55 Fantastic Reasons to Sew (Add yours to the list!)

fabric 300x223 55 Fantastic Reasons to Sew (Add yours to the list!)

Happy Friday! This week I came back from an excellent time at the American Sewing Guild Conference in Houston, where I got to learn from and connect with people who feel the same deep love for sewing that I do. It got me thinking about all the reasons why we sew.

When I think about my own reasons, I almost get overwhelmed by how much the simple act of stitching together fabric means to me. Sewing has given me the gift of  accepting and being proud of my own body. When you sew, you don’t have to concern yourself with whatever arbitrary construct the mainstream culture has for what a body should look like. You can measure yourself and then combine those numbers with your knowledge to sew anything you can imagine, no matter what the “fashion industry” has to say about it. Want to wear a purple brocade knee-length pencil skirt? Done! I don’t have to hope that some random designer has deigned to design something like that in my size that I can actually afford. Sewing has helped me come to terms with my shape and feel empowered and proud to show off how I can dress it.

osqe 300x224 55 Fantastic Reasons to Sew (Add yours to the list!)

Yet another great reason to sew: I get to hang out with these talented and inspiring ladies! At the ASG Conference in Houston after the keynote address by Marlene Ingraham. I'm on the right--wearing a skirt I made, I might add! (Photo from OSQE)

This is just one of many reasons I have for sewing, but I also want to know more about yours! So, on Facebook (where you can see the complete post), I asked you for your #1 reason, and I LOVED the answers you gave. I compiled some into this list because of how inspiring, touching and funny they are. I hope they inspire you, too!  And please add your reasons in the comments section below!

55 Fantastic Reasons to Sew (in no particular order!)

  1. For the peace, serenity and creative satisfaction it gives me. (Sandy S.)
  2. I love seeing my kids wear what I make and they have pride that their mom made it. (Jocelyn P.)
  3. Because my Grandma inspired me and I hate paying for something I can make myself for much cheaper!! (Rhonda F.)
  4. I too like to be creative…and seeing what is in the store–my sewing projects are made with a lot more care and made to last a whole lot longer. (Ipo K.)
  5. For occupational therapy. I have multiple sclerosis and it helps. Besides, I love it. (Elizabeth K.)
  6. Because I can make something out of nothing. (Tanya J.)
  7. …I love the satisfaction of accomplishing something and being able to show it off. Plus my kiddos think it makes me super mom that I can make them anything. icon smile 55 Fantastic Reasons to Sew (Add yours to the list!) (Amanda B.)
  8. Housework avoidance! Actually, I love how creative I can get. (Toni P.)
  9. It’s in my blood! My mother is a sewer and grandmother was a sewer! (Becky A.)
  10. It’s something I love and at the same time shows love to the ones I do it for. (Valerie D.)
  11. I find it very comforting and rewarding. I seem to have more patience for this than most other things in my life. (Joan M.)
  12. It’s my creative outlet. (and I’m over 6′ tall – I can make clothes that fit!) (Barbara M.)
  13. I love to make bags and things I can use! (Erika K.)
  14. I was cursed by the craft gene by my mother and her mother, and I passed it to my daughter. I MUST CRAFT/SEW! (Carol Ann J.)
  15. I like to hear people say, “Oooh, you made that!? (Rosemary G.)
  16. It’s the single life-long hobby I’ve kept! All others have eventually fallen by the wayside, but the sewing remains! (Lynn S.)
  17. It makes me happy and brings me joy when I’m able to share what I’ve done. (Laura M.)
  18. I am most myself when I sew. (Marilyn M.)
  19. I have a terrible addiction, I stash fabric, so then I must sew to reduce the flow! (Shane B.)
  20. It satisfies the creating, decorating and the “no one else has it” elements! (Karen C.)
  21. My grandmother and mother sewed, and I do it to keep it going. (Melissa K.)
  22. Sewing dresses for little girls in third-world countries — yes, this got me back to my sewing machine, doing what I love! (Sandy W.)
  23. It’s like putting a puzzle together but you get to wear it. (Patricia V.)
  24. It’s satisfying to be able to create something functional with your hands. (Michele O.)
  25. Sewing problems are solvable, unlike some other problems one may come across. (Eileen G.)
  26. It extends the life of clothes by mending them. (Donna L.)
  27. For the love of it….Born to sew! (Mary M.)
  28. I love to see a piece of fabric turn into something fun and beautiful. (Donna P.)
  29. I sew because I love creating my own things: clothes, crafts, quilts, etc. I don’t look just like everybody else, because I can make it my own. (Kathleen K.)
  30. I love watching a project come together. (Mary C.)
  31. Your only limitation is your own creativity, the possibilities are endless. (Jennifer J.)
  32. Love of FABRIC! (Linda D.)
  33. I can get in my sewing room working on a project and the world and its problems just melt away.  (Becky L.)
  34. …All the other minor details of sewing put me in a good place and re-energize me for whatever comes next. (Alice A.)
  35. It’s fun and gratifying to see someone appreciate a gift you have made for them. (Carol D.)
  36. I have been sewing for 60 years. It’s relaxing and sometimes it’s challenging…It’s what I do. (Dianne T.)
  37. It brings back moments with my grandma. (Diane J.)
  38. It allows me to be unique. (Michelle S.)
  39. Because I ALWAYS learn something new. (Rhonda N.)
  40. I’m my own boss and I am in control. (Ellen H.)
  41. It’s fun and no one bothers me when I am playing! (Kathy A.)
  42. When I am stressed of just need to relax, my sewing machine is only a room away. (Susan G.)
  43. It keeps my brain working and my fingers working, and it gives a sense of accomplishment….when it comes out! (Calla F.)
  44. Better than TV any day! (Diane S.)
  45. I want to make my granddaughter outfits that are as unique and special as she is. (Sara S.)
  46. Obsession to create!
  47. Because I can usually make it cheaper then I can buy it. (Vickie T.)
  48. It is the thing that I do better than anything else. (Roberta W.)
  49. It’s how I support my family and I love creating beautiful things. (Catina K.)
  50. So I don’t sit in front of the TV and eat! (Jacalyn M.)
  51. So my sleeves and pant legs are long enough! (Cat W.)
  52. Only twice in my 62 yrs have I run into someone who is wearing something similar to what I’ve made! (Barbara H.)
  53. I love turning 2D fabric into 3D clothes. (Katka V.)
  54. To feel happy and spread the joy by giving my creations to friends and family. (Christina Z.)
  55. I am, therefore I sew. (Barbara J.)
 55 Fantastic Reasons to Sew (Add yours to the list!)
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7 Responses to 55 Fantastic Reasons to Sew (Add yours to the list!)

  1. katherine says:

    I sew because I like exercising my creativity and originality. I can make the same dress as someone else and make it look altogether different!!!! Neato!!!

  2. Sue Winnie says:

    It’s my stress reliever. I am a nurse. This refills me when I am empty from my job.

  3. sunny says:

    Because I can. ;)

  4. Carolyn H says:

    I originally started sewing to save money. Now it’s my creative outlet. And people always admire the things I make-both my own and things I have made for my daughters.

  5. I need an outfit to wear with my new shoes

  6. Vickie says:

    It gives me a challenge and I feel a since of accomplishment. Also I am good at it and it’s the only thing I have stuck with after trying many other crafts. It’s something I can still do in my late fifties that gives me enjoyment despite health problems.

  7. Priscila Carr says:

    My sewing room is my oasis . I buy fabric at thrift stores and like “making something out of nothing”.