Free Stuff Friday Winner!

Happy Monday and thanks to everyone who participated in Friday’s giveaway! Today we are announcing the winner of two packages of metallic embroidery thread from Sublime stitching!

supplies 612 200x300 Free Stuff Friday Winner!

Jenny Hart, founder of Sublime Stitching, designed the embroidery pattern for the shirt in the article Splendid Stitcheryin our latest issue. Embroidery patterns help transform the look of a shirt and make it something that is truly your own.

On Friday we asked “What is your favorite way to customize a garment?”

Congratulations to Lauren A. who said “I like to add some kind of bling on the garment. I also make the garment fit ME! I have the perfect hem length that just works best on me!”

Hope these thread kits help add the perfect amount of bling Lauren! Check back this Friday for another giveaway!

 Free Stuff Friday Winner!
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