some I Spy quilts for them soon.

  7. Robin Lanteigne says:

    I love to combine hand embroidery and quilting! Crabapple Hill Designs has some wonderful patterns that combine the two! I LOVE to embellish hand applique with embroidery and beadwork as well!

  8. Barbara Svagr says:

    I usually use one machine to do my alterations and sewing on while one or two ther machines are embroidering something. I love the FSL stuff.

  9. Chrissy Shevlin says:

    I do a lot of machine embroidery but also sewing and quilting. I have made many gifts for my grandchildren and for friends. I love to be able to send personalised machine embroidered cards for birthdays etc.. My grandchildren love to see there own name in stitch.

  10. Pauline Granstrom says:

    I have 2 embroidery/sewing machines, serger and just had my old manual Pfaff repaired and cleaned. Talk about multiplying tasks. Will start this afternoon.

  11. Derenda Laws says:

    I sew mainly garments for family and friends. I do a lot of hand embroidery as well as machine embroidery for embellishment, especially on the granddaughter’s projects.

  12. Linda Ladd says:

    When I am embroidering on my machine I am normaly cutting out patterns. I am just getting into quilting but sewing has been my passion.
    If the sewing machine is going, then the serger is ready to go. So, most of the time all three machines are on!!!

  13. Kim Carter says:

    I do sewing and embroidery more but have made a few quilts. I enjoy making gifts that I can give away, just to see the pleasure on the recipients face.

  14. Lori says:

    All three and more…often at the same time! 3-6 needle Babylock embroidery machines, Babylock Ellegante with embroidery module, 3 other sewing machines, 2 sergers and an Embellisher. Embroidery for profit, custom sewing, sewing for my family, painting, crafting and after attending a quilting retreat, I have that fever too!

  15. Trudy L says:

    I have done all of the above, but I no longer own a machine with embroidery built it or an attachment. My favorite things to hand embroider are vintage style motifs on quilt blocks, but now I’m branching out to using little motifs on smaller items. I have four little granddaughters and am anxious to try my hand at more stuff for them, I already did hand embroidery on Easter dresses that my middle daughter made for all of them.

  16. Of course who doesn’t!! I have a 10 needle embroidery machine, a serger, an industrial sewing machine, and an Innov’is 1500….it is great when they are all working properly, not a lot of fun if one decides to malfunction and you are absolutely certain that is the one you have to use today!!

  17. Bonnie Cromwell says:

    I do all three mentioned. I am retired and am in my sewing room most day that I am home. I have three day that I sew with friends. I just love the embroidery. I have a stand alone embroidery machine and by sewing machine also does embroidery. Just love it all.

  18. Lenore M says:

    I sew and craft. I love playing musical chairs between my sewing machine, embroidery machine and serger. I am a true gadget girl and I simply love learning new techniques, tips and tools that help me to take each project to the next level of creativity. You will find me at anytime making embroidered pillows as gifts for new college students, layettes and blankets for new borns, upcycling a clothing item I can’t bear to part with or just making a new garment for myself! Of course using my embroidery machine to make everthing unique!

  19. K. Hoffman says:

    I have just brought my embroidery machine back out after many years and very excited to incorporate both sewing and embroidery in my new projects!

  20. Dorothy Davidson says:

    I do all three, but have so far only used my Viking machine to make monograms on towels for Christmas gifts and to embroider “burp” on burp pads for my niece’s baby shower. I’m debating whether to embroider the baby’s name on the quilt on working on for her arrival. If I’m going to embroider, I enjoy doing it by hand, plus I worry that hand embroidery might become a dying art. But quilting is my absolute favorite hobby. There is something so zen about piecing and putting together a quilt.

  21. tammy says:

    I cross over and do a variety. love to embroider, sew and craft.

  22. Donna Mak says:

    I cross over between machine embroidery, quilting, hand embroidery, and even some knitting all the time. What’s life without a little variety?

  23. Joyce Hykes says:

    I have one sewing machine i use daily, 3 embroidery machine again daily, and a quilt frame and machine. and serger. I use allmost all my machines daily to close to it. If i quilt something on the sewing machine i usually embroider something on it.

  24. Lauren A says:

    i just sew. i only have a sewing machine that does some fancy stitches. quilting isnt my thing. and if I do embroider it is just by hand. :)

  25. Charlotte says:

    Yes, I will stick with one for awhile and then the others. Love it.

  26. Lady Runa says:

    I do all three – sometimes at the same time (made a quilted jacket covered with embroidery). I own 3 embroidery machines, an antique singer and a serger. I enjoy creating beautiful things.

