Free Stuff Friday!

Happy Friday readers! I hope you’ve had a great week and are ready for some giveaways! Today we’re giving away an original Paradiso designs pattern by lovely Sew News contributor and Sew it All TV season 5 guest (look for her episode, Faux Fur Fun on PBS beginning in March) Cheryl Kuczek!

 Free Stuff Friday!And that’s not all! We’re giving away this pattern to two lucky winners so you have double the chances to win! All you have to do to enter is answer the following question in the comments section below, “What’s your favorite type of bag to make?”

Is it the quick and easy rectangle tote, the clutch, or a more complex multi-pocket bag? I was never ambitious enough to try anything with more than one pocket, but would love to, because I need that organization space!!

Tell us your bag-making stories and enter to win this great prize. The winner will be announced Monday. Good luck and have a great weekend! icon smile Free Stuff Friday!

 Free Stuff Friday!
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104 Responses to Free Stuff Friday!

  1. I love Japanese Knot Bags :)

  2. Trina says:

    Recycled t-shirt & pillow case bags.

  3. Joan Figlar says:

    I’ve started making tote bags….they’re fairly simple to make and I seem to use all different sizes.

  4. Jacque Guffey says:

    I love making more complex bags. I like to figure out just the right size with specific pockets for specific items. Love leather or leather look detailing. I have a bag design that’s been working itself out in my head…big enough nd with pockets for my iPad, phone, keys, etc., and every day necessities and an insulated lunch bag and with an added detachable bottom to put my work shoes in….so I only have it on there when I need it and my dirty shoes aren’t in with all the other stuff.

  5. Marilyn Hutchins says:

    I’ve never made a bag but would like to try-have just gotten a pattern and about to get started but I like BIG bags

  6. Marilyn Hutchins says:

    BIg Bags

  7. Linda Noll says:

    Big, BIG totes!

  8. Lisa Senesac says:

    I love a large tote with many pockets. Usually make them from a combo of denim and upholstery fabric.

  9. Ginni says:

    I like boxy bottom totes….easy and practical!

  10. Mary M says:

    I like making all sorts of bags. I’ve knitted, sewn and crocheted bags. I like trying new patterns and styles of bags. My favorite currently is sewing bags from upholstery samples.

  11. MelodyJ says:

    I have knitted a bag and crocheted a bag. But have yet to sew one.

  12. Chris W says:

    I have made several different kinds of bags and I’ve loved them all. On one of my first bags I left several pins in the seams and didn’t notice it until the bag was complete!

  13. Char says:

    My favorite bag to make is a simple tote bag where the handles cover up the raw edges of the pockets. There’s plenty of space for machine embroidery either on just the pockets or all over the bag.

  14. Patty says:

    I love to make tote bags! They are useful, easy to make, and showcase fun fabric.

  15. I like to carry small bags when I shop.

  16. L. Gerald says:

    I am new to sewing. I have made a few bags. I think my most successful bag is a clutch.

  17. Kelli says:

    I like to make any size of purse in fun fabrics. I also like to make reversible totes.

  18. Anna Bowland says:

    I like to make really cool zippered pouches called Val Pals!

  19. Roberta Schultz says:

    I had to sew a tote bag in high school for one of my classes. It scared me so I haven’t made one since. Would like to try to get over my fears as there are such pretty duck cloth fabrics out there!

  20. Soph Hall says:

    Tote bags are a girl’s best friend!! I have lost count of how many I have made over the years; and, yes, I have over a dozen in use at a time!

  21. Marlene Walters says:

    I love to make bags, I make many different kinds and would love to add this pattern to the collection I have. I donate bags I have made every fall for our hospital fund raiser.

  22. Debbie E. says:

    I like roomy bags, usually without much shape, so hobo bags usually work.

  23. vabney0353 says:

    The last bag I made was a beaded embroidery bag. The next one will be a tote. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Maria Kievit says:

    I really like the tote bags, and the more pockets, the better. Thanks for the giveaway.

  25. Erika says:

    I love to make bags to carry stuff to school. I have apartment that was for a little bag and I enlarged it to fit papers and notebooks. I love it!

  26. Carol says:

    Grocery totes in washable fabrics.

  27. Mary Kay McCarville says:

    I love making various kinds of bags. I’ve made lots of sizes from shopping bags to little “in the hoop” purses and wallets. My personal favorite are bigger purses with lots of pockets. I’ve made them in various colors for a range of seasons. I’ve embroidered bags, appliqued them and monogrammed them–all to fit the person or the season. One year I made friends and family personalized “in the hoop” checkbook covers. They loved them. Now I need to make one for myself. I just need more time (don’t we all?). A girl can never pass up a new purse. And the very best are “designer” bags when you’re your own designer.

