Sewing Tools Galore!

shutterstock 27008095 300x200 Sewing Tools Galore!What’s the one sewing tool you can’t live without?

Maybe it’s sharp scissors, a good set of pins, your trusty measuring tape or a favorite cutting mat. For me, it’s fabric. I find prints incredibly inspiring. Plus without fabric I would never need all the tools I buy to manipulate that pesky fabric into submission.

We’re asking this question in an upcoming issue of Sew News and we’re looking for a featured reader to win a surprise grab bag from us. If you would like to enter  comment below. We’ll select one comment to be featured in the magazine and win the prize.

So comment below and we’ll let you know the winner Thursday afternoon. Good luck!

 Sewing Tools Galore!
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63 Responses to Sewing Tools Galore!

  1. Chris W says:

    My great new sewing /embroidery machine!

  2. judy says:

    I can always a good pair of sharp scissors and any other accessory when it comes to sewing.

  3. Savannagal says:

    It’s impossible to choose just one sewing tool I can’t live without. Sharp scissors in various sizes are a must, as are pins and a seam ripper. I absolutely need to have a measuring tape and fabric marking pens or chalk. Then there’s my machine. In today’s fast paced world, a swing machine is a must. So you see, I can’t live without any of my sewing tools. I am grateful to have all of them.

  4. Roberta Schultz says:

    For me it’s a good iron. May sound strange, but without it our projects it adds time and frustration when pressing seams.

  5. Linzel McBride says:

    SewNews….to give me inspiration and courage to try new things!

  6. Joan Maddox says:

    My needles — either hand held or machine — you can’t sew anything without a needle! This activity is my tranquilizer — I find it very soothing and rewarding — my husband claims I get lost in my sewing room.

  7. MAD14kt says:

    I love my sewing guage!

  8. Phyllis F says:

    My Clover Needle threader for hand sewing and the automatic push-button needle threader on my Brother Quattro. When I cannot thread a needle, I cannot sew anything!

  9. Betty Towns says:

    Even though I have collected all the tools I could possibly need over the years, I now find that tools with a larger handle are becoming more and more necessary. The first one I bought was a seam ripper with an oversized red and white handle. It makes removing seams sooooo much easier!

  10. Theresa A Goble says:

    My favorite sewing aid is a good chair, a Horn Chair. I have been sewing for over 68 years and have used many different things to sit on, and usually ended up with back pains. Two years ago I bought a Horn Chair at the Chantilly Sewing Expo. It wasn’t cheap, but it was the best money I ever spent!!

  11. sharon tinsley says:

    I glued a magnet to a couple of marking pencils as well 2 long knitting needles. Makes picking up spilt or dropped pins much easier. I also use them to pick up screws or nails when I do odd jobs around the house.

  12. Teri R. says:

    Years ago, my Dad taught me to use a size 10 or 12 steel crochet hook for ripping out seams. Works great!

  13. Carol K E says:

    My seam ripper is my necessary tool. I have taught our grand daughters that excellent seamstress recognizes when she needs to unsew. As ye sew, sew shall ye rip. Sharp scissors are next in line.

  14. Linda says:

    When hand quilting, I must have my thimble – I use a size 4, which is almost impossible to find, so I treasure it. I must also have those little rubber discs to pull the needle through after I’ve packed on the stitches. I also love my Clover seam ripper – the one with the white handle. As well as ripping, I use it at the machine, both as a stiletto and for cutting. Irreplaceable.

  15. Diana L says:

    Good scissors and a rotary cutter & mat. Can’t sew without several pairs.

  16. Sue says:

    All the regular things but my new must have is wonder clips. I am totally in love. Keeps layers together, flat and without wavy distortion. Love, love, love them.

  17. Vicki Sprain says:

    The one sewing tool that I cannot live without is my wonderful sewing machine! It is a dream come true to have a great sewing machine that sews straight, makes a great looking stitch and has marvelous tension. It’s the one machine in my home that I use often to accomplish a task that will stay completed, unlike laundry or dirty dishes.

