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Good morning everyone! Friday has come again and we’re busy as ever here at Sew News HQ. It’s amazing how much we learn every day about cutting edge sewing techniques. Have you checked out our online exclusive for the current issue?

LoveLight 200px Free Stuff Friday! Win a Mysterious Grab Bag!Love Light details the ins and outs of using eTextiles and adding lights to a fun heart bedecked pillow. Why not give it a whirl? A little something glowing might delight someone special in your life.

Speaking of delights, enter to win a fabulous and mysterious grab bag today! The contents were gathered from the Sew News stash and will surely delight you. Enter by answering the following question in the comments section below: grab bag Free Stuff Friday! Win a Mysterious Grab Bag!

What is your sewing pet peeve?

For me, it’s all the ironing! Stopping to iron often takes the wind out of my sails on a project. Yet, it’s so very necessary.

From all the responses we’ll randomly choose one as our winner and announce the winner on Monday. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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222 Responses to Free Stuff Friday! Win a Mysterious Grab Bag!

  1. Lisa Boudreaux says:

    My bobbin thread running out halfway through a long straight stitch on a long purse handle.

  2. Sue Goodin says:

    My sewing pet peeve is my own fault. I hate when I walk away from my sewing room with things a mess. I’m working on decluttering and organizing now so when I have a few minutes I can just go back sit down and sew.

  3. Rita Gronberg says:

    Running out of bobbin thread in the middle of embroidery project

  4. Sherrie Lilly says:

    Looking for a specific notion to do something when I am in the middle of a project and not finding it in the mess of a sewing room. I give up, sit back down and there is the notion right beside my machine.

  5. nancyBe says:

    pet peeve : leftover fabric that is hard to place!

  6. Nellie says:

    I hate when I make a silly mistake and have to use the seam ripper on a long piece! So time consuming!

  7. Barbara Matthews says:

    Broken thread thread on my serger drives me crazy.

  8. Kathy Gostomski says:

    I hate cutting out all the little pieces

  9. Kim Tait says:

    Running out of bobbin thread in the middle of a seam

  10. Terrieann says:

    Having to take something apart. But really hate it when I have to take it apart because I didn’t read the pattern ;)

  11. Nancy G says:

    The ridiculous amount of wearing ease in commercial
    patterns from the large pattern companies. Who needs 2″ of ease in a strapless
    gown. The finish size should fit according to the size measurements.

  12. vera nichols says:

    someone coming in or calling me and expects me to stop everything even if you are in the middle of a seam and see what they wont.

  13. Caitlin says:

    I hate having to cut out the pattern, having to pin stuff and the mess that it all makes.

  14. Michele Schoepp says:

    I hate having to iron, or kids interrupting me.

  15. Virginia Darwin says:

    Running out of bobbin thread in the middle of a long seam!

  16. Sherrie says:

    My biggest pet peeve is having to prewash fabric before jumping into a project :)

  17. nel fraker says:

    My biggest pet peeve is having to stop in the middle and put stuff away. It seems like when I do that I can never find every thing again!!i

  18. Lucy says:

    Having to re-thread my serger: when the thread broken and when i have to change colors of thread. It’s my “arhhhh” moment.

  19. Virginia says:

    My sewing pet peeve is squaring up my quilt block. No matter how accurate my 1/4 inch seam is, it is never completely square.

  20. Stephanie says:

    Ironing and running out of bobbin thread.

  21. Linda Middlemist says:

    running out of bobbin thread, especially when you are just about throught
    with the seam or embroidry pattern

  22. Jennifer S says:

    My biggest peeve is forgetting to cut the notches or mark the dots when I’m cutting fabric from my pattern pieces! It’s time consuming (and frustrating) to re-position the pattern pieces and cut notches/mark dots; however, it is necessary to do the job right and enjoy the finished project.

  23. Tracy Enos says:

    Starting a smple fast project only to find out I forgot to buy something at the craft store and can’t continue until I get that something!

  24. Penny says:

    Snipping loose threads!