  28. Gillian D says:

    I have only made some small bits and bobs and love the idea of making a bag. Now, if only I had some patterns to work from…

  29. Jill Iroz says:

    My favorite bag I’ve made is a huge shopper bag with large deep pockets on both sides. I made it with oil cloth and trimmed it with ready made bias. I use it for everything. I love making all sorts of bags. They make great gifts!

  30. Penny Kitzmiller says:

    I like to make all types of bags!!! Lol I guess my favorite bag that I have ever made was a Michael Jackson bag…. My daughter which was in middle school at the time loved MJ. She asked me one day if I could make her a MJ bag. I did heat transfer and sewed her one right up lol every girl at school wanted one lol. She carried it all through High School and was known as the moon walker…

  31. I like making any kind of bag, hobo,tote etc.

  32. I like to make hobo bags and tote bags.

  33. Sharon says:

    I love them all!! I have made several purses and wallets, but I don’t have a ‘favorite’ style yet in purses!

  34. Robert Welborn says:

    I like making reusable grocery totes!

  35. Patsy cosby says:

    I make different bags. I like to make patchwork bags, hobo bags also tote bags.

  36. Virginia says:

    I love to make bags with magnetic snaps, zippers and lots of pockets.

  37. Lauren A says:

    so I am kind of chicken when it comes to sewing bags. i have only done like a simple tote or like a grocery bag. i am still a newbie sewer some i totally chicken out with new materials. but would love for a pattern to try! i have friends that make bags and they “say” it isn’t too hard. :)

    Thanks for hosting!

  38. Marge says:

    My favorite kind of bag to make is a tote bag with pockets on the inside to hold various items. For the outside of the bag I like to decorate with embroidery. One bag I made recently I made my outside fabric with squares of red tone fabric sewn on to a backing of muslin then embellished with yarns and sparkly threads! It turned out so cool!

  39. Terri says:

    My favorite was a tote that was large enough to put a book into and find a peaceful place outside to read. The tote was made from a kitchen towel, and for the straps I found an old belt that matched perfectly with the towel. I felt it needed pockets so I fashioned a pocket from a piece of recycled bed sheet (600 thread count) and transferred a pattern of a girl from the 50″s. I colored the girl with crayons and used a hot iron to set it. Then I beaded parts of her hair for highlights, embroidered the flowers that surrounded her and added lace to the pocket. It was suppose to be for a gift, but I love it so much that I use it to take a book when I go to apts. etc or a small embroidery project fits perfectly inside the outside pocket with a small sewing box in the main body of the bag. No matter where I go, people stop and marvel at the details in the embroidery of the pocket and can’t believe it was recycled material.

  40. Linda says:

    I love making scrappy totes–so much fun!

  41. Carol R. R. says:

    I have five little grandsons and make totes for monthly holidays/birthdays that use colorful cartoon/kid design fabric to hold their surprise. Some are velcor / buttoned / or zippered close.

  42. Holly Hudspeth says:

    I am not particular to one style or another, but I do prefer a lot of interior pockets and a comfortable shoulder strap.

  43. Sue K says:

    I make bags the bigger the better! Big bags hold lots of stuff when you go to Quilt Shows like International Quilt Festival in Houston next week! I love this show!! :)

  44. LauraM says:

    Oh my….I can’t pick a favorite bag….have so many patterns….lol

  45. Barb Schaad says:

    I had fun with a small backpack.

  46. Trudy L says:

    Multi pocket bags! I get teased about always having such big bags to carry all sorts of things, but guess who is the person everyone comes to when they need something? lol

  47. Marilyn Sanchez-Bonilla says:

    I bought a butterick pattern (# 5438) and a beautiful pattern and can’t wait to start one of the tote bags. It will be my first and hopefully not the last :-D . Wish me luck!!

  48. Anne Butcher says:

    I check Salvation Army type stores for bags that have hardware of some type or handles etc. to reuse when making a new bag.

  49. Rosemary Griffis says:

    I’d love to make an embroidered slouch bag with ultrasuede. How cool would that be? But first I have to research embroidering on ultrasuede.

  50. Jane C. says:

    Recently I have been making pouches big enough to hold cds. I have been using Japanese fabric and applique-ing the backs with fabric pieces that are miniature kimonos. The lining is either something slippery and luxurious or something relevant. Since I live in SoCal I have been using fabric printed with palm trees. My current sewing fantasy is to make a winter handbag constructed from mens’ suits.