Sewing Tools Galore!

shutterstock 27008095 300x200 Sewing Tools Galore!What’s the one sewing tool you can’t live without?

Maybe it’s sharp scissors, a good set of pins, your trusty measuring tape or a favorite cutting mat. For me, it’s fabric. I find prints incredibly inspiring. Plus without fabric I would never need all the tools I buy to manipulate that pesky fabric into submission.

We’re asking this question in an upcoming issue of Sew News and we’re looking for a featured reader to win a surprise grab bag from us. If you would like to enter  comment below. We’ll select one comment to be featured in the magazine and win the prize.

So comment below and we’ll let you know the winner Thursday afternoon. Good luck!

 Sewing Tools Galore!
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63 Responses to Sewing Tools Galore!

  1. Kim Poulos says:

    I love my Clover needle threader! I even talked a stranger into buying one today while I was visiting the local quilt shop.

  2. Linda SK says:

    I love the new Clover sewing clothes pins – they save a lot of time specially when doing a binding on a quilt!

  3. Terri Hubbell says:

    My sewiong scissors, I have had them 40 yrs. And they have traveled with me all over the world!

  4. Donna Cook says:

    I can’t live without my tailor tackers. I don’t even think they make them any more, such a shame. Love my tailor tackers!

  5. Peter Campaner says:

    For me it’s my trusty old sewing machine. An oldie but goody. It’s like an old friend. It has it’s good days when it’s breaking thread and then it has its good days when everything runs smooth and you end up with a satisfying project instead of a dud.

  6. Babs Jenkins says:

    The tool I really couldnt live without would be my weights. 2 beach pebbles my daughters painted for me when they were small (about 30+ years ago). These little pebbles hold down my fabrics and patterns when cutting, keep piles of work in place, make my sewing room look pretty, but above all, they constantly remind me why I enjoy sewing – making all sorts of stuff for my family. Love them all loads.

  7. Michelle Smith says:

    Definitely my seam ripper, but not just any seam ripper. I’ve been using the Seam Fix Tool – Seam Ripper & Thread Remover in One. How did I live without it???

  8. Nancy W says:

    Seam ripper a must lol! It’s my saving grace :)

  9. Monica Chatmon says:

    Seam Ripper, i use it one eavry project i’ve done.

  10. Elizabeth Karroll says:

    I can’t live without my sewing gauge.

  11. Linda Benoit says:

    For me it’s my seam ripper used as a stiletto.

  12. I don’t feel completely ready to sew unless I am wearing my wrist pincushion. I use the Dritz Quilting wrist pincushion, it’s pink and heart-shaped – it makes me smile!

  13. Deb says:

    My seam ripper! I would be lost if I couldn’t rip out my mistakes. :)