Tapestry Tuesday! What to sew with this detailed fabric!

Tapestry is a fabric that is woven with one or more extra sets of yarns or threads to create a floral or pictorial pattern. Originally tapestry was woven entirely by hand.

tapestry Tapestry Tuesday! What to sew with this detailed fabric!

Compared to brocade, which is a similar fabric, tapestry is heavier and has a rougher surface.

Tapestry fabrics are fairly durable and can be used for coats, jackets, handbags and home dec projects.

Sewing with tapestry can be difficult in that it is thick and bulky, snags easily and is hard to ease, however, it will hold up well!

Some things to remember when working with tapestry- it requires a nap layout and, if making something like a coat or jacket, tapestry patterns need to be aligned along the front pieces.

Things to make with tapestry:

project 211 Tapestry Tuesday! What to sew with this detailed fabric!

Pillows! Some tips to consider when making tapestry pillows.

Handbags! Tapestry handbags are durable and will definitely add some color to your wardrobe.

Coats and Jackets! This is a simple way to turn a tapestry into a jacket.  Add a collar, cuffs and other embellishments to customize it!

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3 Responses to Tapestry Tuesday! What to sew with this detailed fabric!

  1. Laura says:

    Tapestry can be stiff. if you are making clothing from it, you might want to do a mockup in felt. Felt has the body to drape similarly to the tapestry, and you can see which seams you might be able to eliminate. working with tapestry, the fewer seams you have, the better. I’ve successfully made pillows and handbags.

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  3. Charlotte says:

    That was very helpful information. I just purchased a Brother computerized sewing machine and have material with Noah’s Arc that I want to make a jacket out of, but reading what was said about that kind of fabric not doing well on a sewing machine, thinking I shouldn’t use my new machine. But, I could test a small piece of the material to see how it goes. Please let me know your suggestions.

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