12 Days of Giveaways, Day 12! Win one of 12 books!

Well, we made it to day 12! Yesterday’s winner is Tonja C. who won a copy of Heart-Felt Holidays.  She answered the question “What handmade gifts are you sewing this holiday season?” by saying:

“I ordered Tim Kaufman Grinch fabric and made my daughter and her fiance Christmas Stockings featuring the Grinch and colored bells. As I was sewing a neighbor stopped by and told me about 3 children whose parents are struggling so I am making three more but these will be Rudolph themed as that was the only child oriented fabric I could find locally. I will be filling them up too. I will also be making some for my best friends children.”

Thanks to Tonja and everyone for reading the post yesterday and responding.

12.21 1024x768 12 Days of Giveaways, Day 12! Win one of 12 books!

Today, as it is the final day of the giveaway, we are giving away 12 books! That means we will have 12 winners today! Your chances of winning are truly fabulous today, so be sure to post your response. These books come from some of our favorite publishers, including Andrews McMeel Publishing, Cico Books, Martingale & Company, Schiffer Books, Taunton Press and more.

Answer the following question in the comments section below and we will randomly choose a winner next week. For the final question, we want to know: What is your favorite holiday tradition?

I know in my family, my favorite tradition was playing card games after Christmas Eve dinner. There were so many people in the house we made up new rules to try and include everyone in the game.

From all of us at Sew News, we wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season! Thanks for reading!

 12 Days of Giveaways, Day 12! Win one of 12 books!
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113 Responses to 12 Days of Giveaways, Day 12! Win one of 12 books!

  1. Jill W says:

    My favorite is listening to Christmas music all season and driving around to see all the Christmas lights!

  2. Elizabeth Kuntz says:

    Our favorite tradition is driving around Christmas Eve to see all the decorations people have put up. Then we come home for cookies, open one gift and watch It’s a Wonderful Life.

  3. CB says:

    Our favorite tradition is having popovers Christmas morning. It’s always an adventure, seeing how well they ‘popped.’

  4. Penny says:

    My favorite tradition is making gingerbread houses with the kids, from scratch! Last year I had my friend and her kids over and each kid {6 of them total} plus myself and my friend all did our own houses, it was so much fun.

  5. Katherine McMullan says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is racing around town delivering all the presents that were finally wrapped. Then, getting home in time to slide the freshly risen bread into the oven.

  6. Linda Illes says:

    Sew hard to pick just one favorite holiday traditon but I will go with the big family dinner. There is so much good food and all our loved ones are gathered around the same table in their holiday finest with all the excitement of the day sharing beautiful memories in the making!

  7. Pam Dixon says:

    Preparing dishes for the family dinner with recipes that have been handed down thru generations of our family.

  8. Sylvia says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is the gathering on Christmas Day that my friend holds gathering together many who have no family nearby in a family group not bound by family ties but fellowship and love.

  9. My favorite tradition is singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus on Christmas morning! :)

  10. My favorite tradition is singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus on Christmas morning :)

  11. Bonnie Johnson says:

    Making Christmas dinner for my Family

  12. LucyC says:

    My favorite is opening the gift of Christmas Pajamas and change to them right away.

  13. Lauren a. says:

    Mine is we all get in our cozy Christmas themed pjs and open gifts in the morning. My mom loves to take photos. Then eat a huge breakfast together. I’m so sad I can’t go home for Christmas.

    Thank you for having the giveaway!

  14. Deb Davidson says:

    Watching all my favorite Christmas shows from my childhood like Rudolph, the Year Without a Santa Claus and the grinch. Makes me feel like a kid again.

  15. KellyKelly Preciado says:

    My favorite tradition is getting together with my family.

  16. Barbara says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is being with family and remembering all the Christmas’ past. Another tradition is watching the Melodies of Christmas with my family and the Christmas Story marathon. I truly love the season.

  17. We all love getting together and watching some of our favorite movies like Its a Wonderful Life, The Christmas Story and How the Grinch Stole Christmas (original version). It brings us all together for awhile to forget about the worries of the day.

  18. Bonnie Coalson says:

    Spending time with family and friends.

  19. Theresa O'Donnell says:

    Our family tradition is spending precious time together with family and friends, life is short so absolutely make the most of your time together!

  20. Theresa O'Donnell says:

    My favorite tradition is just spending precious time with family and friends!! Life is short so take time to absolutely appreciate all the things that mean the most to you!!

  21. peggy says:

    After everything is done, sitting down and looking at the Christmas tree.

