Easy Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Have you started decorating for Halloween yet? Over the weekend, I decided my front door needed some dressing up, so I recruited my mom, sister Wendy and best friend Katie to have some Sunday Crafternoon fun. I looked around online for some Halloween wreath ideas and really liked this one featured on The 36th Avenue:

wreath 199x300 Easy Halloween Wreath Tutorial

I happened to have some orange-and-white print fabric in my stash, so I just needed a wreath form and some embellishments.Thus, Wendy, Katie, my mom and I embarked on our mission to the craft store. We found lots of goodies there, including pre-cut felt spiders, spider webs and bats, cute black and orange buttons and sparkly ribbon. Here’s my finished wreath and how I made it:

bbwreath 224x300 Easy Halloween Wreath Tutorial

What you need:

  • Medium wreath form
  • Fat quarter of orange & white fabric
  • Sheets of orange, black and white felt
  • Assorted black and orange buttons
  • 2 1/2″-wide ribbon
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Cut the fat quarter into 2 1/2″-wide bias strips. Wrap the wreath form with the strips, hot gluing the strip ends to secure. Next, I decided to add a cluster of felt flowers on the lower edge of the wreath.

To make the felt flowers, trace circles of various sizes onto the felt. I used this big thread spool to trace a circle for a small flower, but you can use any circular object, like a bowl or lid.

1 300x224 Easy Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Cut out the circle, and then draw a spiral on the circle. Begin cutting along the spiral from the outer edge in:

2 300x224 Easy Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Trim away the little circle that’s left over at the center:

3 300x224 Easy Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Begin wrapping the coil from the inside to create a rosette. Add a little dot of hot glue to the center for extra security. You could also make a little tacking stitch, of course, if you’re strictly anti-glue!

4 300x224 Easy Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Continue wrapping the entire coil, and then add another little dot of glue to the end to secure. Easy!

5 300x224 Easy Halloween Wreath Tutorial

I clipped little notches along the spiral outer edge on some of the flowers to create a petal effect. It would also be fun to cut a scalloped edge for curvy petals.

6 300x224 Easy Halloween Wreath Tutorial

7 300x224 Easy Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Create an assortment of felt flowers of various sizes and colors. Cluster them along the lower left edge of the wreath, and then hot glue them in place. Hot glue a button in the center of some or all of the flowers. (These flowers are so quick and easy to make! It would be fun to glue them onto barrettes or stitch them together onto a felt base to make a brooch.)

Cut a 7″ length of wide ribbon, and then wrap it around the wreath upper edge. Stitch or glue the ends together to create a hanging loop. I used a little crocheted chain to make a second loop to hang the ribbon from, but you could also use narrow ribbon, string or cord. Hang the wreath and wait excitedly for Halloween!

Here are the other crafty ladies’ wreaths if you need a little more spooky inspiration:

Wendy is an excellent crocheter, so she whipped up a little yarn web for her spider to hang out on:

Wendy 224x300 Easy Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Katie wrapped her wreath in solid orange fabric and added black flowers, cut-outs and buttons:

katie 224x300 Easy Halloween Wreath Tutorial

My mom added sparkly felt bats and pumpkins and glittery ribbon:

mom 300x224 Easy Halloween Wreath Tutorial

All of us finished our wreaths within a couple hours and already hung them up! I’m already thinking of ideas for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and 4th of July wreaths…

Have you sewn any Halloween decorations this year?

 Easy Halloween Wreath Tutorial
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