12 Days of Giveaways! Day 8: Win a 2013 Quilting Calendar!

It’s the most wonderful time of year, wouldn’t you say? The 12 Days of Giveaways are rolling along excellently! This past Friday with the help of our friends at Seams Sew Special everyone won a fantastic embroidery pattern.calendar 12 Days of Giveaways! Day 8: Win a 2013 Quilting Calendar!

Today for the giveaway we’ve got a 2013 Quilting Calendar from Andrews McMeel Publishing. Find an inspiring quilt block  or quilt pattern each day in 2013!

To win this super fun calendar all you have to do is answer the following question in the comments section below:

What’s your crafty resolution for 2013?

Mine is to go through all of my fabric and take stock of what I have on hand. I am worried I’ll find a variety of repeats in there!

So how about you? Any major projects on the horizon? Maybe you want to learn a new skill? Let us know what your plans are for 2013 and we’ll select one response at random to win this fabulous quilting calendar.

Keep checking in, we have a ton of wonderful prizes lined up for the next few days!


 12 Days of Giveaways! Day 8: Win a 2013 Quilting Calendar!
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51 Responses to 12 Days of Giveaways! Day 8: Win a 2013 Quilting Calendar!

  1. wendy says:

    Finish projects and learn something new.

  2. Audrey Goodwin says:

    I am determined to start making Christmas gifts in February instead of waiting until October or November. I used to do that but slipped one year and made it a bad habit. I am ready to get going already!

  3. Pauline Granstrom says:

    To begin working on UFO’s and to finish a quilt for the Hummingbird Stitchers Quilt Guild Quilt show at the end of February. Maybe even start earlier this year on gifts for next year. Oh, that would be so nice.

  4. I vow to do mending before other sewing instead of letting it pile up.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    To complete a wedding quilt that I designed for my daughter who is getting married next year. Also, to finish all my unfinished projects.

  6. Shirley says:

    I want to quit planning projects and get down and sew. I have all that I need to make blouses that fit and by the end of January I will have the muslin complete and my first blouse in progress.

  7. Virginia says:

    My resolution is to finish a wallhanging so I can teach it in a class.

  8. Marilyn Snow says:

    Just doing it! Making time each week!!

  9. ELAINE LACZNY says:

    Organize my sewing room & closet!!

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  11. Michelle H says:

    my resolution is to clean up and reorganize my sewing space so I can spend my time actually doing instead of hunting for tools and things.!

  12. kathleen says:

    My goal is to keep sewing from my stash of fabric (3 bookcases, 5 shelves each) also a few containers or more of fabric, so I can buy more without feeling guilty! I love to make clothing for my grandkids and my daughters.

  13. Gloria Kreiner says:

    My resolution is to finally start the quilt kit I got last year for Christmas. I am a newbie and have been putting it off because I am kinda of scared!

  14. hueisei says:

    I want to finished my 2012 UFOs projects

  15. Pat Bollman says:

    I want to use my stash as much as possible. Time to stop buying and start making quilts from what I’ve already bought

  16. Sue Reck says:

    Give up the full time job and only work part-time. To make more time for me and enjoy making all my unfinished projects. To learn more and attempt new and interesting creations.

  17. Beth R says:

    My resolution? Complete at least one project every month in the year!

  18. Anna Hutchins says:

    Get my craft room organized it has way too much stuff and i’m going to weed out and then donate the craft makings like candle making stuff to our local sr ctr or Vets ctr. There are too many crafts that have moved in boxes from house to house and not been opened. Time to be realistic.

  19. Anna Hutchins says:

    Those are really nice calendars. Thanks for the chance to win it. Merry Christmas.

  20. PattyS says:

    My crafty resolution is to keep my sewing room more organized! Doubt it last too long but plan to work at it.

  21. Emily F says:

    I have two one is to finish my six projects that i have been working on for six years now and to learn my new embroidery machine i got for christmas

  22. karen colopy says:

    Get my sewing room back together and start with home redecorating crafts. I need some color in my life.

