Free Stuff Friday! Win a book from Storey Publishing!

Happy Friday everyone! This Friday we have a wonderful prize from Storey Publishing: Grow Your Handmade Business by Kari Chapman.

grow your handmade business 247x300 Free Stuff Friday! Win a book from Storey Publishing!With the help of this book you will learn how to budget, market, manage, develop and sustain a successful creative enterprise. Have you always considered starting up a business based on your sewing or other crafts? With the help of Kari and other contributors you will receive frank advice to get the ball rolling (and more importantly, keep it rolling).

For your chance to win, answer this question in the comments section below: What type of creative business would you love to open?

We want to hear all about the business you run currently, or would run if you could. On Monday, we’ll randomly select one comment to win this book. Good luck!

 Free Stuff Friday! Win a book from Storey Publishing!
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49 Responses to Free Stuff Friday! Win a book from Storey Publishing!

  1. Carrie Cunningham says:

    I have recently started a sewing business, which is not yet off the ground. I would love to have this book to help me get my sewing business going and growing and thriving! Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Terri says:

    I have always wanted to start a business using recycled clothing and materials. I want them to become works of art. I purchase items from Good will and have embellished the garments. I picked up several denim items, used my machine embroidery software and sticked fairies on the back. I then hand beaded the yokes with crystals, pearls and other jewels and embellished the shirt by adding beautiful lace around the collar, yoke of the shirts, and even used a wide lace to mimic cap sleeves on sleevless shirts.

  3. Anne Willson says:

    I am recently retired. I love to sew and crochet. My specialty is upcycling. I believe that everything can be repurposed. Selling my handmade creations has always been a dream!

  4. Nancy says:

    Being recently disabled and unable to work outside the home, I would like to have either a custom lingerie business or making preemie attire.

  5. Evelyn says:

    My business would be making customized / personalized / memory wallhangings.

  6. SewLindaAnn says:

    I really want to open up a handcrafted/sewing business with my pen name “SewLindaAnn” I would like it to be all about the small stuff. Crocheted and sewn birdies, banner, wristlets and pouches.

  7. Cindy Luedeman says:

    I would love to start a sewing/craft business, especially since i am nearing retirement, it would give me something to do with my extra spare time. thanks

  8. Darcie says:

    Is “stuff I like” too general? ;) I technically have an online shop, just nothing in it. This year (yes, I say this every year) I’m going to make more things to fill it. I like making purses and other fun things. I’d also love to do custom costuming.

  9. deb c says:

    As retirement is approaching: taking a new road to venture would be interesting and fulfilling… I love making unique crafts…just need the next steps.

  10. Diana Janssen says:

    Custom sewing and teaching

  11. Rhonda T says:

    I like turning trash into treasures!

  12. Jeanne says:

    A small quilting and sewing bed and breakfast or retreat center while doing quilting and machine embroidery on the side.

  13. My favorite go to sewing magazine, love love love.

    For my creative business if I were to fully open it would be Upcycled childrens clothing and stuff for the family and home. I love to sew and create and love sharing my stuff with the world.

  14. Judy LaScala says:

    I love to make baby clothes, funky little children’s clothes, off the wall toys (some a bit ugly but cute), like try some new things but…. what to do with them? M y daughter-in-law would like to start a business and is VERY talented. It would help both of us tremendously. Hmm..if only we had a book to show us the way???

  15. Darlene-P says:

    Dog beds, jackets, dresses and costumes

  16. Janice Baldwin says:

    I like making aby and wedding things and could use some guidance to start a business

  17. Growing it would be extremely helpful!!! It’s barely off the ground!

  18. Kelli says:

    I would love to be able to sell my purses, totes, quilts, wall hangings, and baby items.

  19. Babs Jenkins says:

    I love being able to stitch things that make me happy and then sell them to others just to make them happy …… so …………. my business makes happiness …………. Yay.
    (But as of yet, I just cant get it to pay. Need help with that one).

  20. Susan says:

    Seriously considering selling handmade children’s clothes that combine my love of sewing with my joy in knitting and crochet. Still in the early stages but would like it to be up and running in the new year…

  21. Vickie Bedard says:

    Sewing/crafting and whatever. I have some older car parts to market – mini-American Pickers type stuff!!

