Flower Friday! What’s your favorite flower?

This week is National Flower Week. I realize the week is almost over, but there’s still time to celebrate!

National Flower Week is observed in the United States every year during the third week of September. During this week people celebrate by planting flower seeds, buying cut flowers to brighten up their homes or just stopping to “smell the roses”.

As we all know, real flowers don’t last forever, but ones made out of fabric will!

Here are some of the most popular flowers bought every year and how you can make them! Wear them in your hair, add them to a garment or make a bouquet of them for your favorite room!

rose flower 811 300x199 Flower Friday! Whats your favorite flower?

sunflower1 300x211 Flower Friday! Whats your favorite flower?







What’s your favorite flower (sewn or otherwise)? Have you ever tried to make them?

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6 Responses to Flower Friday! What’s your favorite flower?

  1. Carol K E says:

    My mother loved roses. I like hibiscus. I have made rosettes for a few events, and embroidered many.

  2. Lauren A says:

    I like the sunflowers. they remind me of sunshine and brighten my day. even if it isn’t bright outside!

  3. lilacs and lavender! just the names make me calm :)

  4. Mary M says:

    Yellow flowers. I love sunflowers, daisies, daffodils the most!

  5. LauraM says:

    My favorite flower is simple white daisies.

  6. Janice says:

    I love purple roses and cosmos.

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