Fleece Friday! Five fun patterns to sew with fleece!

As the weather starts to get a little cooler, nothing sounds better than slipping on a warm and cozy fleece jacket or curling up under a fleece blanket.

3930331 300x225 Fleece Friday! Five fun patterns to sew with fleece!

Fleece is a great fabric to work with! It’s easy to sew; you don’t have to finish the edges and most times the wrong side looks just as good as the right!

Here are a few quick tips you might not think about when sewing with fleece, and some great pattern ideas!

If you are using a solid color it is often hard to tell the right side form the wrong side, especially after you start cutting out pieces. It’s always a great idea to mark the wrong side with a marking pencil, chalk or even pins before you get started.

If you’ve laid out your fleece and realize you don’t know which side is up, the selvage will naturally roll to the right side of the fabric.

CVC Fleece Fabric YJ 053 11 300x300 Fleece Friday! Five fun patterns to sew with fleece!

Avoid directly pressing fleece.  Use a press cloth or some kind of towel between the fabric and the iron. If you still have seams that don’t lay as flat as you want, try topstitching. Along the same lines, don’t dry your fleece in a hot dryer, use low heat.

Use a longer stitch length when sewing with fleece. Shorter stitches can pull through the fabric.

Fleece tends to be fairly bulky, so it’s best to cut fleece one layer at a time.

Fleece can tend to shed more than other fabrics. Remember to clean any fuzzies out of your machine using canned air or a small brush.

Fun Fleece Patterns!

Fuzzy fleece pillow

Fun no sew Christmas Stocking

Cozy Fleece Beanie

Warm Fleece Mittens

Soft Fleece Scarf

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  1. Cheryl says:

    thanks for all the fleece patterns and tips.

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