  23. Lora Chaney says:

    Mine is to actually do more of the things I “plan” to do!!! I usually get so caught up in the fun of designing and planning that I never start the project!!

  24. Leesa Hunter says:

    My 2013 resolution is to use up at least 10% of the stuff I have on hand!!! Need to cut down on my stash!

  25. Carol says:

    I want to finish all my unfinished projects.

  26. Kim H says:

    Mine is to create a list of all the projects I want to do and prioritize them. Then I want to complete at least one a month from the list!

  27. Gloria Sawyers says:

    My crafty resolution for 2013 is to learn how to free motion quilt on my machine. Enough of the straight lines – I need some curls and swirls in my life.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  28. Laura Kerr says:

    This year, I want to clear out my fabric stash by using it all up on sewing projects.

  29. Mary Mac says:

    I have a wedding album from 1948 that belong to my in laws that I need to redo. All the photos are 8×10 so I need to be creative. It has been sitting in my craft room fro six months.

  30. Sandra says:

    My plan is to sort all my small pieces of fabric (too big to get rid of ) into clear colour co-ordinated boxes, so I can find what I need when I want it. Currently everything is in one very big and very deep container and I have to literally dive in, to find what I want.

  31. Melissa says:

    My resolution is to learn applique and reverse applique well enough to put my own spin on it!

  32. Kelli says:

    To wash the material I have bought, iron, fold & put away. Then do that with all new material I buy.

  33. Susan V says:

    To create a permanent sewing space and sew more.

  34. Maggie says:

    start my Christmas projects earlier next year.

  35. Karen says:

    I’m hoping to whittle down my numerous unfinised projects, also learn how to do more free motion quilting.

  36. Savannagal says:

    I’m really hoping to catch up on some of my unfinished projects next year.

  37. LucyC says:

    I hope to sharpen my skills with knit fabric and sew more children clothing.

  38. Carol says:

    I would like to try painting on fabric.

  39. Maureen says:

    My plans are to finish off all my UFO’s mostly scrappy quilts and donate them to a charity, I also need to learn how to stipple properly it looks easy when others do it but a different story when I try.

  40. Debby wall says:

    I have been procrastinating the construction of a Victorian wedding dress. It is cut out but I haven’t put it together. This is the year! Now, if my friends will hold off on having babies for a while, then the baby quilt “store” can shut down and I can get other things done!

  41. Tammy says:

    My plans are to continue learning how to use my machines, and perhaps attempt a quilt. I made one about 20 years ago, but making them takes up so much room, which I really don’t have right now.

  42. Deborah Kennedy says:

    I’m sewing like a madwoman…Christmas gifts, Christmas cards, quilts, & doll clothes! Whew!

  43. Nadine says:

    Finish up things I’ve started and use up at least some of my stash!

  44. Mine is to keep my blog updated better than I did this year. Also, I want to sew something or do something crafty each day. This giveaway would be great for that.

  45. Elizabeth Kuntz says:

    Since I’ve been out of work I’ve been a little low on cash. But I have resolved to use every piece of fabric in my stash until it’s gone.

  46. Dana says:

    My crafty resolution is to get my sewing room in order and it find containers to put things in. It’s an ongoing process with me. I think it’s in order and then I turn around and it’s not! By, orderly or not, I love my room!

  47. Denise Arras says:

    Mine is to finish some projects that i have started and get them out of the not finished pile and to use up some of the material that i already have instead of buying more lol ( like that will happen lol )

  48. valerie csmith says:

    to keep on keeping on–let just make more things and have fun

  49. Deanna Snyder says:

    My crafty resolution for 2013 is to finish my outstanding projects and make over the basement as my new crafting space! Can’t wait!

  50. Becky Donaldson says:

    Mine is to keep up with my sewing tasks–instead of letting them pile up on my sewing table! Already have a few ready for the new year (but getting my machine oiled and primed now!) SEW Much to do!