  25. Wendy Graves says:

    I agree with so many of the other comments. I must say tho, that having to spin up a new bobbin when it runs out, and having to re-sew a seam I did wrong are among my most Peevish Pet Peeves.

  26. JJJ says:

    When I just get sat down in front of the machine again and immediately hear “Mommmm….” :)

  27. Sue in Seaside says:

    My pet peeve is being limited to sewing / creating in a Small Space in the spare bedroom. My fabrics, notions, and tools are very well organized, but I still have to move (read: “dig out of the way”) other project boxes aside to reach the “ingredients” for a current project. In another life (a bigger home setting), I could just walk over to the drawer, or shelf, and access the needed item and return to my project table. Ahhh … Space! … That is a Luxury and lack-of-it is a Peeve!

  28. Diane Cissna says:

    My pet peeve is running out of thread when I’m sewing a project…either bobbin or the top thread. I have a lot of thread in my stash, but it seems sometimes when I start a project using what I have in my stash, I either only have a little of the color I need or none at all. I try to keep a lot of extras on hand….thread, needles, etc…..but every once in a while, I do run out.

  29. Linda says:

    Having to stop to make dinner!!!

  30. Pam Beus says:

    …fighting with my serger only to find out that I’ve inserted one of the needles off center. (One of my sergers is a dinosaur and the needles have round shafts. It’s really to get them in crooked!)

  31. Carole Tutko says:

    always running out of bobbin thread in the middle of something!

  32. Susan Novak says:

    Running out of bobbin thread (completely) when you only have 1″ left of the seam to sew.

  33. Sally Johnson says:

    It would have to be the bobbin in my sewing machine messing up when your almost finished with a project. Drives me bonkers.

  34. jill cammack says:

    I love to sew day and night but I don’t like cutting out patterns. I just want to make beautiful things and let someone else cut them out.

  35. Monique Garner says:

    When I am on a roll with my project and get interrupted by my family needing something and just running out of energy, too tired to go on.

  36. Peggy says:

    Poorly written instructions in patterns. Having to study it and try it to figutr out what they really want you to do.

  37. Debbie Fleming says:

    It’s not the ironing! I actually like that! It’ the irons that turn off automatically when not in use for even just a few minutes!! Grrr! That’s when I have to, depending on the iron, wiggle and jiggle, press the button,or simulate ironing until it turns on again–and wait until it heats up again! Boy, THAT really slows down the process.

  38. lena lang says:

    Having to stop to go to bed because I have to work the next day.

  39. Barbara Krakowski says:

    I hate getting everyting ready and go to start sewing, only to find out that I do not have the color of thread that I thought I had, and then having to waste an hour to run out to get it, which by the way, only leads me to spend more money because I always come home with other things!!

  40. Running out of bobbin!!

  41. Judy S says:

    Never hving enough time to finish a project in one session because of all the interruptions!

  42. Katie says:

    I hate it when my seams don’t match up perfectly! It might only happen once out of ever few seams, but it drives me bonkers when it does!

  43. Katie says:

    I hate it when my seams don’t match up perfectly! It might only happen once out of ever few seams, but it drives me bonkers when it does!

  44. Ann says:

    When I put my pins in the wrong place and get knocked over or just missing.

  45. Sylvia Johnson says:

    I hate it when I forget to have everything handy for my sewing project. I like to have all my supplies within reach. My rotary cutter was dull and I had to stop what I was doing and go to the store to get a new blade.

  46. Judy Brennan says:

    Poorly written pattern instructions result in more time to work on a project than originally required because the author didn’t take time to write them so a novice can understand them.

  47. Marie-Elena Baker says:

    Running out of bobbin thread! It always happens at the worse time~

  48. Bonnie Griffith says:

    One of my pet peeves is when I run out of bobbin thread in the middle of a difficult seam, for example a tight circle.

  49. Jo Friend says:

    Hate it when i mess a project up and either have to start all over or just throw the project away .. Plus not having the right stuff to even start a project ,

  50. Mary Mac says:

    I would pay someone to thread my sewing machine.

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