  22. Tammy says:

    Our family tradition is a Silly String “fight”. Every year our three boys get a can of silly string in their stocking. Later, after gifts and food, they go out back and empty their cans on each other. Even now, at the ages of 23, 27 & 28, they still do this. This year, two boys married in August and October so we’ll have two extra family members to continue our tradition!

  23. Jennifer Wright says:

    There are a couple of traditions we do that I love. 1st is cookie baking, even if it leaves my kitchen a total mess from my little ones’ exuberance. 2nd is picking out presents for seniors at our local senior center and for kids from on of our local shelters. It’s important to me to teach my kids about giving to those in need, and that our seniors shouldn’t be forgotten on Christmas any more than a child.

  24. Judy Frain says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is buying lots of gifts for my adult children. They still get such a kick out of opening their gifts and it reminds me me of when they were younger. Of course we don’t forget the grandchildren either!!

  25. pat peters says:

    It is going to mass and hearing the Christmas music . Also hearing Christmas music all month long. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.

  26. Susan Trudo says:

    My favorite holiday tradition was going to Christmas Eve services at church. We’d be done by midnight, hopefully it was gently snowing when we left, but then the rush to get to bed and asleep so Santa would come!! Christmas morning, we had to wait as my brothers had paper routes and had to deliver the paper before we could open gifts.

  27. Katia Tsvetkova says:

    In my family, we celebrate New Years. So our tradition, is that when we wake up on New Years’s day, we drink some hot chocolate and eat some baked goodies with immediate family.

  28. Kimberly says:

    My favorite family tradition is celebrating with the whole family on Christmas
    Eve, then attending Christmas Eve services.

  29. Katie says:

    My Favorite Holiday tradition is doing anything with my family….starts on Thanksgiving weekend when we decorate our house and put up the Christmas tree. All through the season we love to attend parties with friends and sometimes just a leisurely drive around the area to see Christmas lights at night.

  30. Karen says:

    My favorite tradition is eating Dutch Babies (a Yorkshire Pudding type souffle) for breakfast with my family. It is one of the few breakfasts we linger over to share family time together.

  31. Sue Haver says:

    All the packages have been mailed. With so many of my children and grandchildren spread in different directions of the country, our traditions are to try to spend a little time with each of them either in person, on the phone, Tango. Just anyway we can get together, hear voices, and tell them we love them.

  32. Kelly Fettes says:

    Decorating inside and out. For the joy of others.

  33. Kelli says:

    My sister, now my niece, and I opening our Christmas pj’s on Christmas Eve to wear that night & to open gifts Christmas morning.

  34. Sylvia says:

    My favorite tradition is going to look at all the Christmas lights with my family.

  35. Arlette Holstin says:

    Going to our churches Christmas eve candlelight service and hearing our minister sing O Holy Night.

  36. Tammy says:

    My favorite tradition is dinner with the whole family. Everyone brings a couple of dishes so that not one person is stuck cooking all day. The only thing the host for the year has to do is cook the turkey.

  37. Terry says:

    Singing Christmas carols!

  38. debi Gibson says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is exchanging hand-made ornaments with family members.

  39. Wanda h Leffingwell says:

    My Christmas tradition is to meet christmas Eve Morning with Family for Breakfast!

  40. Monica says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is spending time with my family especially now that we’re empty nester’s.

  41. Carolyn P says:

    Cooking a large pot of soup , having the family over for Christmas Eve, going to Church to sing in the choir, returning home and have homemade pie and cookies with family and friends.

  42. Mary Anne fox says:

    We would open gifts as soon as supper was cleaned up so we would make toasty spam and cheese treats and clean up fast. We would open gifts, go to midnight Mass and come home and put a jigsaw puzzle together that someone always gave us. Santa would come on Christmas morning.

  43. Andie says:

    Favorite holiday tradition is attending midnight Mass on Christmas Eve

  44. Judy Brennan says:

    Favorite tradition … so many. My all time favorite is having everyone around the table, laughing, telling stories, and enjoying family time together.

  45. Baking sweets w the kids then letting them open one gift on Christmas Eve

  46. Phyllis Roberts says:

    My favorite tradition is making gingerbread men for the kids and giving them a big bowl of icing and lots of different candies so they can decorate them.

  47. Carol K E says:

    We celebrate on Christmas Eve with church first. Santa comes while we are at church, and gifts are opened after a meal. Our traditions are changing as we are newly retired and spending Christmas with our children who live in other states.

  48. Savannagal says:

    My favorite tradition is baking with my grandmother and my sisters. We have so much fun together.

  49. Trudy L says:

    My favorite tradition is sitting around with our adult children, either talking or playing games, after the little ones have opened gifts and settled in for the night.

  50. Marsha Hillman says:

    Having the family together!