Trick or Treat! More free Halloween patterns!

Candy corn has long been associated with fall and Halloween since it was first invented in the 1880′s. Even though it is available year round, sales for the candy increase around this time. One of the top retailers for candy corn reports that they sell enough candy corn each year that if all the kernels were laid end to end they would circle the earth 4.25 times! Another fun fact about candy corn; during the Halloween season in eastern Canada a blueberry cobbler candy corn can be found. (I’m going to have to try and find that!)

These days candy corn isn’t just for eating, and while you can literally decorate with the fun little treats, here are some candy corn decorations and costumes made from fabric.

Candy Corn Softie1 Trick or Treat! More free Halloween patterns!candycorncostume 199x300 Trick or Treat! More free Halloween patterns!Candy Corn Costume

Candy Corn Decoration

Candy Corn Pincushion

Candy Corn Bunting

Does anyone eat candy corn any time of the year other than Halloween?

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