Hi Sew News!

Good afternoon everyone!

My name is Ashley Briggs and I just joined the Sew News team as an Assistant Editor. I’m on day two and so far it has been awesome! Looking through all the issues I’m finding so many great ideas I’m not sure how I’m going to find the time to make them all…or the space to put them. Looks like everyone will be getting homemade Christmas gifts this year!

My Mom taught me how to sew at a pretty young age. I remember sitting on the couter watching her cut out pieces of material before I eventually graduated to being allowed to pin things for her. When she finally taught me to use her machine my feet couldn’t even reach the pedal! We had to stack it on a box for a year or so until I got a little taller. So that’s my sewing beginnings, what’s yours?  Who taught you how to sew and what’s your earliest sewing memory?

 Hi Sew News!
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9 Responses to Hi Sew News!

  1. Carolyn H says:

    I had sewing in Home Ec. in grade school. Made 1 dress. It didn’t even spark my interest. When I was pregnant 53 yrs. ago I was appalled at the price of maternity tops & decided to make my own. Pretty much taught myself as I went along. Eventually took a tailoring class and made my own & hubbie’s suits. Still sewing & still enjoying it!

  2. Sherry Thompson says:

    I started sewing when I was 7 yrs. old, my mom showed me then I just went crazy making things for everyone. I learned on an old Singer that you could use the foot pedal or the lever on the side that you pushed with your leg. I still have it but mom says it’s not the same as it used to be ….I was a little hard on it. I tried to use it to teach my girls but my youngest(16 yrs.) likes my sewing/embroidery machine better. (Of course! But I want her to have a passion for sewing! It’s worth it! She’s pretty careful.) I recently got one like I learned on at a yard sale and she has been sewed about 40 stuffed animals for a children’s hospital in Guatemala. It thrills me to see her enjoying helping others too!

  3. Ashley says:

    Hi Angie- Thanks for sharing your story! Congrats on being able to teach yourself to use a pattern, that was one of the hardest parts for me.

  4. Angie says:

    I started sewing in 4-H. At that time, their rules were much stricter than now….couldn’t take sewing till you were 10 & then HAD to hand-hem dishtowel & make a gathered cotton skirt the 1st year (took all year!). Second year we were allowed to make a cotton jumper & again, took all year, sewing for an hour once a week. I was very bored & quit!

    Several years later, I taught myself how to use patterns & got back to sewing, as that was the only way I could get the clothes I wanted! Been sewing ever since …. recently acquired an embroidery machine & am excited to play with that!

    All 4 of my kids learned thru 4-H (as mom did not make a good teacher!). I’m glad 4-H has modernized their rules & techniques!

  5. Ashley says:

    Hi Sandy- That’s great! Thanks for sharing! It’s always fun to hear from people who didn’t grow up sewing but learned it later.

  6. Sandy says:

    Hi Ashley,

    I didn’t start sewing until, as an adult, my friends were always dragging me to fabric stores. I finally tired of sitting on the stools in front of the pattern books waiting and waiting and waiting for them. It became “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” I finally asked if they would show me how to sew, they did, and the rest is history. I quilt, sew, and even collect antique and vintage sewing machines — and this from a person who never even dreamed they’d own a sewing machine let alone know how to use one.

  7. Ashley says:

    Hi Samina-Thanks! I’m very excited to start writing and interacting with everyone in the sewing community!

    Hi Jan- Thanks for sharing your story! I’m glad to hear you held on to your crank sewing machine. I’m sure it makes for a great conversation piece as well as brings back old memories!

  8. Jan Anema says:

    Hi Ashley: My dad taught me how to sew before I went to school. He started me on hand stitching doll clothes. He was a farmer and I would work hard while he was out working. When he checked my work he sometimes said, “Well, that’s fine but I think you better take it apart and make the stitches smaller.” I didn’t mind because I was so happpy to be sewing. He gave me a small red crank sewing machine when I was 7 years old that did a chain stitch. I still have it sitting on a shelf in my sewing room and it still sews!!!!

  9. Samina says:

    Welcome, Ashley. Sew News fans hope to see you in print very soon! And hope to meet you too.