  18. Wanda Heath says:

    My favorite tool would be my door viewer. When I am placing my blocks on my design wall I can look through the door viewer to get a better perspective. You get to see blocks that stand out more than others and helps you see which blocks should be moved.

  19. Carla says:

    A needle threader! (Seriously, can anyone actually hit the eye of the needle with the thread on the first few tries?? I give up!!)

  20. Karen Silbernagel says:

    My reaction to this question was interesting even to me ! I simply could not figure out a favorite. I did not until now realize just how many favorites I have. It would be easy to answer if it was task specific. I love all my ginger scissors and clover rotary cutters. which lead to my seam rippers, clover and Bernina. Which of course made me think of my beloved sewing machines Bernina, and serger and(50 year old) American Blind Sticher.What about my irons and thread collection? The fabric is so beautiful all stacked on the shelves…. So What? Which? Well it has to be the patterns that get the juices of creativity flowing for me. I need the ideas of the patterns to see the possibility of the fabrics. Karen nick name (sewoften)

  21. Darla says:

    This is not an easy answer…
    One would have to admit that there cannot be sewing unless there is something for the needle to go into, as in fabric, very essential. Having a beautiful yard in front of you is key…that is until you need to do something to it. You need your trusty rotary cutter to cut into..but you also need a ruler and a mat otherwise the rotary tool is useless. Now that you have cut into your fabric into itty bitty bits, it must come together cohesively.. that you need your favorite sewing needle(if you are doing hand piecing) or fabulous sewing machine. And what good is the machine or hand needle without thread. Beautiful cotton long staple thread, that is a must…or if you are an applique obsessed individual such as myself; silk thread is needed and adored.
    Now you have to have a direction to proceed from here. An idea from a magazine, book or pattern to copy so the yardage now becomes useful and a finished product is achieved.
    But I think the most important tool needed isn’t something you can buy, it is in yourself. A creative mind that can imagine, plan and dream. Without this, you have an individual who would bypass the fabric store completely.

  22. Marsha Leith says:

    My favorite sewing tool has to be iron cleaner- it never fails that no matter how careful I am, I always end-up with little bits of fusible web stuck onto the iron. And without cleaning, the web gets stuck everywhere: especially where I don’t want a piece to be.

  23. Jeanne says:

    All of my tools are important and adequate lighting is becoming more important as my eyes age, but sharp scissors appropriate for the task at hand are a must! Woe unto the one who even thinks of borrowing my fabric scissors and returning them dull!

  24. linda says:

    I seem to panic when I can’t find my hem guage. I use it to measure everything. It also has a point turner on one end. Perfect for corners.

  25. Regina says:

    It’s tough to choose just one -but I would say my favorite sewing needle is my go-to. Binding my quilts, adding embellishments, sewing patches on my son’s Cub Scout uniform, repairing buttons on hubby’s shirt, shortening hems – or even removing a sliver. Can’t do it without my trusty needle!!!

  26. My Quilt Patis, of course! They go anywhere you take your hands. They make waiting for ______ (Dr. appointments, busses, children… you fill in the blank) seem like mere moments. While driving to a quilt show out of my state, I have actually covered Quilt Patis while in the driver’s seat on a freeway somewhere in Alabama… we were stopped with engines off for 3+ hours for an accident clean-up. Men were outside their cars pacing and cussing about the long delay… I was happily passing the time working on my quilt top.

  27. Ann Hudson says:

    My Martelli ergonomic rotary cutter! Without it I’d not be able to cut the miles of strips I need for my quilts! My hand & wrist don’t become sore or fatigued when using my Martelli cutter.

  28. Paula Lucas says:

    The sewing tool I couldn’t live without would be my 3″ embroidery scissors. I use these scissors for just about EVERYTHING once I sit down at the machine to sew. I use them to cut threads, clip curves and corners, slice open buttonholes, and of course to “unsew” when an oopsie occurs! My favorite sewing tool.

  29. My most necessary tool has to be my needle threader. Trifocals just don’t line up right. I was introduced to sewing by my grandmother who needed me to be her threader…..I’ve come full circle.

