Free Stuff Friday!

Hooray for Friday! Has your week been crazy busy? Our offices have been a flurry of activity all week. Luckily, the weekend is just a day away. This weekend I have plans to sew like no other. How about you? Perhaps this fun McCall’s pattern will inspire you to sew something fabulous.

M6287 284x300 Free Stuff Friday!

This week you could win McCall’s pattern M6287 from the Generation Next line. Created by Sew It All TV guest, Megan Nicolay, this pattern has all the instructions you need to create a flirty top, a funky tunic and a fashionable dress. Improve your knit stitching skills, or refine your mastery of the craft by putting together all three of these different and fun looks.

Enter to win this exciting prize by answering the following question in the comments section below:

“What do you use knit fabric for most often?”

I personally enjoy t-shirt makeovers. I have changed the necklines, turned them into totes and created little flowers. My next project will be a pair of yoga pants.

The winner will be announced Monday.

 Free Stuff Friday!
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56 Responses to Free Stuff Friday!

  1. Karen Silbernagel says:

    Shirts most often but I copied a skirt pattern I loved this summer, more of those coming I’m sure.

  2. Linda says:

    I have some knit fabric that would be perfect with this pattern. The tunic would be awesome!!

  3. Carla says:

    I’m trying to get up the courage to make my first knit sewing project… I’ve read everything three times, bought the fabric and the pattern, and am all ready to go… except for the nerve to actually DO it! LOL!

  4. Ashley says:

    Simple dresses and cute tops!

  5. Joyce Person says:

    Baby bibs and burp clothes

  6. Betty Nickles says:

    I’ve mostly used knit fabrics for tops and dresses.

  7. Rebecca Wood says:

    I like to make knits into clothes for myself and children with knits. They have some really pretty knits out there. I would add some sleeves to the dress pattern and make it longer in length.

  8. Mary M says:

    I have sewn several knit tops but it’s been a little while. Time to get back to it! Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Holly Hudspeth says:

    I mostly make shirts and skirts with knits. If I can find it thick enough, I will make pants.

  10. Nancy Bryson says:

    I use knits to make my ballroom dance dresses. Hot little numbers for rhythm/latin and beautiful gowns for smooth dancing.

  11. Anna Hutchins says:


  12. Audrey says:

    I use knit fabric for all the grandchildren’s PJ’s, tops for myself and grands, and dresses for the little ones. Make’s up-keep easy for the mothers!

  13. Carol says:

    I use knits for shirts.

  14. Sue Karr says:

    My most recent knit was redesigning a simple t shirt pattern into a cute dress. Before that I was making t shirt bras. It’s hard to say which is my favorite. I love it all.

  15. Robin says:

    I love knits for all sorts of tops – great emroidered shirts for my husband, clothes for myself, especially nice soft comfortable pants that fit right, and for my grandchildren, and I’m experimenting with making skating costumes for my granddaughter, age 7.

  16. Marilee Hawkins says:

    Knits: make great tops, comfortable lounging pants, cool pajamas and gowns, Halloween costumes for the grandkids, I could go on forever. Love sewing with knits, and yes, if you are new to serging, you are going to love the ease of serged seams when sewing knits.

  17. karen colopy says:

    I used knits a lot when the children were small for comfy kids wear. Now it is mostly Tee shirts.

  18. I add faux cami inserts to my v-necks that come down too low!

  19. Judy Hayes says:

    Knits for t-shirts…..also interlock knits for baby clothing.

  20. Rhonda says:

    Tops, dresses, cardigans are my most recent knit projects – all with the sergers! Fund stuff.
    Next project will be yoga pants.

  21. Debby says:

    tshirts are it!!

  22. Justine Coulon says:

    I use my knit remnants to add width to any garments that need to be made larger. I just add panels, usually on the sides, and am able to continue to wear the garment. Also great for growing children!!

  23. Linda says:

    I don’t work much with knits. I do have a cardigan that is 3/4 of the finished. This is one area I am looking forward to improving this winter.

  24. S Thompson says:

    I love using it for sleepwear, t-shirts & dresses!

  25. Kate Oliver says:

    I’ve used it for shirts, shorts, and I’d like to make a few more dressy tops or dresses. I love the ease of movement with knitwear.

  26. Diane Cook says:

    I made a top and shorts set with it.

  27. Angela Cianfaglione says:

    I have clothes made with jersey knit and they really flatter my figure and hide the bad parts. I haven’t worked with this fabric yet because I need some tips on working with tricky fabrics.

  28. Karen says:

    Vests for my dad and baby clothes mostly.

  29. Rebecca Moeller says:

    love making knit dresses. Although I have been sewing for over 30 years I have just started sewing with knits and wish I would have started sooner.

  30. I use knits to make pajama pants for the grands, and soft knit dresses for my granddaughter to wear. She loves dresses. I also recycle big knit shirts to make things for them also.

  31. Jeanne Provost says:

    Love my serger for sewing knits, great for pj’s, tees, and taking a T-shirt and adding a skirt to it so confortable!

  32. Cathy Cooper says:

    Haven’t worked with knits in years, I use to make knit tops. More recent I’ve been making cotton skirts and tops. Have been teaching my daughter and daughter-in-law to sew. Having a great time sharing the knowledge to the next generation.

  33. Char says:

    I just finished the cutest shirt for my granddaughter. Love the ability to serge hems for a ruffle look. Mostly I use knits for tops.

  34. Alisha says:

    I love making Jersey Knit tops. They are so comfortable and I just love wearing them with a pair of jeans…so does my husband :-)

  35. Amy says:

    I just found a pattern for a basic tee shirt and I’m going to start making a bunch of them – because I’m a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl.

  36. Virginia Darwin says:

    I just invested in a used serger and my first project is going to try my skills at sewing knits! Can’t wait!

  37. Pam Weatherly says:

    t shirt makeovers!!!

  38. Lauren A says:

    I love using knit to make dresses. I love the give and the comfortableness of them. Once you learn how to sew with knits, its a breeze! :)

  39. Barbara says:

    Rarely use knits, but when I do it is for the grandkids clothes

  40. Rosemary Griffis says:

    I love knit! Since I’m older and much rounder, I go for comfort at any level. Coats and jackets are all right for wovens (like tapestry), but I like knits for pants, shirts and dresses. Knits also cover minor fitting faults.

  41. Pam VanAustin says:

    I don’t have much luck sewing with knits. Can’t get the hang of avoiding skipped stitches and sewing stretchable seams. Practice, practice, practice!!

  42. Lynda says:

    I haven’t been brave enough to try stretch fabric yet. I keep thinking I will, but just haven’t done it. I AM READY!

  43. Patsi says:

    Lounge wear and cover ups mostly

  44. Bridgit Montgomery says:

    I love nice cotton knits for pants and tshirts.

  45. I don’t do a lot of work with knits, but I do like to make shirts. So comfy!

  46. Bonnie says:

    Knits for t-shirts! They make great yoga/lounging pants. On my gift-giving list for this year’s holiday.

  47. Trish Beard says:

    i make stretch suits for my new grandchildren

  48. Ann says:

    I cannot wait to start sewing again

  49. Jeanne says:

    I used to make all of my t shirts and am ready to do so again. I have been sorting my stash and found some awesome t shirt knits I had forgotten about. They will be a great start.
    I also will be able to use the awesome set of Havel rotary cutters I just received from Sew News for winning the “Oct-Nov Sew News “From You” Question! What a nice surprise in my mail today!

  50. Dora Rossi says:

    Love knit fabrics to make bags of all shapes and all sizes.