Free Stuff Friday Winner!

Happy Monday everyone!

dod1 Free Stuff Friday Winner!On Friday we announced that we would be giving away a copy of the book Day of the Dead Crafts by Kerry Arquette, Andrea Zocchi and Jerry Vigil. The book features more than 24 projects that celebrate Dia de los Muertos and is filled with inspiration and ideas for celebrating Day of the Dead in style.

The lucky winner is Kelly who said: “My favorite holiday to craft for is always Halloween. I love making costumes, and I love all the creepy things. It’s a day of ultimate imagination, and just about anything goes. I can get as crazy as I want with what I make, and the fabrics and trims are always so much fun to work with.”

Congratulations Kelly! And everyone keep checking back every Friday for more giveaways!

 Free Stuff Friday Winner!
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