Tulle Tuesday! Seven tips for sewing with Tulle.

Tulle is a fine, lightweight material commonly used in veils, tutus and gowns. It’s a machine-made cotton or manufactured net that has a hexahonal mesh. Soft tulle can be used to create a lacy look while stiffer tulle can be used in underskirts to create a fuller look.

90 3710 many tulle bolt1 300x300 Tulle Tuesday! Seven tips for sewing with Tulle.Tulle Tips:

Raw edges of tulle don’t fray so they can be left unfinished. Leaving the edges of tulle raw can help add an airy feel.

Add stabilizer along the edges of tulle to make it easier to manage when sewing.

Place tissue paper on the underside of tulle when sewing a seam. The tissue paper helps provide support for stitching and can be torn away from the seam after sewing.

Never iron tulle directly- it can melt! Instead, place a towel on top of the tulle and iron on the lowest setting.

Tulle does not have a grain but does have more stretch in the width than in the length. Keep that in mind when cutting out pattern pieces.

Avoid snagging when sewing with tulle by using a roller foot or placing tape along the bottom of the foot.

Stitch slowly when using tulle to prevent puckering or gathering.

What’s your favorite thing to use tulle for? Sewing tutus or gowns, decorating for special events, an alternative for tissue paper when wrapping gifts or something else?

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12 Responses to Tulle Tuesday! Seven tips for sewing with Tulle.

  1. susan thurnherr says:

    embroidery free standing lace

  2. Annalene Thomassen says:

    I do this, too. It works great.

  3. nancy says:

    I use yards and yards of tulle. I am a tutu maker.

  4. lisa says:

    I always keep a 6-inch spool of white tulle in my wrapping box. Great for giftwrapping wedding and shower gifts.

  5. Ashley says:

    Hi Nancy: That sounds fun! I’m sure you are an expert with tulle being a tutu maker!

    Hi Lisa: Gift wrapping with tulle is a great idea! It’s easy and definitely elegant enough for wedding gifts!

  6. Beverly says:

    I crochet strips of it in rounds to use as a pot scrubber. It makes the best cast iron skillet cleaner!!! Also use it in my granddaughters play dresses!

  7. Ashleigh says:

    Any ideas on how to sew pop pom trim to the edges of tulle?

  8. MaryB says:

    When I tried to sew a seam, the bobbin thread went haywire. I used tissue paper underneath the fabric and changed the needle, but that didn’t help. Any suggestions?

  9. Sar says:

    I find putting tissue paper on top helps a lot too. It makes it harder to see what I’m doing though.

  10. Doris says:

    curtains! they cut glare and help block see in but still let in lots of light. Colors will help cast a simmer of color on white walls.

  11. Bonnie says:

    I made an adult tutu skirt from nylon tulle…used 5 layers…but the bottom edges stick to each other and bunch up…it does not look good..i have washed the fabric with fabric softener, also tried Static Guard….the pictures of skirts like this all look so nice and they hang nicely…what have I done wrong..or what can I do to correct…any help is much appreciated….have not made a longer skirt (28″) before but have worked with tulle for the short tutus…. thanks

  12. Tanya Toogood says:

    Hi what’s the product for the stabiliser for edging? I’m not wanting to see edges but do want to stop it fraying. I have used 6″ strips to tie on the dress but all four sides need to be stabilised somehow. Please help!

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