  22. Marlene Walters says:

    I was let go from by bookkeeping job after 22 years. Not quite ready for Social Security but can’t find another job at 64 so will turn to my hobby of sewing. I do alterations out of my home and many crafts so would really like to learn how to market thses skills to make a living.

  23. Mindy Weaver says:

    I would love to be able to have my own homegrown business….This book might just lead me down the right path.

  24. Deb says:

    I would love to open a boutique and sell all handmade it’s including my own handbags and pet accessories.

  25. Cynthia T. says:

    My business would either be baking or sewing.

  26. Audrey says:

    I moved, and now have the perfect place to set up a little business. But I need some “know how” on the business end!

  27. Nancy Kwisnek says:

    Custom sewing …full time

  28. I’d like to sew clothes that make it easier for people with arthritis to dress themselves. The clothes would look fashionable.

  29. Susan Hahaj says:

    I’d love to have a business like Junk Gypsies, of buying “junk” and turning it into home pieces and art!

  30. Lorie says:

    I would love to sell embroidered items and doll clothes. This book would help me organize my thoughts & ideas to make this dream a reality!

  31. lara M says:

    I going my dream making quilts.i get so much joy out of it.i make quilt for my church I made 50 quilts for the childerns.I have alot and they have nothing.To have one quilt for christmas that is my joy.And to see smile and stay warm.Someday it will my turn someone will make me a quilt when i am really sick..So that is my mission in life…

  32. Jan says:

    I created a checkbook / wallet pattern, now I need to get it to keep rolling on faster.

  33. Anne Cohen says:


  34. Kimberly N says:

    I’d love to have my own sewing line of kid’s clothes, women’s clothes, accessories, patterns…. Teach sewing… you name it! :) Looking into for something after my kiddos are a bit bigger. Already picked out a studio space on our main street I might rent next year!

  35. Kathi says:

    I am so TIRED of corporate america… ideal goal is to open a creative business where I can wear whatever I want, where I don’t have to wear shoes, where everything smells nice and looks pretty…..and where I am happy!!

  36. Regina Roza says:

    I have been making and selling the most beautiful bags and hope to start designing more patterns to sell on Craftsy. There’s so much to learn about starting your own business and this book would be a great addition to my learning library.

    Have a blessed weekend everyone! :)

  37. Debbie E. says:

    I’m still in the thinking phase of it but it has to do with recycling your wardrobe items, similar to alterations business but not as involved. This book will give me ideas on what a business will look like.

  38. Beulah says:

    I want to open a Tea Room and Gift Shop filled with orginal creations by local artists….

  39. kathi says:

    this would be perfect for me! i’m kind of all over the place with my handmade stuff, but i sew, i crochet, i knit, i design plush and fabrics, i make soap, and i make tea towels. i need to focus and learn how to boost up soap sales.

  40. Monica Smith says:

    THE HELP! WOW, finally a “HELP” book for small business owners, entrepreneurs with
    much needed advise and knowledge (powers) in creating a successful business. I so need this!

  41. Barbi says:

    After having 3 surgeries within one year I find I must reinvent myself and I would love to learn more about using my creative sewing talents to make money.

  42. Angela Cianfaglione says:

    I have been unable to work so I need to do something from home and this book would help with that. I want to make party favors for weddings and other occasions.

  43. Virginia Darwin says:

    I have started teaching sewing classes from home and making pillows for sorority girls as gifts to their little sisters. Just trying all sorts of creative ways to bring in some extra income!

  44. valerie c says:

    I would want to start a quilting/embroidery business

  45. Patsi Novia says:

    WOW How cool. I make Martingale collars, leashes and memory foam beds for retired Greyhounds!!!! I need to learn how to make money at it and still be able to donate to the Adoptions auctions.

  46. Denise says:

    I would love to open a unique hand made gift store. I’d like to have gifts for every flavor and age.

  47. As a recently disabled person looking to reinvent myself as a quilter specializing in wall art quilts, I so need the advise of this book…..thanks for the opportunity to win it….otherwise it will be going on my Xmas wish list :-)