  30. Linda says:

    My favorite sewing tool is a very special pin cushion that was handmade by a family friend many years ago. It has interesting colors that guarantees it will never get lost. It has kept me company while sitting quietly next to my sewing machine. I just can not sew a straight seam without my pin cushion sitting nearby!

  31. Victoria Johnson says:

    I have a pair of stork scissors that stay with me. Perfect for cutting, trimming and the inevitable ripping of seams

  32. Cammie Kotz says:

    I could not do without is my Dritz Ezy-Hem Gauge. This is the easiest hem gauge I have ever used. I always get accurate hems when I use this great, simple little tool and have it handy for almost all projects.

  33. linda walter says:

    mine would be instructions……i am just starting, well, almost, i have not yet plugged the new machine in……….so, yes, instructions, first and formost

  34. Kara Howes says:

    The one thing that makes me go nuts if I can’t find is my needle nose scissors. I use them like a seam ripper cause me and seam rippers don’t get along. I make welding caps and the needle nose scissors comes in handy so much.

  35. Angie C says:

    A pair of hemostats. I use them to grab onto fabric that needs guiding close to the needle when sewing, much safer on the fingers.I also use them to help turn fabric right side out when making bags, they are great for pushing out
    corners and you can also clamp onto needles when hand sewing through thick fabrics and easily push the needle through.

  36. Rina Mason says:

    Besides the seam ripper, iron, cutting mat and so on, my favortie tool is my computer. If I need inspiration, tutorials, patterns, fabrics or help from someone else I can find it no matter the time of day or night. Being able to access all this has enabled me to become a better seamstress, crafter, and artist.

  37. Daphne Bradley says:

    My must have tool is the seam ripper.

  38. Susan Novak says:

    My favorite and most important sewing tool is my local sewing/quilting store and the people that work there. They not only have the things I need at the last minute (that I thought I had, but can’t find), and knowledge they are willing to share whenever I have a question, but most importantly they are my inspiration.

  39. Dell M says:

    My favorite tool is my curved embroidery scissors. They cut super close, eliminating any trailing threads on your project.

  40. Sandy Stansbury says:

    I would not want to do without my rotary cutter. It saves so much time cutting – the least fun part of any project!

  41. Vereatha Morales says:

    For all of my types of sewing, be it sewing garments, quilts, or appliqué I need my trusty scissors. I have all types of scissors and have auditioned others but I always come back to my tried and true, my favorite scissors that I would totally miss. I have found ways to use them for many purposes in a pinch, so with them, a needle and thread I can conquer the world! (My part of it anyway, LOL)

  42. Pamela Kay says:

    Besides all the usual, sewing machine, scissors, seams rippers, etc. I would say my iron is the most important sewing tool. It makes all the difference in creating a professional looking garment. I would not attempt to sew without it.

  43. wandie williams says:

    well this may be surprising, but blue painters tape! I use the tape on the machine to mark my sewing line, it’s blue color is easy to see and follow.

  44. Linda Noll says:

    A seam ripper! If I can’t rip out mistakes, I would have to get it right the first time, all the time! I have been sewing for fifty years and if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that it isn’t possible!

  45. Julie says:

    Scissors!! Oh and probably lots of other items. :)

  46. Beverly says:

    There are so many tools that I can’t live without, but, one of my favorites is this odd little white plastic tool sent with an order long ago. It looks kind of like an apostrophe and is really pointed at one end. It’s great for getting into the corners of collars and such.

  47. Patricia Hersl says:

    Everyone uses fabric, scissors, needles, threads and the ripper. I also count on my stiletto, which at the machine is a bamboo skewer. It helps so much with my accuracy, turnings and as a pressing tool.

  48. Marijayne Favata says:

    My old but new found tool is my walking foot for my machine. It makes life so much easier when doing alterations

  49. blindwolf says:

    My mirror it helps me fit what I make without requiring someone’s help

  50. Victoria Mccomber says:

    for me, it’s definately a sharp pair of scissors, so I can cut my item and sew up a storm, I love to sew and create and share.