  27. glenda choat says:

    I do cross over between embroidery and sewing, almost every day. There are some things I enjoy to do that help me unwind, and some things I do that help me bring in an income. The ability to embroider items really helps with making more money. Since jobs are so tight and I still have younger children it’s been a blessing to have such skills.

  28. Janice n says:

    I craft, I knit I sew and I embroider… I do the hoop embroider but also my machine does it.. My machine is great at making me mad though… Having trouble with the Bobbin… Again and again!

  29. I so love to sew it’s such a fullfilling creative outlet. I jest started a blog about my sewingit’s

  30. Joesa Roundtree says:

    I cross over between my sewing and embroidery machine. If I had a quilting machine I would crossover all three! I’m always jumping around and never really finishing a project straight through. LOL

  31. Sue Carr says:

    Yes! I do crossover. It is so easy to do. So many project require you to be a multi tasker with different abilities. Knowing how to do more than one craft opens you up to so many possibilities. I love to do the mixed projects. It makes them have more dimensions and appeal to more people, as well as making the project more personalized. I do machine embroidery,as well as hand embroidery, sewing new items as well as recycling items purchased from local thrift shops, crocheting, beading, and now learning to quilt. These make many projects so much more beautiful! I would love to be one of your winners!!
    Thanks for giving us a chance to enter to win, Susie

  32. May says:

    I use my machine for sewing and quilting, but I do my embroidery by hand.

  33. Carol robinson says:

    I just bought a Bernina 830-primarily for it’s large area for quilting. I have a jumbo hoop for the machine and plan on using it to machine quilt my quilts. So, yes, I do crossover embroidery, quilting, and plain old sewing!!! Love it!

  34. Susan WEber says:

    I usually have embroidery, sewing, and quilting all going at the same time. My 17 year old grandson has asked me to sew him some more lounging pants so that is my next project plus some small stocking, embroidered, to use as utensil holders for our Christmas dinner. I am all revved up!!!!!

  35. Beth B says:

    I don’t have an embroidery machine, but sew quilrs and other things (home dec, clothing, etc.).

  36. Michelle Salter says:

    Do you crossover between sewing, machine embroidery and/or quilting?” – Yes – I use multiple machines when sewing and embroidery. I have sewing, embroidery and serger.

  37. Kathy Baugh says:

    Loving my embroidery machine!!! Learn something new everyday.

  38. Anne Rita says:

    Yes, I love to do sewing, quilting and machine embroidery. I have an embroidery machine where I do quilting, monogramming, stitch out embroidery designs and in-the-hoop projects. I still have my “old” machine where I stitch quilts, bags and little projects while my embroidery machine is working. I also take this machine along to guild meetings and to my cabin :-)


  39. I do a variety of crafts (much to the dismay of my husband) however I am trying to focus on my textile crafts including embroidery and sewing.

  40. trish beard says:

    I love doing quilting, patchwork, machine embroidery, hand embroidery and other sewing

  41. Yes, I crossover to all of those crafts and have been known to use my embroidery machine to scrapbook and even in card making. The possibilities are endless with an embroidery machine!

  42. My name is Denise Bevard, and I am a Quiltaholic, Fabricholic, Craftaholic, etc. I do have an embroidery machine. I love making things for people (family, friends, strangers, those in need)

  43. Lisa Blevins says:

    I only have machine embroidery so I do a lot of “in the hoop” crafts!!! I hope to one day get a sewing machine and learn to sew because I love crafting!!

  44. Judy Hayes says:

    I LOVE to sew — I do “regular” sewing AND machine embroidery. I have the Babylock Elissimo Gold machine — Trying to get the embroidery techniques down !!
    I just finished a back-to-school outfit with a bubble fish design for my 6 year old granddaughter — shorts, top and 2 fish barrettes — one a machine embroidered bubble fish and the other a ribbon fish. She loves it. I was at their house at 5:30am doing the last-minute details for her first day in First Grade !! -

  45. Tina smith says:

    Love the tips you give!

  46. Mary Furber says:

    I regularly combine quilting and embroidery, either by making pieced blocks in the embroidery hoop or by adding embroidery to blocks. I’m learning how to digitize embroidery designs and hope to start creating embroidered quilts of my own design.

  47. Suzanne Ripple says:

    I love to do all kinds of sewing, machine embroidery and quilting. Love learning new techniques.

  48. Pamela Footen says:

    I have an embroidery machine and switch over from sewing to embroidery.

  49. Karen says:

    I love all three and have a specific machine for each one.

  50. barbara says:

    I cross over between all three. Maybe I am ADHD, but I always have several projects going all the time.